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Father begins legal fight against BP for dead son
Voyager-1 sends readable data again from deep space
Handbag designer jailed for wildlife smuggling
What is Earth Day and what has it achieved?
European astronaut rookies make the grade
Sunak has set us back, says climate watchdog head
First ever climate change victory in Europe court
Together in wonder: North America awed by total solar eclipse
Hottest February marks ninth new monthly record
UK quits treaty that lets oil firms sue government
Why firms are racing to produce green ammonia
World breaches 1.5C warming threshold for full year
Preventing space contamination rises up the agenda
Nasa: 'New plan needed to return rocks from Mars'
Peter Higgs - the man who changed our view of the Universe
White House wants Moon to have its own time zone
Elon Musk's Starship goes 'farther than ever'
One woman?s battle to push Africa?s space race - latest science and technology news stories
Sugar in baby food: Why Nestlé needs to be held to account in Africa
Political 'color' affects pollution control spending in the US, new study finds
Team reports on relationship between contents of diosgenin and brassinosteroids in Dioscorea zingiberensis
Unveiling the genetic blueprint of safflower
Research show oysters could help clean up the reef through filtration
SlTHM27-SlGAD2 model regulates the cold tolerance in tomato by regulating GABA and anthocyanin
First chromosome-level reference genomes of the ornamental banana and pink banana
Researchers discover mechanism regulating bud dormancy release in tree peony
A molecular fingerprint beyond the Nyquist frequency
Mechanism of grafting Prunus sp. to control crown gall disease by regulating the rhizosphere environment
Enhancing sweet potato quality analysis with hyperspectral imaging and AI
NASA's Chandra releases timelapse movies of Crab Nebula and Cassiopeia A
Artificial intelligence helps scientists engineer plants to fight climate change
Startup financing gender gaps greater in societies where women are more empowered: Study
Shoreline model predicts long-term future of storm protection and sea-level rise
Balancing AI and physics: Toward a learnable climate model
Pushing the limits of sub-kilowatt electric propulsion technology for space mission concepts
Uncovering the diversity of Micropsalliota: Seven new species and one newly recorded species in southern China
AI tool recognizes serious ocular disease in horses
Computer game helps students get better at detecting fake news
Ultrasensitive photonic crystal detects single particles down to 50 nanometers
A NASA rover has reached a promising place to search for fossilized life on Mars
Virtual reality can motivate people to donate to refugee crises regardless of politics
Scientists map soil RNA to fungal genomes to understand forest ecosystems
Researchers show it's possible to teach old magnetic cilia new tricks
Crises like pandemics or financial crashes could stall progress on gender diversity in boardrooms
Signs of 'spider' phenomenon on Mars
See the Southern Ring Nebula in 3D
Mantle heat may have boosted Earth's crust 3 billion years ago
Narcissistic CEOs appoint other narcissists to the management board, study finds news
Physicists beat Lorentz reciprocity for microwave transmission
Japan?s SuperKEKB set for first particle collisions
Wood-based 'supermaterial' is stronger and tougher than steel
Three photons bind together to make a ?molecule? of light
Nuclear excitation by electron capture seen at long last
Pistachio trees 'talk' to their neighbours, reveals statistical physics
US National Science Foundation clamps down on misconduct
Simulations reveal how sharp boundaries endure in soft tissue
TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets could harbour significant amounts of water
Heaviest element could have fascinating atomic and nuclear spectra print edition
Tales from a British physicist in Japan
Collecting books
Looking ? into the future
Once a physicist: Anna Starkey
Of graphs and giggles
The long road to Mars
Boldly going to a galaxy far, far away
The business of physics
Sounding out swarms
Once a physicist: Lydia Harriss
New Scientist - News
Japan?s SLIM moon lander has shockingly survived a third lunar night
Quantum forces used to automatically assemble tiny device
Culling predatory starfish conserves coral on the Great Barrier Reef
Let's not trash recycling technologies that could end plastic waste
Huge genetic study redraws the tree of life for flowering plants
Huge dinosaur footprints belonged to one of the largest raptors ever
Nuclear fusion experiment overcomes two key operating hurdles
Your diet may influence how effective vaccines are for you
Exquisite fossils of Cretaceous shark solve mystery of how it hunted
Climate change could make it harder to detect submarines
Will Amazon's robotic revolution spark a new wave of job losses?
Ships smuggling Russian oil spotted in satellite images by AI
Should we tweak the atmosphere to counteract global warming?
Glucose monitors may misclassify people as being at risk of diabetes
Single atoms captured morphing into quantum waves in startling image
Some scientists say insects are conscious ? it doesn't settle anything
Has the US finally figured out how to do high-speed rail?
Deliberate fires are responsible for half of the land burned each year
Drug residue can be detected in fingerprints left at crime scenes
Geoengineering could save the ice sheets ? but only if we start soon
Nocturnal ants use polarised moonlight to find their way home
Particles move in beautiful patterns when they have ?spatial memory?
Why we need to change the way we think about exhaustion
Ancient humans lived inside a lava tube in the Arabian desert
How cannabis gets you high and alters your perception
Early humans spread as far north as Siberia 400,000 years ago
Knot theory could help spacecraft navigate crowded solar systems
Animals may help ecosystems store 3 times more carbon than we thought
Songs that birds 'sing' in their dreams translated into sound
Dietary changes relieve irritable bowel syndrome better than medicine
Your genes may influence how much you enjoy listening to music
Wind turbines based on condor wings could capture more energy
Autonomous e-scooters could ride themselves back to charging points
Extreme heat in 2023 linked to drastic slump in growth of marine life
Cocaine seems to hijack brain pathways that prioritise food and water
Fossil snake discovered in India may have been the largest ever
Ancient marine reptile found on UK beach may be the largest ever
Jupiter's moon Io has been a volcanic inferno for billions of years
Quantum-proof encryption may not actually stop quantum hackers
Ancient Maya burned their dead rulers to mark a new dynasty
What is cloud seeding and did it cause the floods in Dubai?
Old-fashioned pessimism might actually help us fight climate change
Skin-deep wounds can damage gut health in mice
Intel reveals world's biggest 'brain-inspired' neuromorphic computer
Turning plants blue with gene editing could make robot weeding easier
A cicada double brood is coming ? it's less rare than you think
Dusting farms with waste concrete could boost yields and lock up CO2
Sleeping bumblebees can survive underwater for a week
Colonies of single-celled creatures could explain how embryos evolved
Starfish have hundreds of feet but no brain ? here's how they move
How to destroy a black hole
Our plans to tackle climate change with carbon storage don't add up
Watch a swarm of cyborg cockroaches controlled by computers
A surprisingly enormous black hole has been found in our galaxy
Tiny nematode worms can grow enormous mouths and become cannibals
Geoscientists are using telecom 'dark fibres' to map Earth?s innards
Parkinson's disease progression slowed by antibody infusions
Untangling the enigmatic origins of the human family?s newest species
Deadly upwellings of cold water pose threat to migratory sharks
Why AIs that tackle complex maths could be the next big breakthrough
Are panda sex lives being sabotaged by the wrong gut microbes?
Physicists created an imaginary magnetic field in real life
The multiverse could be much, much bigger than we ever imagined
Bizarre crystal made only of electrons revealed in astonishing detail
See inside an endangered California condor egg just before it hatches
?Peaceful? male bonobos may actually be more aggressive than chimps
Arctic permafrost is now a net source of major greenhouse gases
Chatbots can persuade conspiracy theorists their view might be wrong
Water purifier is powered by static electricity from your body
A bacterium has evolved into a new cellular structure inside algae
Embryos pause development when nutrients are low ? and now we know how
AI can spot parasites in stool samples to help diagnose infections
Quantum 'supersolid' matter stirred using magnets
How Peter Higgs revealed the forces that hold the universe together
We can't get to net zero without tackling inequality
Testing drugs on mini-cancers in the lab may reveal best treatment
Air pollution can make insects mate with the wrong species
Why nutrition needs to be on the educational agenda
Planets that look alike might be a sign of spacefaring aliens
Watch mini humanoid robots showing off their football skills
Some of our favourite songs make us sad, which may be why we like them
Post-surgery infections may mainly be caused by skin bacteria
The mathematician who worked out how to time travel
Fractal pattern identified at molecular scale in nature for first time
Mathematician wins Turing award for harnessing randomness
Treating gum disease may ward off an irregular heartbeat
Phone batteries could last 50% longer if more 5G towers are built
Oral vaccine prevents recurring UTIs for nine years
Australia?s Indigenous people were making pottery over 2000 years ago
One of the biggest mysteries of cosmology may finally be solved
Peter Higgs, physicist who theorised the Higgs boson, has died aged 94
Northern white rhino could be saved from extinction using frozen skin
Prosthetic hands are easier to control using unrelated muscles
March 2024 is the 10th consecutive month to break temperature records
Eclipse 2024: 5 of the best pictures of the total solar eclipse
Dumping green sand in shallow seas could let them absorb more CO2
AI pop-ups can help you stop doomscrolling on your phone
The ambitious plans to study the sun during April's solar eclipse
Long covid linked to signs of ongoing inflammatory responses in blood
5 solar eclipse activities to do with children
Scientific American
Nature Physics
Spin Berry curvature-enhanced orbital Zeeman effect in a kagome metal
Room-temperature flexible manipulation of the quantum-metric structure in a topological chiral antiferromagnet
Irreversible entropy transport enhanced by fermionic superfluidity
Penning-trap measurement of the Q value of electron capture in 163Ho for the determination of the electron neutrino mass
Quantum sensing at the megabar frontier
Naturally superconducting
Slightly out of tune
Timeless order

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