Nikhef preprints

Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-016 / arXiv:2107.05971
Author(s):Postma, M.
Title:A different perspective on the vev insertion approximation for electroweak baryogenesis
Date:13 Jul. 2021 17p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-015 / arXiv:2107.03819
Author(s):Keri Vos, K.; Beneke, M.; Boer, P.; Finauri, G.
Title:QED factorization of two-body non-leptonic and semi-leptonic B to charm decays
Date:8 Jul. 2021, 23p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-014 / arXiv:2107.01226
Author(s):Gauld, R.
Title:A massive variable flavour number scheme for the Drell-Yan process
Date:2 Jul. 2021, 8p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-012 / arXiv:2106.05192
Author(s):Keri Vos, K.; Bordone, M.; Rahimi, M.
Title:Lepton Flavour Violation in rare Lambab decays
Date:9 Jun. 2021, 24 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-011 / arXiv:2105.02163
Author(s):Vos, Keri K.; Mannel, T.; Rahimi, M.
Title:Impact of background effects on the inclusive Vcb determination
Date:5 May. 2021, 17 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-010 / arXiv:2104.00593
Author(s):Borinsky, M.; Dunne, G.V.; Meynig, M.
Title:Semiclassical Trans-Series from the Perturbative Hopf-Algebraic Dyson-Schwinger Equations: φ3 QFT in 6 Dimensions
Date:1 Apr. 2021, 26 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-009 / arXiv:2102.10060
Author(s):Vos, Keri K.; Beneke, M.; Boer, P.; Rigatos, P.
Title:QCD factorization of the four-lepton decay $B\to \bar{\nu} l l l $
Date:19 Feb. 2021, 23 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-008 / arXiv:2103.01237
Author(s):Basegmez du Pree, S.; Arina, C.; Cheek, A.; Dekker, A.; Chianese, M.; Ando, S.
Title:Robust Limits from Upcoming Neutrino Telescopes and Implications on Minimal Dark Matter Models
Date:1 Mar. 2021, 30 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-007 / arXiv:2105.05015
Author(s):Borinsky, M.; Schnetz, O.
Title:Graphical functions in even dimensions
Date:11 May 2021, 64 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-006 / arXiv:2103.16224
Author(s):Borinsky, M.; Gracey, J.A.; Komapniets, M.V.; Schnetz, O.
Title:Five loop renormalization of $\phi^3$ theory with applications to the Lee-Yang edge singularity and percolation theory
Date:17 May 2021, 54 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-005 / arXiv:2102.07607
Author(s):Pelloni, A.; Chen, X.; Gehrmann, T.; Glover, E.W.N.; Huss, A.; Mistlberger, B.
Title:Fully Differential Higgs Boson Production to Third Order in QCD
Date:15 Feb. 2021, 6 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-004 / arXiv:2101.08667
Author(s):Oncala, R.; Petraki, K.
Title:Bound states of WIMP dark matter in Higgs-portal models II: thermal decoupling
Date:21 Jan. 2021, 30 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-003 / arXiv:2101.08666
Author(s):Oncala, R.; Petraki, K.
Title:Bound states of WIMP dark matter in Higgs-portal models I: cross-sections and transition rates
Date:21 Jan. 2021, 65 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-002 / arXiv:2104.04023
Author(s):Fleischer, R.; Jaarsma, R.; Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, G.
Title:Mapping out the Space for New Physics with Leptonic and Semileptonic B(c) Decays
Date:8 Apr. 2021, 48 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 21-001 / arXiv:2101.07270
Author(s):Beekveld, M. van; Laenen, E.; Sinninghe Damsté, J.; Vernazza, L.
Title:Next-to-leading power threshold corrections for finite order and resumed color-singlet cross sections
Date:18 Jan. 2021, 57 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 20-025 / arXiv:2008.08549
Author(s):Petraki, K.; Wu, Y.P.
Title:Stochastic Baryogenesis
Date:19 Aug. 2020, 26 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 20-001 / arXiv:2005.11327 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Rojo, J.; (et al.)
Title:Phenomenology of NNLO jet production at the LHC and its impact on parton distributions
Date:22 May. 2020, 34 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-056 / arXiv:1912.08641v2
Author(s):Fleischer, R.; Jaarsma, R.; Koole, G.
Title:Testing Lepton Flavour Universality with (Semi)-Leptonic D(s) Decays
Date:30 Dec. 2019, 34 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-054 / arXiv:1912.07621 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Lenz, A.; Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, G.
Title:Model-independent bounds on new physics effects in non-leptonic tree-level decays of B-mesons
Date:16 Dec. 2019, 108 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-053 / arXiv:1912.09543v1 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Nocera, E.R.; Ubiali, M.; Voisey, C.
Title:Single Top Production in PDF fits
Date:19 Dec. 2019, 42 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-052 / arXiv:1911.06840 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Cal, P.; Neill, D.; Ringer, F.; Waalewijn, W.J.
Title:Calculating the angle between jet axes
Date:15 Nov. 2019, 39 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-048 / arXiv:1910.12685 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Beneke, M.; Garny, M.; Jaskiewicz, S.; Szafron, R.; Vernazza, L.; Wang, J.
Title:Leading-logarithmic threshold resummation of Higgs production in gluon fusion at next-to-leading power
Date:28 Oct. 2019, 19 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-045 / arXiv:1910.04761 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Papaefstathiou, A.; Plaetzer, S.; Sakurai, K.
Title:On the phenomenology of sphaleron-induced processes at the LHC and beyond
Date:10 Oct. 2019, 23 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-043 / arXiv:1909.09166 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Papaefstathiou, A.; Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, G.; Zaro, M.
Title:Triple Higgs boson production to six b-jets at a 100 TeV proton collider
Date:19 Sep. 2019, 13 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-042 / arXiv:1910.03408 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Rojo, J.
Title:The Partonic Content of Nucleons and Nuclei
Date:08 Oct. 2019, 24 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-041 / arXiv:1909.02101 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Crivellin, A.; Gross, C.; Pokorski, S.; Vernazza, L.
Title:Correlating e'/e to hadronic B decays via U(2)3 flavour symmetry
Date:04 Sep. 2019, 8 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-034 / arXiv:1907.05896 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Gutierrez-Reyes, D.; Makris, Y.; Vaidya, V.; Scimemi, I.; Zoppi, L.
Title:Probing Transverse-Momentum Distributions With Groomed Jets
Date:12 Jul. 2019, 43 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-028 / arXiv:1907.09576 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Gutierrez-Reyes, D.; Scimemi, I.; Waalewijn, W.J.: Zoppi, L.
Title:Studying transverse momentum distributions with jets at N3LL
Date:22 Jul. 2019, 6 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-025 / arXiv:1906.11332 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Bruni, L.S.; Zaro, M. (et al.)
Title:VBSCan Thessaloniki 2018 Workshop Summary
Date:26 Jun. 2019, 45 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-024 / arXiv:1907.04077 [hep-th]
Author(s):Cardoso, G.L.; Wit, B. de; Mahapatra, S.
Title:Exact results for an STU-model
Date:9 Jul. 2019, 39 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-023 / arXiv:1906.10706 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Beekveld, M. van; Caron, S.; Austri, R.R. de
Title:The current status of fine-tuning in supersymmetry
Date:25 Jun. 2019, 38 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-021 / arXiv:1908.00985 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Lustermans, G.; Michel, J.K.L.M.; Tackmann, F.J.
Title:Generalized Threshold Factorization with Full Collinear Dynamics
Date:02 Aug. 2019, 20 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 19-017 / arXiv:1907.04898 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Frixione, S.; Buks, B.; Hirschi, V.; Mawatari, K.; Shao, H.S.; Sunder, M.P.A.; Zaro, M.
Title:Automated simulations beyond the Standard Model: supersymmetry
Date:10 Jul. 2019, 69 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-066 / arXiv:1812.11818 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Herzog, F.; Moch, S.; Ruijl, B.; Ueada, T.; Vermaseren, J.A.M.; Vogt, A.
Title:Five-loop contributions to low-N non-singlet anomalous dimensions in QCD
Date:31 Dec. 2018, 11 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-065 / arXiv:1901.09937 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Fuks, B.; Nordstrom, K.; Ruiz, R.; Williamson, S.L.
Title:Sleptons without hadrons
Date:28 Jan. 2019, 14 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-064 / arXiv:1812.05200 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Banelli, G.; Fleischer, R.; Jaarsma, R.; Tetlamatzi-Xolocotzi, G.
Title:Probing Lepton Universality with (Semi)-Leptonic B decays
Date:12 Dec. 2018, 12 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-063 / arXiv:1812.03667 [astro-ph.CO]
Author(s):Fujita, T.; Sfakianakis, E.; Shiraishi, M.
Title:Tensor Spectra Templates for Axion-Gauge Fields Dynamics during Inflation
Date:10 Dec. 2018, 31 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-062 / arXiv:1812.09074 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Ball, R.D.; Nocera, E.R.; Pearson, R.L.
Title:Nuclear Uncertainties in the Determination of Proton PDFs
Date:21 Dec. 2018, 34 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-059 / arXiv:1812.02672 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Fleischer, R.; Jaarsma, R.; Malami, E.; Vos, K.K.
Title:Probing New Physics in B\to pK Decays
Date:06 Dec. 2018, 8 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-058 / arXiv:1901.05965 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Hartland, N.P.; Maltoni, F.; Nocera, E.R.; Rojo, J.; Slade, E.; Vryonidou, E.; Zhang, C.
Title:A Monte Carlo global analysis of the Standard Model Effective Field Theory: the top quark sector
Date:17 Jan. 2019, 72 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-056 / arXiv:1811.11104 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Vries, J. de; Postma, M.; Vos, J. van de
Title:The role of leptons in electroweak baryogenesis
Date:27 Nov. 2018, 36 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-052 / arXiv:1811.01021 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Neill, D.; Waalewijn, W.J.
Title:The Entropy of a Jet
Date:02 Nov. 2018, 7 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-050 / arXiv:1810.02804 [astro-ph.CO]
Author(s):Iarygina, O.; Stafaniakis, E.; Wang, D.G.; Achucarro, A.
Title:Universality and scaling in multi-field a-attractor preheating
Date:05 Oct. 2018, 39 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-047 / arXiv:1809.09024 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Cotogno, S.; Kasemets, T.; Myska, M.
Title:A spin on same-sign W-boson pair production
Date:24 Sep. 2018,7 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-046 / arXiv:1809.10631 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Beneke, M.; Broggio, A.; Garny, M.; Jaskiewicz, S.; Szafron, R.; Vernazza, L.; Wang, J.
Title:Leading-logarithmic threshold resummation of the Drell-Yan process at next-to-leading power
Date:27 Sep. 2018, 40 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-045 / arXiv:1809.02453 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Hedri, Sonia El; Nordstroem, K.
Title:Whac-a-constraint with anomaly-free dark matter models
Date:7 Sep. 2018, 30 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-043 / arXiv:1809.00637 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Tetlamatzi-Xolocotzi, G.
Title:Rare Leptonic B decays
Date:3 Sep. 2018, 13 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-042 / arXiv:1808.08981 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Vogt, A.; Herzog, F.; Moch, S.; Ruijl, B.; Ueda, T.; Vermaseren, J.A.M.
Title:Anomalous dimensions and splitting functions beyond the next-to-next-to-leading order
Date:27 Aug. 2018, 10 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-041 / arXiv:1810.03639 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Khalek, R.A.; Bailey, S.; Gao, J.; Harland-Lang, J.; Rojo, J.
Title:Towards Ultimate Parton Distributions at the High-Luminosity LHC
Date:08 Oct. 2018, 30 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-040A /
Author(s):Erne, F. (retired from Nikhef)
Title:Study of statistical aspects of the publications "Quantifying and specifying the solar influence on terrestrial temperature", by C. de Jager, S. Duhau and B. van Geel (rev.ed.)
Date:Mar. 2019, 15p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-039 / arXiv:1808.04854 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Oncala, R.; Petraki, K.
Title:Dark matter bound states via emission of scalar mediators
Date:14 Aug. 2018, 31 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-038 / arXiv:1807.09246 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Bahjat-Abbas, N,; Sinnighe Damste, J.; Vernazza, L.; White, C.D.
Title:On next-to-leading power threshold corrections in Drell-Yan production at N3LO
Date:24 Jul. 2018, 41 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-037 / arXiv:1808.01660 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Deutschmann, N.; Maltoni, N.; Wiesemann, M.; Zaro, M.
Title:Top-Yukawa contributions to bbH production at the LHC
Date:5 Aug. 2018, 40 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-035 / arXiv:1901.06389 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Cal, P.; Ringer, F.; Waalewijn, W.
Title:The jet shape at NLL'
Date:18 Jan. 2019, 36 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-034 / arXiv:1807.07573 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Gutierrez-Reyes, D.; Scimemi, I.; Waalewijn, W.J..; Zoppi, L.
Title:Transverse momentum dependent distributions with jets
Date:19 Jul. 2018, 6 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-025 / arXiv:1805.05219 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Boer, D.; Daal, T.van; Mulders, P.J.; Petreska, E.
Title:Directed flow from C-odd gluon correlations at small x
Date:14 May. 2018, 23 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-022 / arXiv:1809.09051 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Banelli, G.; Fleischer, R.; Jaarsma, R.; Tetlamatzi-Xolocotzi, G.
Title:Decoding (Pseudo)-Scalar Operators in Leptonic and Semileptonic B Decays
Date:24 Sep. 2018, 35 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-017 / arXiv:1808.02034 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Bertone, V.; Gauld, R.; Rojo,J.
Title:Neutrino Telescopes as QCD Microscopes
Date:06 Aug. 2018, 30 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-016 / arXiv:1804.04981 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Petreska, E.
Title:TMD gluon distributions at small x in the CGC theory
Date:13 Apr. 2018, 28 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-015 / arXiv:1804.10017 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Frederix, R.; Frixione, S.; Hirschi, V.; Pagani, D.; Shao, H.S.; Zaro, M.
Title:The automation of next-to-leading order electroweak calculations
Date:26 Apr. 2018, 121 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-014 / arXiv:1803.09841
Author(s):Christodoulidis, P.; Roest, D.; Sfakianakis, E.I.
Title:Angular inflation in multi-field {\alpha}-attractors
Date:26 Mar. 2018, 10 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-013 / arXiv:1803.10096 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Falkowski, A.; Petraki, K.
Title:21cm absorption signal from charge sequestration
Date:27 Mar. 2018, 5 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-012 / arXiv:1803.07943 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Ballestrero, A. (et al.) Zaro, M.
Title:Precise predictions for same-sign W-boson scattering at the LHC
Date:21 Mar. 2018, 28 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-011 / arXiv:1803.06347 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Fornal, B.; Manohar, B.V.; Waalewijn, W.J.
Title:Electroweak gauge boson parton distribution functions
Date:16 Mar. 2018, 24 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-010 / arXiv:1802.10097 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Cirigliano, V.; Dekens, W.; Vries, J. de; Graesser, M.L.; Mereghetti,; E.; Pastore, S.; Kolck, U. van
Title:A new leading contribution to neutrinoless double-beta decay
Date:27 Feb. 2018, 6 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-009 /
Author(s):Czakon, M.; Ferroglia, A.; Heymes, D.; Mitov, A.; Pecjak, B.D.; Scott, D.J.; Wang, X.; Yang, L.L.
Title:Resummation for (boosted) top-quark pair production at NNLO+NNLL' in QCD
Date:6 Jun. 2018, 45 p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-008 / arXiv:1803.04336 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Bagnaschi, E.; Maltoni, F.; Vicini, A.; Zaro, M.
Title:Lepton-pair production in association with a b\bar{b}pair and the determination of the W boson mass
Date:12 Mar. 2018, 47p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-006 / arXiv:1802.01398 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Altinoluk, T.; Armesto, N.; Kovner, A.; Lublinsky, M.; Petreska, E.
Title:Soft photon and two hard jets forward production in proton-nucleus collisions
Date:05 Feb. 2018, 39p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-005 / arXiv:1802.00064 [hep-ph]
Author(s):xFitter Developers' Team : Abdolmaleki, H. (et al.) Bertone, V.
Title:Impact of low-$x$ resummation on QCD analysis of HERA data
Date:31 Jan. 2018, 9p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-004 / arXiv:1801.06085 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Vogt, A.; Moch, S.; Ruijl, B.; Ueda, T.; Vermaseren, J.A.M.
Title:Four-loop results on anomalous dimensions and splitting functions in QCD - Contribution to the proceedings of `RADCOR 2017', St. Gilgen (Austria), September 2017
Date:18 Jan. 2018, 11p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-003 / arXiv:1801.06084 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Ruijl, B.; Herzog, F.; Ueada, T.; Vermaseren, J.A.M.
Title:R*-operation and five-loop calculations
Date:18 Jan. 2018, 12p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 18-002 / arXiv:1801.03664 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Mulders, P.J.
Title:The 3D entangled structure of the proton. Transverse degrees of freedom in QCD, momenta, spins and more : invited talk presented at the Lightcone 2017 Workshop, 18-22 Sep 2017, Mumbai, India
Date:11 Jan. 2018, 8p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-070 / arXiv:1712.07489 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Baldes, I.; Cirelli, M.; Panci, P.; Petraki, K.; Sala, F.; Taoso, M.
Title:Asymmetric dark matter: residual annihilations and self-interactions
Date:20 Dec. 2017, 10p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-068 / arXiv:1802.03021v2 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Campbell, J.M.; Rojo, J.; Slade, E.; Williams, C.
Title:Direct photon production and PDF fits reloaded
Date:12 Feb. 2017, 24p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-069 / arXiv:1712.06332 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Papaefstathiou,A.; Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, G.
Title:Rare top quark decays at a 100 TeV proton-proton collider: $t \rightarrow bWZ$ and $t\rightarrow hc$
Date:18 Dec. 2017, 14p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-064 / arXiv:1712.07053 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Bertone, V.; Carrazza, S.; Hartland, N.P.; Rojo, J.
Title:Illuminating the photon content of the proton within a global PDF analysis
Date:19 Dec. 2017, 18p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-063 / arXiv:1712.09889 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Ablinger, J.; Behring, A.; Blumlein, J.; Falcioni, G.; De Freitas, A.; Marquard, P.; Rana, N.; Schneider, C.
Title:The heavy quark form factors at two loops
Date:28 Dec. 2017, 131p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-062 / arXiv:1712.02129 [gr-qc]
Author(s):Beer, T. de; Holten, J.W. van
Title:Chaplygin gas halos
Date:06 Dec. 2017, 18p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-061 / arXiv:1711.04656 [hep-th]
Author(s):Schellekens, A.N.
Title:Symmetry breaking by bi-fundamentals
Date:13 Nov. 2017, 43p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-060 / arXiv:1711.04850 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Caron-Huot, S.; Gardi, E.; Reichel, J.; Vernazza, L.
Title:Infrared singularities of QCD scattering amplitudes in the Regge limit to all orders
Date:13 Nov. 2017, 35p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-059 / arXiv:1711.03945 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Czakon, M.; Heymes, D.; Mitov, A.; Pagani, D.; Tsinikos, I.; Zaro, Marco
Title:The top-quark charge asymmetry at the LHC and Tevatron through NNLO QCD and NLO EW
Date:10 Nov. 2017, 9p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-058 / arXiv:1711.03552 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Harz, J.; Petraki, K.
Title:Higgs enhancement for the dark matter relic density
Date:09 Nov. 2017, 5p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-057 / arXiv:1711.02116 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Frederix, R.; Pagani, D.; Zaro, M.
Title:Large NLO corrections in $t\bar{t}W^{\pm}$ and $t\bar{t}t\bar{t}$ hadroproduction from supposedly subleading EW contributions
Date:06 Nov. 2017, 40p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-054 / arXiv:1710.07530 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Corbett, T.; Dolan, J.; Englert, C.; Nordstroem, K.
Title:Anomalous neutral gauge boson interactions and simplified models
Date:20 Oct. 2017, 10p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-052 / arXiv:1711.03355 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Bertone, V.; Glazov, A.; Mitov, A.; Papanastasiou, A.; Ubiali, M.
Title:Heavy-flavor parton distributions without heavy-flavor matching prescriptions
Date:09 Nov. 2017, 30p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-051 / arXiv:1712.03791 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Freese, K.; Stefianakis, E.; Stengel, P.; Visinelli, L.
Title:The Higgs Boson can delay reheating after inflation
Date:11 Dec. 2017, 21p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-050 / arXiv:1711.04800 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Adshead, P.; Long, A.J. Sfakinakis, E.I.
Title:Gravitational leptogenesis, reheating, and models of neutrino mass
Date:13 Nov. 2017, 10p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-047 / arXiv:1710.05935 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Ball, R.D.; Bertone, V.; Bonvini, M.; Marzani, S.; Rojo, J.; Rottoli, L.
Title:Parton distributions with small-x resummation: evidence for BFKL dynamics in HERA data
Date:16 Oct. 2017, 65p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-044 / arXiv:1710.04061 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Vries, J. de; Postma, M.; Vis, J. van de; White, G.
Title:Electroweak baryogenesis and the Standard Model effective field theory
Date:11 Oct. 2017, 21p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-043 / arXiv:1711.08761 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Fumagalli, J.; Mooij, S.; Postma, M.
Title:Unitarity and predictiveness in new Higgs inflation
Date:23 Jan. 2017, 27p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-042 / arXiv:1709.08541 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Chetyrkin, K.G.; Falcioni, G.; Herzog, F.; Vermaseren, J.A.M.
Title:Five-loop renormalisation of QCD in covariant gauges
Date:25 Sep. 2017, 17p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-041 / arXiv:1709.07827 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Cotogno, S.; Daal, T. van; Mulders, P.J.
Title:Positivity bounds on gluon TMDs for hadrons of spin = 1
Date:22 Sep. 2017, 10p.
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-040 / arXiv:1709.04935 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Boer, D.; Daal, T. van; Gaunt, J.; Kasemets, T.; Mulders, P.J.
Title:Colour unwound - disentangling colours for azimuthal asymmetries in Drell-Yan scattering
Date:14 Sep. 2017, 34p.
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-039 / arXiv:1708.09390 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Cirigliano, V.; Dekens, W.; Vries, J.; Graesser, M.L.; Mereghetti, E.
Title:Neutrinoless double beta decay in chiral effective field theory: lepton number violation at dimension seven
Date:30 Aug. 2017, 53p.
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-038 / arXiv:1709.04735 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Fleischer, R.; Galarraga Espinosa, D.; Jaarsma, R.; Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, G.
Title:CP violation in leptonic rare B0s decays as a probe of new physics
Date:14 Sep. 2017, 34p.
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-037 / arXiv:1708.03517 [hep-ph]
Author(s):Lenz, A.; Spannowsky, M.; Tetlalmatzi-Xolocotzi, G.
Title:Double-charming Higgs identification using machine-learning assisted jet shapes
Date:11 Aug. 2017, 16p.
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 17-036 / arXiv:1707.08791v1 [gr-qc]
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Title:Statistical biases in measurements with multiple candidates
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Title:New strategy to explore CP violation with B^0_s\to K^-K^+
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Author(s):Oncala, R.; Soto, J.
Title:Heavy Hybrids: decay to and mixing with Heavy Quarkonium: 12th Quark confinement and hadron spectrum conf., Thessaloniki, 28 Aug - 02 Sep 2016, 2016
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Title:Gluon and Wilson loop TMDs for hadrons of spin \leq 1
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Author(s):Fleischer, R.; Vos, K.K.
Title:$B^0_s$-$\bar B^0_s$ oscillations as a new tool to explore CP violation in $D_s^\pm$ decays
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Title:Quark-gluon double parton distributions in the light-front dressed quark model
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Title:Employing Helicity Amplitudes for Resummation in SCET
Date:20 May. 2016, 4p.
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Author(s):Kolodrubetz, D.W.; Pietrulewicz, P.; Stewart, I.W.; Tackmann, F.J.; Waalewijn, W.J.
Title:Factorization for Jet Radius Logarithms in Jet Mass Spectra at the LHC
Date:25 May. 2016, 49p.
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Author(s):Fischer, N.; Prestel, N.; Ritzmann, M.; Skands, P.
Title:Vincia for Hadron Colliders
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Author(s):Ebert, M.A.; Liebler, S.; Moult, I.; Stewart, I.W.; Tackmann, F.J.; Tackmann, F.; Zeune, L.
Title:Exploiting jet binning to identify the initial state of high-mass resonances
Date:19 May. 2016, 6p.
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Title:Romans-mass-driven flows on the D2-brane
Date:30 May. 2016, 20p.
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Title:Constraining the top-Higgs sector of the Standard Model effective field theory
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Title:Joint transverse momentum and threshold resummation beyond NLL
Date:09 May. 2016, 9p.
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Title:Calculating four-loop massless propagators with Forcer
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Title:Unitarity methods for Mellin moments of Drell-Yan cross sections
Date:16 Mar. 2016, 37p
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Title:Is there room for CP violation in the top-Higgs sector?
Date:09 Mar. 2016, 6p
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Author(s):Tackmann, F.J.; Waalewijn, W.J.; Zeune, L.
Title:Impact of jet veto resummation on slepton searches
Date:09 Mar. 2016, 29p
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Author(s):Fumigalli, J.; Postma, M.
Title:UV (in)sensitivity of Higgs inflation
Date:27 Apr. 2016, 30p
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Title:Tests of Lorentz and CPT symmetry with hadrons and nuclei
Date:01 Feb. 2016, 36p
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Title:A 750 GeV Portal: LHC Phenomenology and Dark Matter Candidates
Date:08 Feb. 2016, 25p
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Title:Gluon TMDs in quarkonium production
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Author(s):Anastasiou, C. (et al); Herzog, F.
Title:High precision determination of the gluon fusion Higgs boson cross-section at the LHC
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Title:Big numbers in string theory
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Title:NNLL resummation for stop pair-production at the LHC
Date:12 Jan. 2016, 24p
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Title:The Roots of the Standard Model of particle physics
Date:03 Jan. 2016, 6p
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Title:Electric-magnetic deformations of D=4 gauged supergravities
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Title:Single-centered black hole microstate degeneracies from instantons in supergravity
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Title:Single-step de Sitter vacua from non-perturbative effects with matter
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Title:Calculating soft radiation at one loop
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Title:Roadmap to control penguin effects in B^0_d\to J/\psi K_{\rm S}^0 and B0 s -> J/psi phi
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Title:TMDlib and TMDplotter: library and plotting tools for transverse-momentum-dependent parton distributions - version 1.0.0
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Title:Self-interacting asymmetric dark matter coupled to a light massive dark photon
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Title:A unified treatment of the QCD evolution of all (Un-)polarized TMD functions: Collins function as a study case
Date:Feb 2014, 24p
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Author(s):Khiem, P.H. (et al.); Vermaseren, J.A.M.
Title:Full O(alpha) electroweak radiative corrections to tt-gamma and e- e+ gamma productions at ILC with GRACE-loop
Date:Mar 2014, 4p
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Title:Accessing the transverse dynamics and the polarization of the gluons inside the proton at the LHC
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Title:Characterisation of the muon beams for the muon ionisation cooling experiment
Date:Jun 2013, 20p
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Title:Color entanglement for azimuthal asymmetries in the Drell-Yan process
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Title:Time-reparametrization invariance and Hamilton-Jacobi approach to the cosmological sigma-model
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Date:Oct 2013, 5p
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Title:New higher-derivative invariants in N=2 supergravity and the Gauss-Bonnet term
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Title:Linear polarization of gluons and photons in unpolarized collider experiments
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Title:Nonlocal action for the super-Weyl anomalies: A new representation
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Title:Universality of TMD distribution functions
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Author(s):Artoisenet, P.; et al.
Title:A framework for Higgs characterisation
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Author(s):Buffing, M.G.A.; Mukherjee, A.; Mulders, P.J.
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Title:A no-go for no-go theorems prohibiting cosmic acceleration in extra dimensional models
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Title:Goldstone bosons and a dynamical Higgs field
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Title:Extraction of the weak angle gamma from B to charm decays
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Title:About a conjectured basis for Multiple Zeta Values
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Date:Jan 2011, 16p
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Date:Jan 2011, 22p
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Title:TMD parton distribution and fragmentation functions with QCD evolution
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Title:Search for gravitational-wave inspiral signals associated with short gamma-ray bursts during LIGO'S fifth and Virgo's first science run
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Title:Predictions for the rates of compact binary coalescences observable by ground-based gravitational-wave detectors
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Title:Flow analysis with cumulants : direct calculations
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Author(s):Adelhart Toorop, R. de
Title:The interplay between grand unified and flavour symmetries in a Pati-Salam x S4 model : PASCOS 2010 : 16th Int. Symp. on Particles, Strings and Cosmology, Valencia, Spain Jul. 19-23 2010
Date:Oct 2010, 6p
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Date:Dec 2010, 12p
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Author(s):Adelhart Toorop, R. de (et al.)
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Author(s):Bruyn, K. de; Fleischer, R.; Koppenburg, P.
Title:Extracting gamma and Penguin Parameters from B^0_s -> J/psi K_S : Proc. CKM2010 : 6th Int. Workshop on CKM Unitarity Triangle, Univ. of Warwick, UK, 6-10 Sep. 2010
Date:Dec 2010, 4p
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Author(s):Fleischer, R.; Knegjens, R.
Title:A fresh look at B_{s,d} -> pi pi, pi K, K K decays : Proc. CKM2010 : 6th Int. Workshop on CKM Unitarity Triangle, Univ. of Warwick, UK, 6-10 Sep. 2010
Date:Dec 2010, 5p
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Author(s):Koekoek, G; Holten, J.W. van
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Author(s):Vogt, A.; Moch, S.; Soar, G.; Vermaseren, J.A.M.
Title:Higher-order predictions for splitting functions and coefficient functions from physical evolution kernels - To appear in RADCOR (Radiative Corrections: Applications of Quantum Field Theory to Phenomenology) Ascona (Switzerland) 25-30 Oct 2009
Date:Jan 2010, 7p
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Title:How wide is the transition to deconfinement?
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Title:In Pursuit of New Physics with B^0_s -> K^+K^-
Date:Nov 2010, 17p
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Title:SU(5) D-brane realizations, Yukawa couplings and proton stability
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Title:Permutation Orbifold of N=2 Supersymmetric Minimal Models
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Author(s):Vogt, A. (et al.) ; Vermaseren, J.A.M.
Title:On higher-order flavour-singlet splitting and coefficient functions at large X - To appear in the proceedings of 10th DESY Workshop on Elementary Particle Theory:Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory 2010, Woerlitz, Germany, 25-30 Apr 2010
Date:Aug 2010, 6p
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Title:Stability of gravity-scalar systems for domain-wall models with a soft wall
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Author(s):Fleischer, R.
Title:B Physics in the LHC Era: Selected Topics : 3rd Workshop on Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Heavy Flavour Physics, Capri, Italy, 5-7 Jul. 2010
Date:Oct 2010, 8p
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Author(s):Poulis, G.I.; Mulders, P.J.
Title:On the Dirac quantization condition
Date:1995 Apr, 5p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 95-006 / hep-ph/9503418
Author(s):Dahm, M.; Jakob, R.; Kroll, P.
Title:A perturbative approach to B decays into two pi mesons
Date:1995 Mar, 38p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 95-006A / ; hep-th/9503174
Author(s):Kreuzer, Maximilian; Schweigert, Christoph
Title:On the extended Poincare polynomial
Date:1995 Mar, 16p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 95-005 /
Author(s):Graaf, H. van de; Hartjes, F.; Holten, J.W. van; Nooren, G.J.; Oberski, J.; GRAIL collaboration
Title:A proposal for a gravitational radiation antenna in the Netherlands
Date:1995 Feb, 50p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 95-004 / nucl-th/9501026
Author(s):Ruiz Arriola, E.; Salcedo, L.L.
Title:Chiral anomaly and nucleon properties in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio model with vectormesons
Date:1995 Jan, 26p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 95-003 /
Author(s):Brand, J.F.J. van den
Title:Electron scattering from a tensor polarized 2H internal target. - 4 lectures presented at the 7th Indian-summer school of intermediate energy physics, Prague, Czech Republic, 1-11 Sep. 1994
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 95-002A /
Author(s):Nykerk, M.D.
Title:Quantizing spin 3/2 fields
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 95-002 /
Author(s):Hartjes, F.G.; Ballintijn, M.K.; Berg, F.D. van den; Dantzig, R. van; Groot, N. de; Hartjes, F.G.; Kaandorp, D.; Ketel, T.J.; Litmaath, M.F.; Niessink, J.J.; Sichtermann, E.P.; Udo, F.; Winter, A.R. de
Title:Results from the MSGC tracker at SMC. - 4th International Conference on Advanced Technology and Particle Physics, Como, Italy, 3-7 Oct. 1994
Date:1995 Jan, 6p
Publ. Nr.Nikhef 95-001 / hep-ph/9501202
Author(s):Tangerman, R.D.; Mulders, P.J.
Title:Probing transverse quark polarization in deep-inelastic leptoproduction
Date:1995 Jan, 7p
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