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Pliosaur discovery: Huge sea monster emerges from Dorset cliffs
Fossil fuels: Can humanity really kick its addiction?
COP28: Five reasons for optimism on climate
Coral reef: How divers are using antibiotics to save sick corals
Tyrannosaur?s last meal was two baby dinosaurs
COP28: Tuvalu negotiator travelled 8,000 miles to save her home. Can she?
Taiwan: The 'God Flower' vanishing because of climate change
Climate change: How is my country doing on tackling it?
Anna Mani: Why you need to know this Indian weather scientist
COP28: Is the world about to promise to ditch fossil fuels?
COP28: Record number of fossil fuel delegates at climate talks
Air pollution: map shows 'concrete jungles' more polluted
Firefighters rescue injured owl from crows
COP28: Head of UN talks hits back at climate denial claims
Five climate change solutions under the spotlight at COP28
Climate change: The young activists changing the sceptics' minds
Host country of COP28, UAE, to ramp up oil production, BBC learns
COP28 president denies using summit for oil deals
Climate summit in an oil state: can COP28 change anything?
What is COP28 in Dubai and why is it important?
Poor countries win fight for climate cash at COP28
Toxic gas putting millions at risk in Middle East, BBC finds
UAE planned to use COP28 climate talks to make oil deals
Euclid telescope: First images revealed from 'dark Universe' mission
James Webb telescope: Baby star launches giant jets and shocks
US issues first ever fine for space junk to Dish Network - latest science and technology news stories
New investment labels aim to help savers spot sustainable products?but won't always stop greenwashing
Climate 'tipping points' can be positive too?our report sets out how to engineer a domino effect of rapid changes
Seven tips for ethical shopping this Christmas
A new (micro) lens on optics: Researchers develop hybrid achromats with high focusing efficiencies
Government and nonprofit workers are getting billions in student loan debt canceled through a public service program
Progress but divides persist as climate summit takes up fossil fuels
When is an aurora not an aurora? Phenomena called 'Steve' and 'picket fence' are masquerading as auroras
Northern sea otter pup rescued in Alaska finds new home at Shedd Aquarium
Coral reefs in peril from record-breaking ocean heat
Current carbon dioxide levels last seen 14 million years ago
Saturday Citations: Extragalactic stars in the Milky Way, more biolinguistic evidence and couples coping with COVID
The longstanding mystery of Mars' moons?and the mission that could solve it
Deforestation hits record low in Brazilian Amazon in November
What is carbon capture and why does it keep coming up at COP28?
From urchin crushing to lab-grown kelp, efforts to save California's kelp forests show promise
AI can teach math teachers how to improve student skills
'Appetite for drumsticks': First prey found in a tyrannosaur stomach
Reassessing what we can expect from peptides in disease detection
A superconducting junction made from a single 2D material promises to harness strange new physics
Catalyst makes drugs inside the body to minimize side effects
Conjoined 'racetracks' make new optical device possible
Parrots and songbirds have evolved distinct brain mechanisms, study shows
Research enables high-resolution imaging of moving objects using Fourier ptychographic imaging
Using machine learning to optimize volatile fatty acid production in riboflavin-mediated sludge fermentation
Genetic mutations that promote reproduction tend to shorten human lifespan, study shows
Polyethylene waste could be a thing of the past
Transforming rice phenotyping: Advanced deep learning models enhance panicle analysis and nitrogen impact studies
Creating a C4-like vein pattern in rice by manipulating SHORT ROOT and auxin levels
Evidence that ancient Tethys Ocean influenced Earth's past environments
Metamorphic evolution of the East Tethys tectonic domain and its tectonic implications news
Physicists beat Lorentz reciprocity for microwave transmission
Japan?s SuperKEKB set for first particle collisions
Wood-based 'supermaterial' is stronger and tougher than steel
Three photons bind together to make a ?molecule? of light
Nuclear excitation by electron capture seen at long last
Pistachio trees 'talk' to their neighbours, reveals statistical physics
US National Science Foundation clamps down on misconduct
Simulations reveal how sharp boundaries endure in soft tissue
TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets could harbour significant amounts of water
Heaviest element could have fascinating atomic and nuclear spectra print edition
Tales from a British physicist in Japan
Collecting books
Looking ? into the future
Once a physicist: Anna Starkey
Of graphs and giggles
The long road to Mars
Boldly going to a galaxy far, far away
The business of physics
Sounding out swarms
Once a physicist: Lydia Harriss
New Scientist - News
Cannabis can relieve pain short-term, but we still don't know how
Having children earlier in life is genetically linked to dying younger
Great Wall of China protected from erosion by coat of lichen and moss
Scientists have invented virtual reality goggles for mice
This mathematical trick can help you imagine space-time
Jumping spiders seem to recognise each other if they have met before
The moon may enter a new geological period thanks to human activity
We now know why we find some jokes funny - thanks to Seinfeld
World predicted to break 1.5C warming limit for first time in 2024
Ancient climate analysis suggests CO2 causes more warming than thought
Honeyguide birds respond to special calls from human honey-hunters
Microplastic pollution rained down on Canada during a hurricane
Seams on a baseball shift its trajectory by unexpectedly large amount
Why I've been somewhat obsessed with space-time this year
Sand-dwelling fungi discovered and named after Dune's giant sandworms
Uganda is planning a massive clean energy expansion ? paid for by oil
Unusual dark hedgehog from eastern China is new to science
The US needs to do more to preserve its ancient sites
Space Force?s secretive space plane is making its highest flight yet
Insects thrive on solar farms planted with native flowers
Genetic errors are behind more than two thirds of early miscarriages
Quantum computer sets record on path towards error-free calculations
Robotic mouse with flexible spine moves with greater speed and agility
DNA nanobots can exponentially self-replicate
Google says its Gemini AI outperforms both GPT-4 and expert humans
COP28: The biggest climate wins and flops from the first week
Why adding water when you grind coffee beans makes for a better brew
The placebo effect means painkillers may work better with side effects
Gesturing as you talk may help you speak a new language like a local
Roo-ver: Australia's first moon rover has name chosen in public vote
We can trigger positive tipping points to cut carbon emissions faster
Locusts spun in a centrifuge develop extra-strong exoskeletons
Major climate tipping points could be triggered within a decade
2023 saw thrilling space missions and new cosmic mysteries
Drug prevents fentanyl overdose for a month in monkeys
Removing zombie-like cells may help treat multiple sclerosis
Brain implant could ease the effects of a traumatic injury years later
AI can tell which chateau Bordeaux wines come from with 100% accuracy
Pregnant megamouth shark washed up on beach is first ever seen
Shipwrecks are havens for wildlife in areas threatened by fishing
Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels hit another all-time high
China?s first underwater data centre is being installed
IBM?s 'Condor' quantum computer has more than 1000 qubits
Rare gene variants can change your height by up to 7 centimetres
Governments must stay in it for the long haul on long covid research
Ultrasound can push vaccines into the body without needles
Largest stream of stars ever found could teach us about dark matter
How big a problem are methane and other non-CO2 greenhouse gases?
Why does weed give you the ?munchies?? Here's what the science says
Passing star could fling Earth out past Pluto into the Oort cloud
GPT-4 developer tool can be exploited for misuse with no easy fix
Vaping vs edibles: How does the way we use cannabis alter its effects?
How will we actually know when we pass 1.5C of warming?
World must prepare for frequent and severe droughts, report warns
Robot eel reveals how the strange fish swim so efficiently
See a forgotten meteor shower caused by a dead comet this weekend
Marmosets swap brain cells with their siblings
COP28: Energy transition may cut oil-producing states? revenue by 60%
Bottlenose dolphins can sense electric fields with their snouts
Chinstrap penguins take thousands of very short naps every day
DNA repair has been captured in a step-by-step molecular movie
Tiny star found harbouring a huge planet that shouldn?t exist
COP28: Countries agree on how to fund climate ?loss and damage?
Green Christmas: How to have an ethical and guilt-free festive season
COP28: How this year shattered nearly every modern climate record
Traces of cannabis found in pre-modern human bones for the first time
The music you should play at a party to ensure conversations flow
Physicists have worked out how to pour water as quietly as possible
The battle to bring beavers back to Scotland
Paris climate goal of less than 2C of warming is within our grasp
Cannabis probably doesn't help you sleep better
Unknown animals left birdlike footprints long before birds existed
Ancient life thrived after supercontinents trapped nutrient-rich soil
Crystal-hunting DeepMind AI could help discover new wonder materials
A single bitcoin transaction uses enough water to fill a swimming pool
Six planets found orbiting a bright star 100 light years away
COP28: These are the key clean energy targets the world must agree on
Key molecule for life may have formed on interstellar ice
Could the world finally agree to ditch fossil fuels at COP28?
Will carbon dioxide removal tech help or hinder climate targets?
The ancient origins of cannabis and our changing attitudes towards it
Why some medical conditions are due to evolutionary design flaws
Extreme rainfall is increasing even more than expected as world warms
A new way to estimate our maximum lifespan could help us extend it
Majestic photo shows China's Tiangong space station in all its glory
Physicists find ultimate limit for how accurate clocks can be
Glimpse of the earliest supernovae could reveal our cosmic origins
Robots with squidgy paws could navigate uneven terrain
Where is the iceberg that broke off Antarctica and is it a threat?
Why it's healthy for older people to be slightly overweight
H1N2 swine flu: UK's first human case recovers after mild illness
?Insect-eye? compass can navigate by the sun even on a cloudy day
Our hunt for alien life needs solid guidelines for clear-cut success
AI can figure out sewing patterns from a single photo of clothing
AIs can trick each other into doing things they aren't supposed to
Strange way black holes lose energy could help solve cosmic puzzle
A mysterious, incredibly energetic cosmic ray has smashed into Earth
People feel more creative after using cannabis ? they aren't
Cyborg jellyfish have a swimming cap and electric propulsion system
Squishy inflatable tubes could make programmable soft robots
Scientific American
Nature Physics
A grey area
Strategies for multidisciplinary research
Life through the fluid dynamics lens
The biological control of living systems calls for new laws of statistical mechanics
On the wings of a butterfly
How to bridge the gap between theory and experiments in biological physics
Stronger pairs with resonant excitation
Cell biology through the macroscopic lens

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