Guidelines for manuscript submissions

The name and address of Nikhef should be correctly stated in the manuscript Nikhef
Science Park 105
1098 XG, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
The NWO-acknowledgements should be correctly stated in the manuscript This work is part of the research program of the "Stichting voor Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie (FOM)", which is financially supported by the "Nederlandse organisatie voor Wetenschappelijke Onderzoek (NWO)".
Internal referee(s) The manuscript should be read by at least one internal referee to be checked on presentation and linguistic use. The internal referee (who should not be a co-author) can also advice on the possible journal and the possible referees.
Submission of (electronic) pre-prints and reports The (electronic) version of a manuscript must (before it is submitted) be accepted by the director. Please supply the library with a copy. If the director accepts the manuscript, you will be informed as soon as possible in order to submit your manuscript. A printed version of a manuscript should be handed in to the library. Please email the library for a report number.
Conference contributions and cooperation with other institutes The library needs a copy of all conference contributions and of manuscripts written in cooperation with, and submitted by other institutes. In those cases an internal referee is not required. Please make sure that the address and the acknowledgements are correctly stated.
Archive of all publications The library needs a copy of all published articles and conference contributions with Nikhef-participants, also of manuscripts written in cooperation with - and submitted by other institutes. All Nikhef articles (since 1948) are kept in the archive.
Theses Ph.D. Students are entitled to a refund of the printing costs of their thesis. This is stated in the Arbeidsvoorwaardenregeling (working conditions) FOM UR-26 "the blue book". To receive this compensation of the printing costs, the Ph.D. student must provide the library of Nikhef with 30 theses. The theses should also be made available on Internet. If we run out of printed theses, this ensures the availability of your thesis at any time. Please send your thesis as a PDF-file If you want to provide your thesis with an ISBN-number (International Standard Book Number), please contact the library.

Institute logos

A page of institute logos is available to aid you in the preparation of your document. All files are in EPS format, ready to be included in a TEX or Word document.

For TEX-users we have a zip file with a TEX-document and an eps file for producing a titlepage with the Nikhef logo.

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