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Total Name Index Index Letter Q ( 111 names)
   2707      (IV) quac, c  
   2707      (IV) quac, cornelis  
   2707      (IV) quac, dr  
   23        (IV) quack, godfried anton  
   3i        (III) quack, maerten jacobsz  
   23        (IV) quack, vrouwe antoinetta elisabeth  
   1640      (I) quackel, pieter  
   10f       (III) qualm, cornelis  
   415       (I) qualm, jobje  
   5421      (IV) qualm, maria ariensdr  
   10f       (III) qualm, trijntje  
   7769      (I) qualt, franchois  
   1373      (IV) quarles, jan  
   5545      (IV) quartel, govert jansz  
   4jj       (III) quartel, maerten cornelisz  
   769       (I) quast, adriaentje gijsberts  
   5a        (III) quast, adriaentje gijsberts  
   6221      (I) quast, andries ghijsbertsz  
   2yy       (III) quast, aris cornelis gijsz  
   3113      (I) quast, aris cornelisz  
   3473      (I) quast, aris cornelisz  
   6221      (I) quast, aris cornelisz  
   6231      (I) quast, aris cornelisz  
   6947      (I) quast, aris cornelisz  
   2c        (III) quast, aris cornelisz  
   6221      (I) quast, aris ghijsz  
   3113      (I) quast, aris gijsz  
   6221      (I) quast, aris gijsz  
   2c        (III) quast, aris gijsz  
   1539      (I) quast, claes cornelisz  
   3113      (I) quast, cornelisz andriesz  
   6152      (I) quast, ghijsbert andriesz  
   12462     (I) quast, ghijsbert andriesz  
   6145      (I) quast, ghijsbert ariensz  
   1a        (III) quast, ghijsbert ariensz  
   769       (I) quast, gijsbert arisz  
   3e        (III) quast, gijsbert arisz  
   5a        (III) quast, gijsbert arisz  
   1536      (I) quast, maritge cornelisdr  
   2e        (III) quast, maritge cornelisdr  
   3113      (I) quast, maritgen cornelisdr  
   3115      (I) quast, maritgen cornelisdr  
   3132      (I) quast, marritje jans  
   3h        (III) quast, marritje jans  
   192       (I) quast, teunis gijsbertse  
   3e        (III) quast, teunis gijsbertse  
   6a        (III) quast, teunis gijsbertse  
   6a        (III) quast, willemijntje teunisse  
   192       (I) quast, willemtje teunisse  
   1h        (XVII) quaweegen, pleun van  
   1h        (XVII) quawegen, ploon van  
   655       (IV) quecler, florentia  
   655       (IV) quecler, jan  
   655       (IV) quecler, margriet  
   655       (IV) quecler, roeland  
   59        (IV) quedens, aukjen  
   59        (IV) quedens, george henri  
   215       (I) quee, antonia johanna  
   3709      (I) queij, wouter  
   29697886384   (I) quentin, pippijn ii van peronne en st  
   59395772777   (I) quentin, pippijn ii van peronne en st  
   2e        (III) querten, aeltgen  
   1357      (IV) quesne, isaac  
   1b        (XIII) quesnoy, margareta du  
   3a        (XIII) quickelberch, susanna  
   2b        (XIII) quickelberch, susanna van  
   3a        (XIII) quickelberch, susanna van  
   4b        (XIII) quickelberch, susanna van  
   3a        (XIII) quickelberch, suzanna van  
   2b        (XIII) quickelberch, zuzanna van  
   3a        (XIII) quickelberch, zuzanna van  
   3a        (XIII) quickelberg, steven stevens van  
   25685     (I) quickelberg, steven stevens van  
   4b        (XIII) quickelberg, suzanne van  
   3c        (XIII) quickelbergen, steven van  
   3a        (XIII) quickelbergen, suzanna van  
   3a        (XIII) quickelbergh, susanna van  
   3c        (XIII) quickelbergh, susanna van  
   3f        (XIII) quickelbergh, susanna van  
   4c        (XIII) quickelbergh, susanna van  
   4e        (XIII) quickelbergh, susanna van  
   25685     (I) quickelbergh, susanna van  
   2614      (IV) quien, pierre de  
   59109     (I) quijstgoet, jan reyers  
   118219    (I) quijstgoet, jan reyers  
   3a        (XIII) quikelberch, susanne van  
   3a        (XIII) quikelbergen, susanna van  
   113       (IV) quillien, aymard le forestier de  
   3a        (XIII) quinckelberch, susanna van  
   851       (IV) quinkeler, johanna  
   425       (IV) quinkeler, johanna  
   49        (IV) quint, arend willem  
   29557     (I) quint, cornelis  
   4035      (I) quint, cornelis corneliszn  
   2017      (I) quint, frederik  
   701       (IV) quint, gillis de  
   4035      (I) quint, johanna  
   8065      (I) quint, johanna  
   49        (IV) quint, klaas  
   99        (I) quint, louisa jacoba  
   3909      (I) quintens, claertje  
   29557     (I) quintijnsz, aelbert jan  
   3520      (I) quirijnen, arijen  
   5417      (IV) quirijnsz, willem  
   968       (I) quiringh, aefjen  
   968       (I) quirings, heijltien  
   2b        (X) quispel, dirck franszn  
   5448      (IV) quispel, francois  
   21        (IV) quist, johanna  
   45        (IV) quist, marinus christinus  
   3505      (I) quoot, jan  

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