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COP26: Document leak reveals nations lobbying to change key climate report
Vikings settled in North America in 1021AD, study says
Orion: Nasa's Moon-ship is attached to SLS megarocket
Is the UK's green plan enough to halt climate change?
Climate change: Fossil fuel production set to soar over next decade
South Korea launches first homegrown space rocket Nuri
Covid vaccine pioneer: Lives depend on science funding
Environment Bill: MPs reject tougher air quality target
Net zero announcement: UK sets out plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions
Climate plan urging plant-based diet shift deleted
Heat pump grants worth 5,000 to replace gas boilers not enough, say critics
What is Climate Justice?
Ros Atkins on? Europe's climate challenge
COP26: 'Hate tells scientists their work is important'
COP26: Russia's Vladimir Putin will not attend climate summit
What is net zero and how are the UK and other countries doing?
COP26: Does a climate summit need 25,000 people? And more questions
Tips on how to save energy at home and help the planet
Heat pumps: How much do they cost and how do they work?
Russian team back on Earth after filming first movie in space
Star Trek's William Shatner blasts into space on Blue Origin rocket
Prince William: Saving Earth should come before space tourism
Russian film team boldly shoot towards space station
The battle to make lighter life-saving body armour
Earthshot Prize: Costa Rica wins 1m from William's Earthshot prize
Nebra Sky Disc: British Museum to display world's 'oldest map of stars'
Prof Sarah Gilbert, Covid vaccine creator: Now let?s take on 12 more diseases
How energy flexibility can save us money and cut carbon
Black scientists say UK research is institutionally racist
Wildlife Photographer of the Year: 'Explosive sex' wins top prize - latest science and technology news stories
Study rewrites dogma of adenovirus infection and double-stranded RNA
To mask or not to mask: Study provides mechanism to test materials
Measuring financial and digital literacy in vulnerable populations
Breaking trade-off problem that limits thermoelectric conversion efficiency of waste heat
Novel peroxide-based material emits fluorescence in response to stress
Thinking collectively to understand the social intelligence of animals
Chemists develop a fundamentally new mode of adsorption
Europe reels from powerful 'Aurore' storm
Cyprus aims for Mars with X-Ray rock dating instrument
How pearls achieve nanoscale precision
Understanding consumer perceptions of sustainability in the dairy industry
Physicists describe photons' characteristics to protect future quantum computing
Quantum-encrypted information transmitted over fiber more than 600 kilometers long
Bright prospects for OCT retinal scans at 30
Shrinking quantum key distribution technology to a semiconductor chip
New technique gets the drop on enzyme reactions
On the hunt for hypernuclei
DNA fingerprinting taro: The 'food of gods'
Gun-toting robo-dogs look like a dystopian nightmare. That's why they offer a powerful moral lesson
Neuroscientists see how practice really does make perfect
Climate change warning for the tropics
Edgy light on graphene may bring new one-way information routers
Need for massive space telescope inspires lightweight flexible holographic lens
What happens when a meteor hits the atmosphere?
Shedding light on microbial communities in deep aquifers
Ten mysteries of Venus
Supercomputer simulations reveal how protein crowding in cells impacts interactions
Interactions with unreliable infrastructures could be key to smart city design
Caribbean-South American plate boundary primed for major earthquake
Flint water crisis worsened birth outcomes, especially for Black babies news
Physicists beat Lorentz reciprocity for microwave transmission
Japan?s SuperKEKB set for first particle collisions
Wood-based 'supermaterial' is stronger and tougher than steel
Three photons bind together to make a ?molecule? of light
Nuclear excitation by electron capture seen at long last
Pistachio trees 'talk' to their neighbours, reveals statistical physics
US National Science Foundation clamps down on misconduct
Simulations reveal how sharp boundaries endure in soft tissue
TRAPPIST-1 exoplanets could harbour significant amounts of water
Heaviest element could have fascinating atomic and nuclear spectra print edition
Tales from a British physicist in Japan
Collecting books
Looking ? into the future
Once a physicist: Anna Starkey
Of graphs and giggles
The long road to Mars
Boldly going to a galaxy far, far away
The business of physics
Sounding out swarms
Once a physicist: Lydia Harriss
New Scientist - News
Female African elephants evolved to lose tusks due to ivory poaching
Sperm quality has been declining for 16 years among men in the US
Lab-grown human mini-brains kept alive for a year by slicing them up
Dinosaurs lived in herds 40 million years earlier than we thought
Should everyone have their own personal carbon budget?
How Finland plans to create a circular bioeconomy that runs on wood
Covid-19 news: UK's inaction is ?wilfully negligent?, say doctors
Gun violence rose 30 per cent in the US during the covid-19 pandemic
Meet the key players and big names at the COP26 climate summit
Wolf cubs raised by humans become attached to us like puppies
Why hope and optimism are crucial for fighting climate change
Botox relieves endometriosis cramps when injected into pelvic muscles
Quick saliva test can reveal cannabis use over the past 12 hours
99-million-year-old crab discovered trapped inside amber
Microplastics in the air have a small cooling effect on our climate
We've found the time and place that horses were first domesticated
Watch a wooden knife that is sharper than steel cut through steak
We now know Vikings were in the Americas exactly 1000 years ago
Will London's expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone cut air pollution?
Global fossil fuel extraction plans are double what we can safely burn
Danish children trap 19,000 ants to study impact of climate change
Domestic cats are driving parasitic infections in wild animals
UK net zero strategy under fire for failure to show carbon savings
Nearly every person in Iran seems to have had covid-19 at least once
Impaled turtle reveals new insight on the day the dinosaurs died
UK university climate targets strongly criticised for lack of ambition
Extinct Japanese wolf is the closest wild relative of dogs yet found
UK plans 5000 grants for heat pumps ahead of gas boiler ban in 2035
IVF embryos discarded as 'abnormal' can actually become healthy babies
Microsoft and Nvidia build largest ever AI to mimic human language
This koala was first to be vaccinated against chlamydia in new trial
What is a metaverse and why is everyone talking about it?
The mRNA technology behind covid-19 vaccines can transform medicine
Your unique pattern of brain activity can be spotted in 100 seconds
Climate change could slow recovery of southern right whales
Self-healing plastic repairs itself in 10 seconds even under water
Arid meteor shower makes new appearance in southern hemisphere skies
Contraceptive pill may reduce polycystic ovary syndrome diabetes risk
Snakes started eating birds and mammals after dinosaurs went extinct
US military may get a dog-like robot armed with a sniper rifle
Venomous viper species from the Tibetan plateau discovered in museum
Weird shape-shifting clouds of dust seem to be orbiting a distant star
Highly processed junk food consumption is rising among US adults
Can long covid clinics in England cope if cases rise this winter?
How the Hubble Telescope opened a new window on the cosmos
NASA?s Lucy mission is launching to study asteroids near Jupiter
Why psychologists can't decide if moral disgust is even a thing
Women have been under-represented in stroke therapy trials for decades
Australia's unusual western swamp turtle is an oddity under threat
Bubbles in blood open the brain for world-first cancer treatment
Artificial insect-inspired ?brain? can guide robotic dog through maze
Venus?s surface may have never been cool enough for oceans or life
Jupiter-like planet survived the death of its star without harm
Poorer nations will be hit by rising energy costs from climate change
Ancient faeces show Iron Age miners ate blue cheese and drank beer
US becomes world's largest bitcoin miner after China crackdown
Spies may be storing data to decrypt with a future quantum computer
Energy watchdog says net zero can protect against future price shocks
Penguins have rare ability to recognise each other's faces and voices
COP26: Which countries are doing best at tackling climate change?
Something strange is sending radio waves from the centre of the galaxy
Toxic oak moth threatens UK trees after failure to control its spread
Living sensors in our guts could provide early warnings of cancer
Breadfruit could be the food of the future as the climate warms
UK's slow response to covid-19 was a 'serious' error, say MPs
Sea cucumber has modified genes to help it live on hydrothermal vents
Decaying oil tanker near Yemen could trigger humanitarian disaster
Women are less likely to get pregnant for two years after a concussion
Ancient seeds reveal we began using tobacco at least 12,300 years ago
Covid-19 dashboard: Cases, deaths and vaccinations
Football teams lost home advantage in lockdowns but it is coming back
Lava-munching microbes were the earliest life on land
A lack of fish faeces is changing the flow of carbon in the ocean
Sydney comes out of 4-month lockdown after reaching vaccination target
A new dawn in AI and quantum computing now looks tantalisingly close
AI-generated deepfake voices can fool both humans and smart assistants
UK National Grid in talks to build an energy island in the North Sea
Rocks gathered by Chang'e 5 rover show magma once spewed from the moon
Circadian clock made from scratch to probe how biological rhythms work
Ancient Mars lake had fast-moving floods that carried huge boulders
Team of underground rescue robots wins $2 million DARPA prize
A maize meme shows why you shouldn't trust social media
NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has found two odd pairs of asteroids
Hares with failed snow camouflage still manage to avoid predators
World's first malaria vaccine approved for use in children in Africa
Some ancient giant ground sloths dined on meat
EU votes to restrict AI use in law enforcement while UK rolls it out
Flying robot can also ride a skateboard and balance on a rope
Massage gun for mice shows how pummelling tissue boosts muscle repair
Drug treatment for Lyme disease could lead to its eradication
UK could halve energy demand by 2050 without reducing quality of life
Microscopic tardigrade fossil found in 16-million-year-old amber
Ivermectin 'buyers clubs' want to use the drug to treat covid-19
UAE will send spacecraft to visit Venus and land on an asteroid
Chemistry Nobel awarded for technique to produce mirror molecules
How will the UK?s Universal Credit cut affect the health of children?
Climate change drove the expansion of the Tupi people in South America
Chicken-sized dinosaur found in Wales is UK's earliest known theropod
Waggle dances show city bees have shorter commutes than country bees
Gifted dogs can learn 12 words in a week and remember them for months
Scientific American
Nature Physics
Limitations of optimization algorithms on noisy quantum devices
Intracellular softening and increased viscoelastic fluidity during division
Quantum-torque-induced breaking of magnetic interfaces in ultracold gases
State with spontaneously broken time-reversal symmetry above the superconducting phase transition
All in one
Hot black ices
Spins strain to see the light
Quantum coherent spin?electric control in a molecular nanomagnet at clock transitions

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