Technical reports since 2001

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Groenstege, H.L.
RasClic Lelac
Sep. 2012
Groenstege H.L.; Kuijt, J.J.
MiniHV V2 : a modular, remote controlled high voltage system
Apr. 2011
Sluijk, T.
On-site EMC measurements of the Nikhef Spark Chamber at the Nemo musuem
Jan. 2011
Groenstege, H.L.; Kuijt, J.J.
Tests on various aspects of a high voltage module. MiniHV
Jansweijer, P.P.M.; Peek, H.Z.
Measuring propagation delay over a 1.25 Gpbs bidirectional data link
May 2010
Kluit, R.; Timmer, P.; Schipper, J.D.; Gromov, V.; Kuijer, P.; Nooren, G.J.; Buskop, J.; Haas, A.P.
Realization of ladder EndCap electronics for the ALICE ITS SSD. - 10th Workshop on Electronics for LHC and future Experiments, Boston, MA, USA, 13-17 Sep. 2004
Sep. 2004
Gromov, V.
Report on feasibility study of a front-end chip design in 0.25u CMOS technology for the LHCb Outer Tracker
Nov. 2003
Gromov, V.
Characterization of DTMOST Structures to be used in Bandgap Reference Circuits in 0.13um CMOS Technology
Nov. 2003
Groenstege, H.L.; Kuijt, J.J.
ATMega128 : a plug-on processor board
Apr. 2003
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RA-M21 gzipped Postscript (1,6 Mb)
Manschot, Jan
Cooling of the ALICE Silicon Strip Detector ladders : measurements, modelling and predictions
Nov. 2002
Groenstege, H.L.
Cosmic display : a 1:3 scale real time representation of the cosmic ray stand's activity
Aug. 2002
Groenstege, H.L.; Kuijt, J.J.
ATMega128 : prototype board
Aug. 2002
Groenstege, H.L.; Kuijt, J.J.
AT8535 : a plug-on processor board
Aug. 2002
Groenstege, H.L.; Rewiersma, P.A.M.
LedPro : lightsource of the projective alignment in the RasNik alignment system
Aug. 2002
Groenstege, H.L.; Rewiersma, P.A.M.
RasMuX version 2 : on chamber multiplexer for the RasNik alignment system
Jul. 2001
Groenstege, H.L.; Rewiersma, P.A.M.
MiniMasterMuX : The temporary master multiplexer for the RasNik alignment system. The MiniMasterMuX is a combination of the MasterMux and USA15Mux
May. 2001
Zwart, A.N.M.
B-Timizer, 32 channel time digitizer with L1 buffer for the LHCb outer tracker chambers
Mar. 2001
Graaf, H. van der; Groenstege, H.; Linde, F.; Rewiersma, P.
RasNiK an alignment system for the ATLAS MDT Barrel Muon Chambers : technical description
Sep. 1999
Groenstege, H.L.; Rewiersma, P.A.M.; Wijnen, T.A.M.; Zwart, A.N.M.
NIMROD : 6 channel Read Out Driver for the Monitored drift tubes used in the L3+Cosmics project
Sep. 1999
Groenstege, H.L.; Rewiersma, P.A.M.
RasMuX the multiplexer for the RasNik alignment system
Nov. 1999
Groenstege, H.L.; Rewiersma, P.A.M.
RasLeD version 3 the lightsource for the RasNik alignment system
Aug. 2002
Groenstege, H.L.; Rewiersma, P.A.M.
RasCaM the sensor for the RasNik alignment system
Sep. 1999
ETR_1999-02 bookmarked version
Groenstege, H.L.; Wijnen, T.A.M.; Rewiersma, P.A.M.; Stolte, J.
CPC version 3 user manual Cosmics Personality Card for the L3+Cosmic project
Mar. 1999
Verkooijen, H.
CTT version 2 Cosmic trigger and timing module for phase 2 of the L3+Cosmic project
May. 1999
Verkooijen, H.
CTT : Cosmic trigger and timing module
May. 1998
Groenstege, H.L.
PCS : a solution for the phase calibration of the monitored drift tubes in ATLAS
Feb. 1998
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