Borrowing books

To loan a book, you must fill in a lending ticket. Lending tickets can be found on the small table near the exit. Please put the completed ticket on the pin. You should always fill in the book code (which is the code on the spine of the book) and your name. We will take care of the correct dispatch, in order to enable everyone to see where a book is located. Library books should be available to everyone at any time. Therefore it is not permitted:

Lending period

There are no lending periods, but there should be no "personal libraries" created in the rooms. If you do not need a book anymore, please return it to the library. This will prevent losing and mislaying of books. Just leave the returned books at our desk. Then we will take care of the dispatch.

Submit a title for consideration

If you think a certain book should be included in the book collection of the library, you can suggest this to the librarians (in agreement with your group leader and the Library Committee). Generally the books are ordered on approval. If the library budget is sufficient, your request will be granted. When the book is delivered, you will receive a message. After registration and classification, the book may be borrowed.

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