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New oil and gas at odds with green goals - report
Scottish fossil revealed to be pterodactyl ancestor
Nicole Mann: Astronaut becomes first Native American woman in space
Three scientists win Nobel for chemistry 'Lego'
COP27: Activists 'baffled' that Coca-Cola will be sponsor
King Charles should attend climate summit, COP26 president says
'Humble' worm saliva can break down tough plastic
Physics Nobel rewards 'spooky science' of entanglement
Asteroid struck by Nasa probe leaves 10,000km trail
Don?t backtrack on climate, COP host Egypt tells Truss
Revealed: Huge gas flaring emissions never reported
Hurricanes: Are they getting more violent?
Prince William 'comforted' by support for his environmental work
UN chief: 'Tax fossil fuel profits for climate damage'
Climate change: Pakistan floods 'likely' made worse by warming
Charles will not cool on climate action, say friends
Ringed Neptune captured by James Webb telescope
Astronomy Photographer of the Year: 'Once in a lifetime' picture of comet wins award
Jeff Bezos rocket malfunctions on trip to space - latest science and technology news stories
Study finds expanding voting rights can reduce violence
New research identifies lack of appropriate control tools for many major infectious diseases of animals
Nord Stream leaked less methane than feared: atmospheric monitor
Fixed-duration strikes can revitalize labor
NASA study finds climate extremes affect landslides in surprising ways
Juno gets highest-resolution close-up of Jupiter's moon Europa
Climate change made summer drought 20 times more likely
Some everyday materials have memories, and now they can be erased
Earth System Grid Federation launches effort to upgrade climate projection data system
Utilizing chemo-mechanical oscillations to mimic protocell behavior in manufactured microcapsules
Research team develops a cleaner, more cost-effective way to make useful industrial chemicals
Study: Removing GRE requirement does not undermine student success
New cleaning technique boosts electronic and photonic prospects of aluminum nitride
Logging down the value chain raises future forest sustainability concerns
Researchers develop new tool for targeted cell control
Study shows challenge of promoting citizen science to help prevent disasters caused by flooding
Researchers pioneer nanoprinting electrodes for customized treatments of neurological disorders
RNA origami enables applications in synthetic biology
Birdsong reveals rare hybrid coupling 10 million years in the making
Empathizing with the opposition may make you more politically persuasive
Do I need to refrigerate pumpkin pie? Food safety info for pumpkin season
Catch-and-release fishing may cause temperature spikes in sharks
Sound reveals giant blue whales dance with the wind to find food
High-schoolers join scholars to lift the lid on Hong Kong's soil biodiversity
Glass microspheres aren't the answer for saving Arctic sea ice
Going 'rogue': Researchers discover viral trend in global marketing
Documenting the world's crop diversity and making it available
Scientists use machine learning to accelerate materials discovery
How does Airbnb contribute to projecting the image of tourist destinations?
Exceptionally well preserved fossilized worm embryo from the Cambrian period identified in China news
Physicists beat Lorentz reciprocity for microwave transmission
Japan?s SuperKEKB set for first particle collisions
Wood-based 'supermaterial' is stronger and tougher than steel
Three photons bind together to make a ?molecule? of light
Nuclear excitation by electron capture seen at long last
Pistachio trees 'talk' to their neighbours, reveals statistical physics
US National Science Foundation clamps down on misconduct
Simulations reveal how sharp boundaries endure in soft tissue
TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets could harbour significant amounts of water
Heaviest element could have fascinating atomic and nuclear spectra print edition
Tales from a British physicist in Japan
Collecting books
Looking ? into the future
Once a physicist: Anna Starkey
Of graphs and giggles
The long road to Mars
Boldly going to a galaxy far, far away
The business of physics
Sounding out swarms
Once a physicist: Lydia Harriss
New Scientist - News
Astronomers found a weird asteroid closer to the sun than any other
Nutrient-measuring device could make microwaves that count calories
Dredging in crucial habitat sparks row over UK marine protected areas
Ships release invisible contrails that slightly cool the climate
DeepMind AI finds new way to multiply numbers and speed up computers
JWST and Hubble teamed up to take a stunning image of two galaxies
Nobel prize in chemistry awarded for reliable molecule-building tool
International rugby union players face higher risk of dementia
AI can tell which buildings are energy efficient from the outside
Experiments hint at how molecules essential to all life first arose
Why itching can be contagious: Reflex pathway is identified in mice
Eating in a 10-hour window may reduce the health harms of shift work
Nord Stream pipes leaked 'enormous' amount of methane into atmosphere
Fewer boys born in England and Wales in early stage of the pandemic
What?s causing a mass die-off of crabs on the UK coast?
Nobel prize in physics awarded to pioneers of quantum information
Megadrought could become the new normal in the southwestern US
Photo shows 10,000 km debris tail caused by DART asteroid smash
Hurricane Ian has left thousands without power and clean water
Learning to play an instrument could boost your short-term memory
Our ancestors? prenatal growth sped up after we split from chimps
Algorithm can design the perfect cycle lane system for any city
Nobel prize awarded for study of human evolution using ancient DNA
'Superagers' with sharp memories in their 80s have larger neurons
Insomnia success suggests we need more nuanced mental health support
A long-lost rogue planet could explain unexpectedly distant asteroids
Computer made from swirly magnets can recognise handwritten digits
Stealth rubber coating could make submarines nearly invisible to sonar
People trust AI to make big decisions ? as long as a human checks them
Uganda struggles to contain Ebola variant with no approved vaccine
How will Germany navigate its gas shortage nightmare this winter?
NASA?s Juno spacecraft takes closest images of Europa for 20 years
SpaceX may help the Hubble Space Telescope boost its lifespan
When two galaxies collide they often stop making new stars
Genetic test for cancer is less accurate for Black and Asian people
Western Arctic Ocean is acidifying four times faster than other oceans
Hubble and JWST both saw the aftermath of NASA's DART asteroid mission
Emissions from mining a single bitcoin have increased 126-fold
The cosmos doesn't work to my research schedule ? but that's OK
Sci-fi author Neal Stephenson wants to build a metaverse open to all
Robotic pill that delivers drugs to gut could end insulin injections
Wild boar appear destructive, but they make excellent conservationists
Newly recognised species of sloth has a head like a coconut
Air pollution raises our risk of a stroke and its later complications
Satellite uses sun reflections to detect offshore methane leaks
Dangerous fungal lung infections could be treated with CAR T-cells
Dogs can smell when we're stressed from our breath and sweat
The covid-19 pandemic has left people less extroverted and agreeable
Hurricane Ian hits the coast of Florida with 155 mile-per-hour winds
Alzheimer?s drug results are promising ? but not a major breakthrough
Could Labour's Great British Energy firm spark a green revolution?
Experimental Zika vaccine stops the virus from replicating in mice
Bitcoin has emitted 200 million tonnes of CO2 since its launch
Light from a quasar shows hints of one of the universe?s first stars
Coronavirus vaccines could cut the risk of long covid by two-fifths
Why the UK could be heading for a flu-covid 'twindemic' this winter
Mysterious stone spheres could be from an ancient Aegean board game
JWST has taken a picture of the gaseous ?skeleton? of a spiral galaxy
Earth?s surface may be teeming with trillions of dark matter particles
First images show aftermath of NASA's DART asteroid collision mission
Gene therapy infused into the brain eases rare condition in children
Heating homes with hydrogen is bad for both your wallet and the planet
Russia's Nord Stream gas pipelines to Europe suffer mysterious leaks
Who should own the copyright on AI-generated artwork?
RSPB and other nature charities raise alarm over UK government plans
NASA's DART mission successfully smashed into asteroid Dimorphos
Brazilian election will determine the future of the Amazon rainforest
Guatemala?s rainforest is expanding thanks to community efforts
Deadly stellar radiation blasts 'habitable' exoplanets every few days
New Scientist Live 2022: What to know about our science festival
Spoofing cyberattack can make cameras see things that aren?t there
Luck may influence us more than nurture, so let's give parents a break
Scientists are slathering reefs with antibiotics to stop coral disease
Robot navigates indoors by tracking anomalies in magnetic fields
Chronic fatigue syndrome linked to almost 200 genetic variants
Bowhead whales live longer thanks to mutation that also shrinks testes
Physicists found the shortest measurement to collapse a quantum state
Decarbonising the shipping industry will cost more than $1 trillion
Web of blood vessels helps protect whales? brains while swimming
These male hummingbirds evolved to be tiny so they can do cool dives
Too many electric cars charging at night may overload electrical grid
Scientists who discovered cause of narcolepsy win Breakthrough Prize
Defining what constitutes a 'new' species isn't straightforward
Bubble of hot electrons seen hurtling around our galaxy?s black hole
Astronomers trace fireball in Earth's skies to space rock that made it
Lemurs hug tree trunks to cool down when temperatures top 30C
JWST has captured an astonishing view of Neptune and its rings
To encourage sustainability, we must remember we are apes, not angels
What?s the best recipe for bubble mixture? Scientists have the answer
Sperm move in packs like cyclists to push through thick vaginal fluid
Married women who work during middle age are happier later in life
Drone swarm that 3D prints cement structures could construct buildings
Bananas threatened by devastating fungus given temporary resistance
Mosquitoes are being genetically modified so they can't spread malaria
Earth's algae and moss could survive under the light of another star
DNA records reveal mass migration from Europe into Anglo-Saxon Britain
Enceladus shown to have all six of the essential elements for life
Cheetahs are back in India but conservationists have doubts over plan
Your gut microbes may influence how ill you get with malaria
Engine based on Maxwell?s demon concept may help us understand entropy
Scientific American
Nature Physics
Publisher Correction: Interaction-driven breakdown of dynamical localization in a kicked quantum gas
The flow from simulation to reality
Noisy fractions
Collective curvature sensing and fluidity in three-dimensional multicellular systems
Exotic Kondo effect induced by spinons in a quantum spin liquid
Rigid tumours contain soft cancer cells
Shot noise does not always provide the quasiparticle charge
Evidence for a spinon Kondo effect in cobalt atoms on single-layer 1T-TaSe2

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