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Qiu, Shi
The Search for the Chiral Magnetic Effect with ALICE at the LHC
17 Apr. 2024
Balasubramanian, Rahul
Effectively going beyond the Standard Model. Combined interpretations of Higgs boson and electroweak measurements with the ATLAS experiment
10 Apr. 2024
Singha, Ayatri
Gravitational Wave Astronomy With Current and Future Generation Detectors
4 Apr. 2024
Greeven, Lex Marinus
Decoding beauty: rare baryonic decays & SciFi detector commissioning
3 Apr. 2024
Pasquali, Federica
The simplicity and complexity of the Higgs boson: Couplings, Simplified Template Cross Sections and CP properties in the H->WW decay channel
5 Mar. 2024
O Fearraigh, Brian
Following the light - Novel event reconstruction techniques for neutrino oscillation analyses in KM3NeT/ORCA
22 Feb. 2024
Puecher, Anna
Fundamental physics with gravitational waves - Testing general relativity and studying neutron stars with current and future detectors
7 Feb. 2024
Geertsema, Robbert Erik
Chasing Time: Characterisation and application of precision temporal measurements with silicon pixel detectors
10 Jan. 2024
Meijknecht, Thomas Benjamin
Electric and magnetic field control for electric dipole moment searches
28 Nov. 2023
Bal, Navrit Johan Singh
Medipix3: Spectral X-ray micro-CT and hadron therapy
8 Nov. 2023
Mohanty, Auro Prasad
Charm Jets - Production and fragmentation of D0-tagged charged-particle jets in small collision systems
7 Nov. 2023
Pizzini, Alessio
Self-interacting Higgs Bosons - Searching for di-Higgs production with the ATLAS detector
18 Oct. 2023
Feo Pereira Rivello de Carvalho, Mauricio
A SciFi tracker for the LHCb experiment
10 Oct. 2023
Gupta, Pawan Kumar
Probing compact objects with gravitational waves - Bounding dark charges on black holes and exploring gravitomagnetic tides on neutron stars
9 Oct. 2023
Pothast, Mart
Ultra-high-energy cosmic particle identification
15 Sep. 2023
Keijdener, Darius Laurens David
Azimuthal differences of quenched jets
1 Sep. 2023
Muller, Rasa Simone
Getting to the point - First cosmic neutrino source search with the KM3NeT/ARCA detector
11 Jul. 2023
Basdew-Sharma, Avanish Prashan
On QCD Corrections to Jet Functions and Deep Inelastic Scattering
30 Jun. 2023
Boeschoten, Alexander
Precision measurements in diatomic molecules: a route to a permanent electric dipole moment
26 Jun. 2023
Janquart, Justin
From Einstein to Einstein Telescope: from testing predictions to addressing future challenges
23 Jun. 2023
Butter, Jordy Sebastiaan
Exploring the magnitude and phase of b -> u quark transitions through open-charmed beauty decays
13 Jun. 2023
Aggarwal, Anamika
Unfolding the Higgs
12 Jun. 2023
Angevaare, Joran Remco
First WIMP results of XENONnT and its signal reconstruction
7 Jun. 2023
Shain Poruvelil, Sachin
Aspects of strong and new CP violation
3 Apr. 2023
Veen, Michiel Jan
A Look Into the Heart of the Standard Model: Searching for Heavy Higgs Bosons and Constraining the Higgs Boson Width via Its Off-shell Production
8 Mar. 2023
Heijhoff, Kevin
When and Where: Precision Time Measurements with Hybrid Silicon Pixel Detectors
10 Feb. 2023
Ferreres Sole, Silvia
The beauty of the rare
19 Dec. 2022
Pang, Peter T.H.
From spacetime to nucleus - Probing nuclear physics and testing general relativity
14 Dec. 2022
Sanchez Gras, Cristina
Exceptionally empty charm - Central exclusive production of charmonia at LHCb
12 Dec. 2022
Walet, Robbert Cornell
Advanced instrumentation for gravitational-wave research
14 Nov. 2022
Zhou, Guanghui
Sterile neutrinos and effective field theory
25 Oct. 2022
Schrijnder van Velzen, Solange
Precise Predictions for Jets and Tracks
22 Sep. 2022
Nauta, Lodewijk
Quantum Effects on a Planetary Scale - The First Neutrino Oscillation Measurement with KM3NeT/ORCA
8 Jun. 2022
Vermunt, Lucas Anne
Hadronisation of Heavy Quarks - production measurements of heavy-flavour hadrons from small to large collision systems
16 May 2022
Beurs, Marc de
A top portal to new physics
31 Mar. 2022
Stamenkovic, Marko
Charming Higgs bosons: Constraint on the Higgs-charm coupling from a search for Higgs boson decays to charm quarks with the ATLAS detector
11 Mar. 2022
Moser, Brian
The Beauty and the Boost: a Higgs Boson Tale - Measurements of Higgs Boson Production at High Energy in Decays to Bottom Quarks and Their Interpretations with the ATLAS Experiment at the LHC
4 Mar. 2022
Alfonsi, Alice
A tale of a new generation - Searching for dimuon decays of the higgs boson with the atlas detector
1 Mar. 2022
Andreou, Dimitra
Detector characterization and ?b measurements with the upgrades of the ALICE Inner Tracking System
6 Dec. 2021
Veronesi, Michele
Quantum oscillations of neutral particles with the beauty quark
15 Nov. 2021
Melis, Karel Willem
Studying the Universe from -3000m N.A.P.
10 Nov. 2021
Vermeulen, Milo Alexander
A Blessing in Disguise - Characterisations of ProtoDUNE photon showers for neutrino measurements in DUNE
9 Nov. 2021
Stienen, Bonifatius Paulus Josephus
Working in high-dimensional parameter spaces - Applications of machine learning in particle physics phenomenology
28 Oct. 2021
Proklova, Nadezda
DECAY ANOTHER DAY Search of Higgs production with decay into the Z boson and a photon in pp collisions with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
27 Oct. 2021
Dam, Kasper van
HiSPARC: A Scintillating Experiment
1 Oct. 2021
Rocio Rodrigues Cal, Pedro Miguel
Jet substructure at the LHC with Soft Collinear Effective Theory
29 Sep. 2021
Ligtenberg, Cornelis
A GridPix TPC readout for the ILD experiment at the future International Linear Collider
28 Sep. 2021
Abdul Khalek, Rabah
Exploring the substructure of nucleons and nuclei with machine learning
27 Sep. 2021
Koutoulaki, Afroditi
CO2 evaporative cooling for the ATLAS detector
16 Sep. 2021
Sinninghe Damste, Jort Smede
Subleading effects of soft emissions - A study of next-to-leading power corrections to scattering amplitudes
14 Sep. 2021
Lehas, Fatiha
Azimuthal angular correlations between D*+ mesons and charged hadrons in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV with the ALICE experiment at the LHC
8 Sep. 2021
Aggarwal, Parul
Production, deceleration and trapping of SrF molecules
27 Aug. 2021
Veen, Annelies Marianne
D*+meson production in proton-proton and proton-lead collisions in ALICE.
7 Jul. 2021
Jaelani, Syaefudin
Measurement of the D*+-meson production in Pb-Pb collisions at sqrt sNN = 5.02 TeV with ALICE
30 Jun. 2021
Sas, Mike Henry Petrus Alphons
Illuminating Light - Neutral meson production and direct photon correlations from small to large collision systems at the LHC
21 Jun. 2021
Oncala Mesa, Ruben
Dark matter bound states in the early universe - The role of scalar mediators
09 Jun. 2021
Bakker, Pepijn
Lighting the way - A model-independent multilepton analysis to search for new physics with the ATLAS detector
2 Jun. 2021
Peeters, Ruud
Aspects of fine-tuning in theories with extended scalar sectors
07 May 2021
Canfora, Fabrizia
Cosmic-Ray Composition Measurements Using Radio Signals
10 May 2021
Chan, Wing Sheung
Beyond Vanilla - a search for lepton-flavour-violating Z -> lepton tau decays with the ATLAS detector
22 Mar. 2021
Stapf, Birgit Sylvia
Heavy Higgs Hunting - A search for a heavy Higgs boson decaying to a pair of Z bosons with the ATLAS detector
19 Mar. 2021
Tsang, Ka Wa
The fate of relativistic compact objects after merger
05 Mar. 2021
Bader, Maria Karolina Margit
Seismic and Newtonian noise modeling for Advanced Virgo and Einstein Telescope
09 Feb. 2021
Mulder, Mick
The essence of rare beauty
15 Jan. 2021
Vermeulen, Ambrosius Thomas
Search for production of charginos and neutralinos with a small mass gap to the lightest supersymmetric particle with ATLAS at sqrt s = 13 TeV
27 Nov. 2020
Khabanova, Zhanna
Studies of collective effects in pp collisions at the LHC with the balance function for identified particles
02 Dec. 2020
Boom, Boris Anton
Acceleration sensing at the nano-g level: Development and characterisation of low-noise microseismometers for next generation gravitational wave detectors
19 Nov. 2020
Mauro, Guiseppe de
Tasting the ultra-high-energy universe : Weighing in on mass composition measurement of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
16 Oct. 2020
Theulings, Anne Marguerite Marie Ghislaine
Optimisation of photon detector tynodemembranes using electron-matter scatteringsimulations
29 Sep. 2020
Zoppi, Lorenzo
Transverse momentum distributions with recoil-free jets
28 Sep. 2020
Beekveld, Melissa van
Myth busting precision physics : Improving SM predictions with resummation,and the status of fine-tuning in SUSY
07 Sep. 2020
Schouwenberg, Jeroen Franciscus Paulus
General search for beyond the standard model physics in 13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector
03 Sep. 2020
Nijs, Govert Hugo
Holography in Quark-Gluon Plasma and Neutron Stars
06 Jul. 2020
Veghel, Maarten Constantijn van
Pursuing forbidden beauty : Search for the lepton-flavour violating decays B0 -> e+- mu+- and Bs0 -> e+- mu+- and study of electron-reconstruction performance at LHCb
06 Jul. 2020
Govorkova, Ekaterina
Measuring asymmetry in strange beauty
01 Jul. 2020
Dall'Occo, Elena
Search for heavy neutrinos and characterisation of silicon sensors for the VELO upgrade
17 Jun. 2020
Koley, Soumen
Sensor networks to measure environmental noise at gravitational wave detector sites
17 Jun. 2020
Mirsoleimani, Sayyed Ali
Structured parallel programming for Monte Carlo Tree seach
17 Jun. 2020
Fabiani, Veronica
The flavour of Dark Matter : A search for Dark Matter in association with a Higgs boson decaying to bottom quarks with the ATLAS detector
05 Jun. 2020
Verheyen, Robert Jan
Electroweak effects in Antenna Parton Showers
12 May 2020
Carlier, Felix Simon
A nonlinear future : Measurements and corrections of nonlinear beam dynamics using forced transverse oscillations
08 May, 2020
Aab, Alexander
Air Shower Signal Shape Analysis. A New Method to Separate Ultra-High-Energy Photons from Cosmic Rays
10 Mar. 2020
Bedognetti, Matteo
Pushing the Limits. A search for the Lepton Flavour Violating decay $\tau\to 3\mu$ within Heavy Flavour Jets with the ATLAS Detector
05 Mar. 2020
Dijck, Elwin Arthur
Spectroscopy of Trapped 138Ba+ Ions for Atomic Parity Violation and Optical Clocks
14 Feb. 2020
Schaaf, Laura van der
The phase cameras of advanced Virgo
20 Feb. 2020
Lustermans, Gillian Hendrik Hubertus
Scaling up the detail in particle collisions : Factorization and resummation for predictions of multi-differential cross sections
29 Nov. 2019
Valappol, Nivedya
Line shape analysis for precision spectroscopy in Ba+ ions
12 Nov.2019
Dufour, Laurent Johannes Iman Joseph
High-precision measurements of charge asymmetries at LHCb
13 Sep. 2019
Toptop, Koral
The mechanics of carbon-foams and design of module supports for the ATLAS-upgrade inner tracker
04 Jul.2019
Vis, Jorinde Marjolein van de
Higgs dynamics in the early universe
02 Jul. 2019
Sabato, Gabriele
Making the invisible visible : Searches for invisible Higgs decays at LHC with the ATLAS detector
02 Jul. 2019
Zapara, Artem
Dynamics of molecular beams in a traveling-wave Stark decelerator
24 May 2019
Colasurdo, Luca
On top of the Higgs : A measurement of the Higgs boson production in association with top quarks
21 May 2019
Castelijn, Remco Johannes Adriana
The CP nature of the Top-Yukawa coupling : among other measurements in the gluon gluon fusion production channel
20 May 2019
Bel, Lennaert Johannes
CP violation in open-charmed beauty decays
15 Mar. 2019
Hogenbirk, Erik
A spark in the dark : scintillation time dependence and neutron-induced signals in dual-phase Xenon TPCS
08 Mar. 2019
Bruni, Lucrezia Stella
Polarized on Higgs? Measurement of the Higgs couplings to polarized vector bosons
27 Feb. 2019
Breur, Pieter Alexander
Backgrounds in XENON1T
11 Jan. 2019
Wolf, Tim Michael Heinz
Higgs from top to bottom : discovery of the Higgs boson coupling to top quarks with the ATLAS detector
14 Dec. 2018
Daal, Tom Adrianus Antonius van
Mapping the internal structure of hadrons through color and spin effects
13 Dec. 2018
Klein, Remko
Formal aspects of cosmological models: higher derivatives and non-linear realisations
13 Dec. 2018
Margutti, Jacopo
Rotating planes, fluctuating shapes : Anisotropic flow and magnetic fields in heavy-ion collisions
26 Nov. 2018
Fumagalli, Jacopo
Running in the early Universe : UV sensitivity of single-field inflationary models
25 Oct. 2018
Grasdijk, Jan Olivier
Search for the permanent electric dipole moment of 129Xe
19 Oct. 2018
Cotogno, Sabrina
Polarized partons in hadrons at high energy - The structure of hadrons from single and double parton interactions
15 Oct. 2018
Aalbers, Jelle
Dark matter search with XENON1T
19 Jun. 2018
Coone, Andries Alexander
Inflation: Generic predictions and nilpotent superfields
01 Jul. 2018
Struebig, Antonia Hanna
Finger on the trigger - SUSY in the focus : Learning from Run 1 LHC data to improve Supersymmetry searches with jets and missing transverse energy with ATLAS at the 13 TeV LHC
30 May, 2018
Jongen, Martijn Hubertus Gerardus
Neutrino physics in the Mediterranean Sea; Determining the Neutrino Mass Hierarchy with KM3NeT/ORCA
16 May, 2018
Tsagri, Mary
High precision gaseous pixel detectors
15 May, 2018
Heijningen, Joris Vincent van
Turn up the bass! Low-frequency performance improvement of seismic attenuation systems and vibration sensors for next generation gravitational wave detectors
26 Mar. 2018
Vries, Jacco Andreas de
Asymmetries in mixed beauty decays
14 Mar. 2018
Anomalous broadening of jet-peak shapes in Pb-Pb collisions and characterization of monolithic active pixel sensors for the ALICE inner tracking system upgrade
19 Feb. 2018
Meidam, Jeroen
Substantiating the void : strong-field tests of general relativity with the first direct detection of gravitational waves and Fast likelihood evaluation for future tests
07 Feb. 2018
Wang, Hongkai
Prototype studies and simulations for a forward Si-W calorimeter at the Large Hadron Collider
15 Jan. 2018
Tiseni, Andrea
Low-mass dark matter search with the XENON100 experiment
12 Jan. 2018
Davide Francesco Lodato
Measurement of the prompt photon production cross section in proton proton collisions at sqrt s = 7 TeV with ALICE
29 Jan. 2018
Kovacevic, Marija
Aspects of three dimensional gravity
22 Dec. 2017
Bormuth, Robert
Chasing cosmic tau neutrinos in the Abyss
07 Dec. 2017
Angelozzi, Ivan
In pursuit of lepton flavour violation : A search for the tau -> mu gamma gamma decay with atlas at sqrt s=8 TeV
28 Nov. 2017
Tsigaridas, Stergios
New Generation GridPix: Development and characterization of pixelated gaseous detectors based on the Timepix3 chip
23 Nov. 2017
Basanisi, Luca
Higher derivative gravity and holography
03 Nov. 2017
Ruijl, Ben Jacobus Gertruda
Advances in computational methods for Quantum Field Theory calculations
02 Nov. 2017
Alkac, Gokhan
Supersymmetry, black holes and holography in three dimensions
20 Oct. 2017
Butti, Pierfrancesco
Stop into stau : Search for scalar top quarks decaying into scalar tau leptons with ATLAS at sqrt s = 8 TeV
06 Oct. 2017
Syropoulos, Vasileios
Controlling Penguins : an estimate of penguin topologies contributing to the weak phase phi s
03 Oct. 2017
Brenner, Lydia
Character profile of the Higgs boson
22 Sep. 2017
Croft, Vincent Alexander
The tauists hunt for Higgles : Measurements of the Higgs Boson using Taus with the ATLAS detector
25 Aug. 2017
Zhang, Chunhui
Measurements with a high-granularity digital electromagnetic calorimeter
24 May. 2017
Mohammadi, Naghmeh
Higher harmonic anisotropic flow of identified particles
10 May. 2017
Montanus, Johannes Martinus Cornelis
The observability of jets in cosmic air showers
25 Apr. 2017
Caliva, Alberto
Low-mass dielectron measurement in Pb-Pb collisions at sqrt sNN = 2.76 TeV with ALICE at the LHC
04 Apr. 2017
Ciceri, Franz
Duality symmetries in supergravity : new structures and deformations
31 Mar. 2017
Wollenberg, Wouter van den
Sparkling Beauty: A measurement of the b\bar{b}\gamma\gamma cross-section at 8 TeV with ATLAS
29 Mar. 2017
Beemster, Laurentius Jacobus
Same sign W pair production in double parton interactions
11 Jan. 2017
Agathos, Michalis
The swan song of a neutron star binary: Fundamental physics and astrophysics with gravitational waves from compact binary coalescence
20 Dec. 2016
Leogrande, Emilia
Jet-like two-particle correlations in p-Pb collisions
07 Dec. 2016
Sytema, Auke
Testing Lorentz invariance in beta decay
05 Dec. 2016
Deigaard, Ingrid
Searches for coloured supersymmetry with ATLAS at sqrt s = 8 TeV, 13 TeV, and 14 TeV
30 Nov. 2016
Tsopelas, Panagiatos Christos
A silicon pixel detector for LHcB
21 Nov. 2016
Bertens, Redmer Alexander
Path length dependence of jet quenching measured with ALICE at the LHC
31 Oct. 2016
Naumann, Nikolaus Axel
Measurement of sigma (pp -> Z) x BR(Z -> bb) at sqrt s = 1.96 TeV
24 Oct. 2016
Aar, Guus Anton van
On the nature and origin of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
19 Oct. 2016
Rietkerk, Robbert Johannes
Unitarity methods and on-shell particles in scattering amplitudes
19 Oct. 2016
Signori, Andrea
Flavor and evolution effects in TMD phenomenology; Manifestation of hadron structure in high-energy scattering processes
17 Oct. 2016
Weits, Hartger
Looking for lepton flavour violation with the ATLAS detector. A search for Z -> tau l decays
21 Sep. 2016
Oussoren, Koen Pieter
Reflecting on Higgs : Spin and parity measurement in the H -> WW -> e nu mu nu channel
27 Sep. 2016
Andringa, Roel
Newton-Cartan gravity revisited
23 Sep. 2016
Mohanty, Amita
Lifetimes, level energies and light shifts in a single trapped Ba+ Ion
09 Sep. 2016
David, Pieter Norbert Yvonne
Search for exotic long-lived particles with the LHCb detector
07 Jul.2016
Saravanan, Satish Kumar
Spin dynamics in general relativity
07 Jul.2016
Penas, Victor Alejandro
Inflation, universality and attractors
21 Jun. 2016
Scalisi, Marco
Properties of double field theory
13 Jun. 2016
Reys, Valentin
Quantum black hole entropy and localization in supergravity
13 Jun. 2016
Leerdam, Jeroen van
Measurement of CP violation in mixing and decay of strange beauty mesons
18 May. 2016
Bonocore, Domenico
Next-to-soft factorization and unitarity in Drell-Yan processes
18 May. 2016
Meinema, Jacoba Roelien
Obtaining ultracold molecules through Stark decleration and laser cooling
13 May 2016
Michael, Tino
Light at the end of the shower: an all-flavour neutrino point-source search with the ANTARES neutrino telescope
13 May. 2016
Bjelogrlic, Sandro
Azimuthal angular correlations of D mesons and charged particles with the ALICE detector at the LHC
04 May. 2016
D'Ambrosi, Giuseppe
Dynamics of Extreme-Mass-Ratio binaries. Extraction of gravitational waves beyond Last Stable Orbit and introduction of spin in the particle limit
21 Apr. 2016
Jansen, Stefan
Radio for the masses - Cosmic ray mass composition measurements in the radio frequency domain
13 Apr. 2016
Tolk, Siim
Discovery of rare B decays
08 Apr. 2016
Dubla, Andrea
Elliptic flow at different collision stages
06 Apr. 2016
Deijl, Pieter Christiaan van der
Double parton interactions with a Z + 2 jet signature in proton-proton collisions at the LHC
16 Mar. 2016
Veldhoen, Misha
Identified particle yield associated with a high-pT trigger particle at the LHC
14 Mar. 2016
Reicher, Martijn
Digital calorimetry using Pixel sensors
07 Mar. 2016
Nunes da Silva, Tiago Jose
Approaching conformality in non-Abelian gauge theories
26 Feb. 2016
Karastathis, Nikolaos
Determination of spin and parity of the Higgs boson in the WW* -> e nu mu nu decay channel with the ATLAS detector
25 Feb. 2016
Remenska, Daniela
Bringing model checking closer to practical software engineering
08 Feb. 2016
Mahlstedt, Joern
Search for excited leptons with the ATLAS detector
21 Jan. 2016
Vos, Kimberley Keri
Symmetry violation in weak decays
05 Feb. 2016
Zhou, You
Anisotropic flow and flow fluctuations at the Large Hadron Collider
06 Jan. 2016
Zojer, Thomas
Non-relativistic supergravity in three space-time dimensions
04 Jan. 2016
Blom, Matheus Ronaldus
Seismic attenuation for advanced Virgo: vibration isolation for the external injection bench
09 Dec. 2015
Geerts, Daniel Alphonsus Adrianus
The single top t-channel fiducial cross section at 8 TeV measured with the ATLAS detector
01 Dec. 2015
Rodriguez Manso, Alis
Balance functions: Multiplicity and transverse momentum dependence of the charge dependent correlations in ALICE
25 Nov. 2015
Valencic, Nika
Fusing the Vector Bosons - Higgs production through VBF and WW scattering at the current and future LHC
10 Nov. 2015
Koopman, Rose Footini
Ageing of the LHCb Outer Tracker & b-hadron production and decay at (sqrt)s = 7 TeV
03 Nov. 2015
Bruyn, Kristof Antoon Maria De
Searching for Penguin footprints : Towards high precision CP violation measurements in the B meson systems
08 Oct. 2015
Castelli, Angelantonio
Measuring the Higgs boson mass using event-by-event uncertainties
25 Sep. 2015
Buffing, Martinus Gerardus Antonius
Color and TMD universality in hadronic interactions
16 Sep. 2015
Geer, Rogier van der
Searches for new physics through single top
01 Sep. 2015
Perez Lara, Carlos Eugenio
Azimuthal anisotropy of strange and charm hadrons - measured in Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV
27 Aug. 2015
Schon, Rolf
XAMS - Development of liquid xenon detector technology for dark matter searches
01 Jul. 2015
Gadatsch, Stefan
The Higgs boson
26 Jun.2015
Aben, Rosemarie Zoe
Spinning the Higgs - Spin and parity measurement of the discovered Higgs-like boson in the H -> WW -> lvlv decay mode
17 Jun. 2015
Zappon, Francesco
It is about time. Design and test of a per-pixel high-resolution TDC
05 Jun. 2015
Visser, Erwin Lourens
Neutrinos from the Milky Way
12 May 2015
Aaij, Roel Johannes Makis
Triggering on CP violation. Real-time selection and reconstruction of Bs -> J/psi phi decays
07 May 2015
Heijne, Veerle Anna Margeretha
Search for long-lived particles at the LHCb
26 Mar. 2015
Besjes, Geert Jan
Pushing SUSY's boundaries; searches and prospects for strongly-produced supersymmetry at the LHC with the ATLAS detector
19 Mar. 2015
Koppert, Willem Jakobus Cornelis
GridPix : Development and characterisation of a Gaseous Tracking Detector
13 Jan. 2015
Janssens, Stef Marten Johan
Stabilisation and precision pointing quadrupole magnets in the Compact Linear Collider (CLC)
14 Jan. 2015
Schioppa, Enrico Junior
The color of X-rays. Spectral computed tomography using energy sensitive pixel detectors
05 Dec. 2014
Dao, Valerio
Over the "Top": from tt measurements to the search for the associated production of the Higgs boson and a top quark pair with the ATLAS detector
25 Nov. 2014
Nelles, Anna Friederike
Radio emission of air showers : the perspective of LOFAR an AERA
01 Okt. 2014
Ortiz, Pablo
Effects of heavy fields on inflationary cosmology
30 Sep. 2014
Lodato, Ivano
Supersymmetric higher derivative couplings and their applications
29 Sep. 2014
Farinelli, Chiara
Performance of the LHCb Vertex Locator and flavour tagging studies for the measurement of the CKM angle gamma
25 Sep. 2014
Salvucci, Antonio
The Higgs boson in the H -> ZZ(*) -> 4l decay channel with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
23 Sep. 2014
Pani, Priscilla
To the bottom of the stop : Calibration of bottom-quark jets identification algorithms and search for scalar top-quarks and dark matter with the Run 1 ATLAS data
10 Sep. 2014
Broek, Thijs Cornelis Henricus
Supersymmetry and the spectral action : on a geometrical interpretation of the MSSM
05 Sep. 2014
Schee, Wilke van der
Gravitational collisions and the quark-gluon plasma
02 Jul. 2014
Thomas, Deepa
Jet-like heavy-flavour particle correlations in proton-proton and lead-lead collisions at ALICE
16 Jun. 2014
Bogazzi, Claudio
Search for cosmic neutrinos with ANTARES
15 May. 2014
Nooij, Lucie de
The phi(1020)-meson production cross section measured with the ATLAS detector at sqrt s=7 TeV
15 May. 2014
Leeuw, Robin Hans Ludar van der
Strong supersymmetry : A search for squarks and gluinos in hadronic channels using the ATLAS detector
15 Apr.2014
Knegjens, Robert Jan
Strategies to hunt for new physics with strange beauty mesons
11 Mar.2014
Li, Tjonnie Guang Feng
Extracting physics from gravitational waves : testing the strong-field dynamics of general relativity and inferring the large-scale structure of the universe
21 Nov.2013
Rechenberger, Stefan
Quantum Einstein gravity : the metric and the foliated formulation
20 Nov.2013
Lee, Hurng-Chun
Single top quark production at the LHC: Data processing and cross section measurement
29 Oct.2013
Verweij, Marta
Modelling and measurement of jet quenching in relativistic heavy-ion collisions at the LHC
16 Oct. 2013
Jordan, Samo
Globally and locally causal dynamical triangulations
07 Oct.2013
Oggero, Serena
Beauty in the crowd: Commissioning of the LHCb Pile-Up detector and first evidence of Bs0 -> mu+ mu-
03 Oct.2013
Weenink, Jan Gerard
Gauge invariance and frame independence in cosmology
30 Sep.2013
Chelstowska, Magda
The road to the discovery of the Higgs boson in the H -> WW(*) ->lvlv channel
25 Sep.2013
Mooij, Sander Johannes Nicolaas
Effective theories in cosmology
24 Sep.2013
Grebe, Stefan
Finger on the pulse of cosmic rays - dependence of the radio pulse shape on the air shower geometry
09 Sep.2013
Krzewicki, Mikolaj
Anisotropic flow of identified hadrons in heavy-ion collisions at the LHC:from detector alignment and calibration to measurement
11 Jul.2013
Hartgring, Lisa Christina
Top Quark Spin and QCD Corrections in event generation
05 Jul.2013
Beker, Mark Gerrit
Low-frequency sensitivity of next generation gravitational wave detectors
18 Jun.2013
Rooij, Raoul Stefan de
D*+ production in proton-proton and lead-lead collisions, measured with the ALICE experiment at the CERN-Large Hadron Collider
14 May.2013
Kozlinskiy, Alexandr Vladimirovich
Outer Tracker calibration and open charm production cross section measurement at LHCb
22 May.2013
Astraatmadja, Tri Laksmana
Starlight beneath the waves: In search of TeV photon emission from Gamma-Ray Bursts with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope
26 Mar.2013
Dunnen, Wilco Johannes den
Polarization effects in proton-proton collisions within the Standard model and beyond
15 Feb.2013
Vanbavinckhove, Glenn
Optics measurements and corrections for colliders and other storage rings
16 Jan.2013
Bosma, Marten Jan
On the cutting edge of semiconductor sensors. Towards intelligent X-ray detectors
21 Dec. 2012
Raas, Marcel Johannes Petrus
Jet multiplicities in the W ->mu nu mu process in proton-proton collisions at 7 TeV
29 Nov. 2012
Oord, Gijs van den
Recursion, Monte Carlo, and vector boson scattering at hadron colliders
15 Nov. 2012
Niessen, Agnes Irene Maria
Improving predictions for SUSY cross sections : Soft-gluon resummation for SUSY-QCD
08 Nov. 2012
Fokkema, David Boudewijn Reinder Alexander
The HiSPARC cosmic ray experiment : Data acquisition and reconstruction of shower direction
17 Okt. 2012
Eijk, Daan van
Ageing and the decay of beauty : Radiation hardness of the LHCb outer tracker and time-dependent CP violation using Bs -> J/Psi Phi decay
15 Okt. 2012
Mussche, Ido
Measurements on top quark pairs in proton collisions recorded with the ATLAS detector
09 Okt. 2012
Fransen, Martin
Gridpix: TPC development on the right track. The development and characterisation of a TPC with a CMOS pixel chip read out
26 Sep. 2012
Ottersbach, John Philip
Muons in early ATLAS data : from first collisions to W+W- production
25 Sep. 2012
Tsiakiris, Menelaos
Top quark pair production cross-section in proton-proton collisions at sqrt s = 7 TeV
19 Sep. 2012
Storaci, Barbara
First determination of the fragmentation fraction ratio of fs/fd with tree level hadronic decays at 7 TeV pp collisions
19 Sep. 2012
Schoorlemmer, Harm
Tuning in on cosmic rays: Polarization of radio signals from air showers as a probe of emission mechanisms
14 Sep. 2012
Malamos, Ioannis
Reduction of one and two loop amplitudes at the integrand level
02 Jul.2012
Palioselitis, Dimitrios
Measurement of the atmospheric neutrino energy spectrum
02 Jul. 2012
Ruckstuhl, Nicole Manuela
Muon signatures in ATLAS : a search for new physics in mu+- mu+- events
28 Jun. 2012
Meijer, Melvin Michael
A WH -> tau nu bb- Higgs search with the D0 detector at the Tevatron : How to find the Higgs at the end of a circular collider
25 Jun. 2012
Chojnacki, Marek
Measurement of pions, kaons and protons with the ALICE detector in pp collisions at the LHC
03 May 2012
Bilandzic, Ante
Anisotropic flow measurements in ALICE at the Large Hadron Collider
07 Mar. 2012
Toorop, Reinier de Adelhart
A flavour of family symmetries in a family of flavour models
21 Feb. 2012
Poel, Egge Freek van der
Muon performance studies in ATLAS towards a search for the Standard Model Higgs boson
26 Jan. 2012
Kolk, Naomi van der
To flow or not to flow : a study of elliptic flow and nonflow in proton-proton collisions in ALICE
25 Jan. 2012
Koetsveld, Folkert
Searching for supersymmetry in the first LHC data with ATLAS
23 Jan. 2012
Jansen, Fabian
Unfolding single-particle efficiencies and the Outer Tracker of the LHCb
16 Dec. 2011
Koekoek, Gideon
The geodesic deviation method and extreme mass-ratio systems : Theoretical methods and application to the calculation of gravitational waves
15 Dec. 2011
Putten, Sipho van der
Thermal lensing in Virgo and Polynomial search: an all-sky search for gravitational waves from spinning neutron stars in binary systems
06 Dec. 2011
Coppens, Josephina Maria Sophia
Cosmic rays are on the air : Studying the properties of radio signals from cosmic-ray induced air showers
26 Oct. 2011
Maio, Michele
Permutation orbifolds in conformal field theories and string theory
05 Oct. 2011
Harmsma, Sybren
Radio signals of cosmic-ray-induced air showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory
08 Jul. 2011
Doxiadis, Alexander Dimos
Searching for the Top : observation of the heaviest elementary particle at the LHC
07 Jul. 2011
Koutsman, Aleksei Jakovlevich
On the road to Supersymmetry with ATLAS
05 Jul. 2011
Presani, Eleonora
Neutrino induced showers from Gamma-ray bursts
27 May, 2011
Lim, Gordon Max Alphonsius
Searching for dark matter with the Antares Neutrino Telescope
26 May, 2011
Kayl, Manuel Sebastian
Measurement of the charged particle density with the ATLAS detector : first data at sqrt s = 0.9, 2.36 and 7 TeV
13 May 2011
Amoraal, Jan Mennis
Alignment with Kalman filter fitted tracks and reconstruction of Bs 0 -> J/ psi phi decays
11 Apr. 2011
Jansen, Eric
Supersymmetry search using Z0 bosons produced in neutralino decays at the ATLAS detector
11 Apr. 2011
Rijpstra, Manouk
The top and beyond : missing energy and Litte Higgs in ATLAS
17 Mar. 2011
Snippe, Quirin Hendrik Catherin
Design and optimization of vertex detector foils by superplastic forming
16 Mar. 2011
Obermeier, Andreas
A direct measurement of cosmic rays to very high energies
23 Feb. 2011
Braidot, Ermes
Two-particle azimuthal correlations at forward rapidity in STAR
17 Jan. 2011
Pree, Tristan Arnoldus du
Search for a strange phase in beautiful oscillations
22 Okt. 2010
Gosselink, Martijn
Radiating top quark
14 Okt. 2010
Boomsma, Jorn Kerst
Effects of instanton interactions on the phases of quark matter
17 Jun. 2010
Ancu, Lucian-Stefan
A search for ZH->mu mu bb production at the Tevatron
20 Apr. 2010
Kesteren, Zdenko van
Identification of muons in ATLAS
12 Mar. 2010
Simioni, Eduard Ebron
New physics from rare beauty
01 Mar.2010
Ybeles Smit, Gabriel
Asymmetries in the decay of beauty
23 Feb. 2010
Bos, Edwin
Reconstruction of charged particles in the LHCb experiment
10 Feb. 2010
Kraaij, Erik Eise van der
First top quark physics with ATLAS - a prospect
04 Dec. 2009
Stavenga, Gerben Cornelis
Soft radiation in Quantum Chromodynamics
06 Okt. 2009
Hu, Haili
Backtracking the evolution of subdwarf B stars with asteroseismology
14 Sep. 2009
Snuverink, Jochem
The ATLAS muon spectrometer : commissioning and tracking
16 Okt. 2009
Limper, Maaike
Track and vertex reconstruction in the ATLAS inner detector
12 Okt. 2009
Wagenaar, Jan-Willem
Pion-nucleon scattering in Kadyshevsky formalism and higher spin field quantization
10 Jul. 2009
Blanco Carballo, Victor Manuel
Radiation imaging detectors made by wafer post-processing of CMOS chips
17 Jun. 2009
Papadelis, Erik Aras
Characterisation and commissioning of the LHCb VELO detector
17 Jun. 2009
Wessels, Erik
Signatures of gluon saturation in high energy scattering
17 Jun. 2009
Magrath, Caroline Alexandra
The heart of ATLAS : Commissioning and performance of the ATLAS silicon tracker
12 Jun. 2009
Ordonez Sanz, Gustavo
Muon identification in the ATLAS Calorimeters
12 Jun. 2009
Houben, Pieter Willem Huib
A measurement of the mass of the top quark using the ideogram technique
03 Jun. 2009
Snoek, Hella Leonie
Suppressed charmed B decays
02 Jun. 2009
Colnard, Claudine Marie Marguerite
Ultra-high energy neutrino simulations
16 Apr. 2009
Berg, Pieter Johannes van den
Search for heavy resonances in the dimuon channel with the D0 detector
24 Feb. 2009
Hegeman, Jeroen Guido
Measurement of the top quark pair production cross section in proton-antiproton collisions at sqrt(s) = 1.96 TeV : Hadronic top decay with the D0 detector
16 Jan. 2009
Chefdeville, Maximilien Alexandre
Development of Micromegas-like gaseous detectors using a pixel readout chip as collecting anode
15 Jan. 2009
Vankov, Peter Hristoforov
Study of the B-meson lifetime and the performance of the outer tracker at LHCb
26 Nov. 2008
Djordjevic, Miran
The integrated pixel tracker: readout and tests of the MIMOSA V pixel sensor
05 Nov. 2008
Dreschler, Jeroen
Transverse target-spin asymmetry in exclusive electroproduction of rho 0 mesons
07 Oct. 2008
Wang, Qin
Inter-string Bose-Einstein correlations in hadronic Z decays using the L3 detector at LEP
04 Sep. 2008
Novak, Tamas
Bose-Einstein correlations in e+e- annihilation
04 Sep. 2008
Kok, Mark Okker de
Broken symmetries in field theory
26 Jun. 2008
Simili, Emanuele Lorenzo
Elliptic flow measurement at ALICE
25 Jun. 2008
Galea, Cristina Florina
Measurement of sigma(proton-antiproton->Z)Br(Z->t+t-) and search for Higgs bosons decay ing to t+t- at sqrt s=1.96 TeV
16 Jun. 2008
Grigorescu, Gabriel Tiberiu
Measurement of Charm production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA II
28 Mar. 2008
Montenegro, Joanna Ferreira
Measurement of the W mass using semi-leptonic events at LEP
20 Mar. 2008
Bruijn, Ronald
The Antares Neutrino Telescope : Performance studies and analysis of first data
19 Mar. 2008
Anastasoaie, Carmen Miruna
A search for W+-H -> mu nu b bbar production at the Tevatron
06 Feb. 2008
Motylinski, Patrick
Single top production aspects of perturbative QCD
25 Jan. 2008
Boer, Ytsen Ronald de
Measurement of single W production W boson production in ep scattering
10 Jan. 2008
Fuster Perez, Andrea
Kundt spacetimes in general relativity and supergravity
06 Dec. 2007
Grebenyuk, Oleksandr
Neutral meson production in d + Au and p + p collisions at psNN = 200 GeV in STAR
29 Nov. 2007
Bai, Yuting
Anisotropic flow measurements in STAR at the relativistic heavy ion collider
29 Oct. 2007
Schrader, Jan-Rutger
Wireline equalization using pulse-width modulation
11 Oct. 2007
Nardulli, Jacopo
Reconstruction of two-body B decays in LHCb
04 Oct. 2007
Bomhof, Cedran Jonathan
Azimuthal spin asymmetries in hadronic processes
01 Oct. 2007
Koers, Hylke Bernd Jan
The Astrophysical Herald : Neutrinos as probes for particle physics and astronomy
21 Sep. 2007
Nat, Paul Bastiaan van der
Transversity in two-hadron fragmentation
05 Sep. 2007
Uiterwijk, Johan
Detection and reconstruction of short-lived particles produced by neutrino interaction in emulsion
12 Jun. 2007
Dijkstra, Tim Pieter Tjipko
Supersymmetric Standard Model spectra from RCFT orientifolds
11 Jun. 2007
Vries-Uiterweerd, Garmt de
Signal and background in the underwater neutrino telescope ANTARES
08 May. 2007
Reischl, Andreas Johannes
Quasi-real photo-production of hyperons and their impact on Lambda 0 polarization measurements
03 Apr. 2007
Demey, Michiel
The polarization of lambda 0 hyperons in quasi-real photoproduction
16 Mar. 2007
Eldik, Niels van
The ATLAS muon spectrometer : calibration and pattern recognition
22 Feb. 2007
Baak, Max Arjen
Measurement of CKM-angle gamma with charmed B0 meson decays
05 Feb. 2007
Cornelissen, Thijs Gerrit
Track fitting in the ATLAS experiment
12 Dec. 2006
Hommels, Leonard Bart Anton
The tracker in the trigger of LHCb
18 Oct. 2006
Rens, Bram Antonius Philomena van
Detection of magnetic monopoles below the Cherenkov limit
07 Jul. 2006
Sbrizzi, Antonello
Beauty and a search for pentaquarks at HERA-B
16 Jun. 2006
Barisonzi, Marcello
Mass measurements of the top quark in electroweak production channels at ATLAS
31 May 2006
Beuzekom, Martinus Gerardus van
Identifying fast hadrons with silicon detectors
19 May 2006
Sokolov, Oleksiy
Prototyping of Silicon Strip Detectors for the Inner Tracker of the ALICE Experiment
23 Apr. 2006
Warringa, Harmen Jakob
Thermodynamics of QCD-inspired theories
28 Feb. 2006
Pijlman, Fetze
Single asymmetries and gauge invariance in hard scattering processes
10 Jan. 2006
Mexner, Vanessa
Determination of the gluon polarization in the nucleon
20 Dec. 2005
Tilburg, Jeroen Ashwin Niels van
Track simulation and reconstruction in LHCb
11 Oct. 2005
Wahlberg, Hernan Pablo
Bottom Production at $\sqrt{s}$ = 41.6 GeV
07 Sep. 2005
Bouwhuis, Maria Constance
Detection of neutrinos from gamma-ray bursts
07 Jul. 2005
Wijngaarden, Daniel Abraham (Bram)
Angular correlations in beauty production at the Tevatron at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV
22 Jun. 2005
Fornaini, Alessandro
X-ray imaging and readout of a TPC with the Medipix CMOS ASIC
02 Jun. 2005
Klous, Sander
LHCb: Vertex detector and read out chip, computing challenge and Bs->j/psi phi analysis
31 May 2005
Blekman, Freya
Top quark pair production in proton anti-proton collisions
01 Apr. 2005
Laziev, Armen
Quasi-real photo-production and semi-leptonic decay of D*- mesons
03 Mar. 2005
Henneman, Alexander Adriaan
Scale dependence of correlations on the light-front
02 Feb. 2005
Balm, Paul Wijnand
Measurement of the $B^{0}B0(d)/ lifetime using B0(d)/ \to J/\psi K_{S}^{0}$ decays at D0
08 Dec. 2004
Maddox, Erik
Study of heavy quark production at HERA using the ZEUS microvertex detector
07 Dec. 2004
Tvaskis, Vladas
Longitudinal-tranverse separation of deep-inelastic scattering at low Q2 on nucleons and nuclei
06 Dec. 2004
Heide, Johannes van der
The Pion Form Factor from Lattice QCD : a non-perturbative study at zero and finite temperature
02 Dec. 2004
Baldew, Vinod
Measurement of the W boson mass and width with the L3 detector
Sep. 2004
Heijboer, Adriaan Jacob
Track reconstruction and point source searches with ANTARES
Jun. 2004
Phaf, Lukas Kaj
Top quark production at hadron colliders
May 2004
Nyawelo, Tino Shawish
Non-linear field theory with supersymmetry : hydrodynamics and sigma models
Apr. 2004
Duensing, Silke
Measurement of sigma($p\bar{p}$ -> Z0) x BF (Z0 -> $tau\bar{tau}$) at the D0 detector at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96 TeV$ at the Tevatron
Apr. 2004
Grijpink, Sjors Johannes Louis Assuerus
Charged current cross section measurement at HERA
Apr. 2004
Steenbakkers, Martijn Franciscus Maria
Quasi-free π 0 and π- electroproduction on 4He in the delta-resonance region
Jan. 2004
Schagen, Sven Edmond Simon
Charm in the proton : an analysis of charm production in deep inelastic scattering
Jan. 2004
Dierckxsens, Mark Eugeen Theophila
Measurement of triple gauge-boson couplings in e+e- collisions at LEP
Jan. 2004
Scholte, Reinder Cornelis
Data read-out and Bc production in ATLAS
Nov. 2003
Eynck, Tim Oliver
Soft gluons and hard scales in QCD - heavy quarks at finite and all orders
Nov. 2003
Peters, Onne
Measurement of the b-jet cross section at √s=1.96 TeV
Oct. 2003
Sousa, Nuno Miguel Marques de
Open descendants at c=1
Oct. 2003
Hierck, Rutger Hubert
Optimisation of the LHCb detector
Oct. 2003
Vos, Marcel André
The ATLAS inner tracker and the detection of light supersymmetric Higgs bosons
Oct. 2003
Wilkens, Henric George Sacha
Experimental study of high energy muons from Extensive Air Showers in the energy range 100 TeV to 10 PeV
Jul. 2003
Heesbeen, David
Quasi-real photo-production of hyperons on polarized 1,2H targets
Jun. 2003
Leeuwen, Marco van
Kaon and open charm production in central lead-lead collisions at the CERN SPS
May 2003
Blom, Herman Martin
Single W measurement at DELPHI
Apr. 2003
Peeters, Simon Jan Marie
The ATLAS semiconductor tracker endcap
Apr. 2003
Mevius, Maaijke
Beauty at HERA-B : measurement of the ${b\bar{b}$ production cross section in pN collisions at √s= 41.6 GeV
Apr. 2003
Velthuis, Johannes Jarig
Radiation hardness of the ZEUS MVD frontend chip and strangeness production in ep scattering at HERA
Apr. 2003
Visser, Erik Joost
Muon tracks through ATLAS
Mar. 2003
Garutti, Erika
Nuclear effects in semi-inclusieve deep-inelastic scattering off 84Kr and other nuclei
Mar. 2003
Woudstra, Martin Jacob
Precision of the ATLAS muon spectrometer
Dec. 2002
Dierendonck, Daniel Nicolaas van
Measurements of the W-pair production rate and the W mass using four-jet even
15 Nov. 2002
Yuan Hu
Search for the standard model Higgs boson and study of the scaling property QCD dynamical fluctuations at LEP
Nov. 2002
Simani, Maria Chiara
Flavor decompositions of the nucleon spin at HERMES
Oct. 2002
Visser, Jan
Deep inelastic scattering off hydrogen and deuterium
Sep. 2002
Eijk, Rutger Mark van der
Track reconstruction in the LHCb experiment
Sep. 2002
Hulsbergen, Wouter Donovan
A study of track reconstruction and massive dielectron production in Hera-B
05 Jul. 2002
Bruinsma, Maarten
J/Ψ in pA : performance of the first level trigger of HERA-B and nuclear effects in J/Ψ production
May 2002
Vulpen, Ivo van
Measurement of the Z boson pair production and a search for the Higgs boson in e+e- collisions at LEP
Apr. 2002
Buis, Ernst Jan
Detecting R-parity violation in the Atlas inner detector
Apr. 2002
Sanders, Michiel Paul
Pion (Non-) correlations in hadronic events at the Z resonance
Mar. 2002
Sichtermann, Ernst Paul
The nucleon structure function g1 from deep-inelastic muon scattering
Oct. 2001
Tuning, Niels
Proton structure functions at HERA
12 Sep. 2001
Muijs, Alexandra Jantina Monica
Tau pair production above the Z resonance
12 Apr. 2001
Melzer, Oliver
Study of charm production by neutrinos in nuclear emulsion
11 Apr. 2001
Groot Nibbelink, Stefan
Supersymmetric non-linear unification in particle physics: Kaelher manifolds, bundles for matter representations and anomaly cancellation
Nov. 2000
Zaitsev, Nikolai
Study of the LHCb pile-up trigger and the Bs -> J/Ψ φ decay
Oct. 2000
Volmer, Jochen
The pion charge form factor via pion electroproduction on the proton
Oct. 2000
Oldeman, Rudolf Gerhard Christaan
Measurement of differential cross-sections and structure functions in neutrino and anti-neutrino scattering on lead
13 Jun. 2000
Hendriks, Patrick John
ATLAS muon reconstruction from a C++ perspective : a road to the Higgs
26 Apr. 2000
Hunen, Jeroen Jaap van
Deep-inelastic scattering off 14N
06 Mar. 2000
Groep, David Leo
Correlations and Currents in 3He Studied with the (e,e'pp) Reaction
Dec. 1999
Poel, Cornelis van der
Neutrino induced charm production in the CHORUS calorimeter
Sep. 1999
Colijn, Auke Pieter
Measurement of the tau lepton lifetime
30 Jun. 1999
Dankers, Reinier
The physics performance of and level 2 trigger for the inner detector of ATLAS
29 Oct. 1998
Voogd, Jeroen Marco
Crystallisation on a sphere : computational studies of two-demensional Lennard-Jones systems
16 Jun. 1996
Hoogland, Jiri Kamiel
Radiative Corrections, Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods and Discrepancy
Oct. 1996
Siccama, Ivar
Measurement of the Bs lifetime
Oct. 1996
IJzerman, Monty
Study of Neutral Current Coupling Constants from Tau Pair Production
Jun. 1996
Koffeman, Elisabeth Nikolaja
A luminosity measurement at LEP using the L3 detector
25 Jun. 1996
Tolsma, Hoite
The Honeycomb Strip Chamber,
Apr. 1996
Wei Hao
Study of Charged Kaon Production in Three-prong Tau Decays
Feb. 1996
Van der Zwaan, Bob
Experimental Study of Mixing and Asymmetry in Z -> b bbar
Dec. 1995
Raven, Hendrik Gerhard
Measurement of invisible Z decays
27 Nov. 1995
Schweigert, Christoph
Galois and Simple Current Symmetries in Conformal Field Theory
Jun. 1995
Zhang, Dehong
Muon pair production in e+ e- collisions at the Z resonance
19 Dec. 1994
Schmitz, Jurriaan
The microstrip gas counter and its application in the ATLAS inner tracker
Oct. 1994
Bruemmer, Nichol Charl
The LAMBDA baryon as a probe of QCD at LEP
03 Feb. 1994
Bentvelsen, Stanislaus
Measurement of the proton structure function at HERA using the ZEUS detector
Apr. 1994
Foreman, Tim
Bottom quark production at the Z resonance
22 Jun. 1993
Groot, Nicolo de
The determination of the branching ratios of the Z0 boson into heavy quarks using neural networks
09 Mar. 1993
Leijtens, Xaveer
Production of tau pairs at the Z resonance
29 Nov. 1993
Guchte, Maarten Wisse van de
Production and decay of charged intermediate vector bosons in pp- collisions
04 Sep. 1991
Marck, Steven Cees van der
Higher order QED corrections in Z Physics
24 Apr. 1991
Hartjes, Frederik Gottlieb
A diffraction limited nitrogen laser for detector calibration in high energy physics
06 Nov. 1990
Linde, Franz Leo
Charm production in two-photon collisions
15 Sep. 1988
Timmermans, Johannes Josephus Mathias
Production of sigma(1660) in 4.2 GeV/c K-p collisions
01 Oct. 1976
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