Posters 2022

Title Project
Event City Country Date
L.MGreeven Hints of new physics in rare beauty-hadron decays LHCb Physics @ Veldhoven Veldhoven The Netherlands 26-1-2022
E. Cherepanova Search for heavy diboson resonances in semileptonic final states ATLAS European School of High Energy Physics 2022 Ma’ale HaHamisha Israel 5-12-2022
M. Wu FELIX: readout upgrade for the ATLAS Trigger DAQ system in HL-LHC ATLAS The 15th Pisa Meeting on Advanced Detectors Elba Italy 27-5-2022
A.R. Rehult (LFU + CP) violation in rare B meson decays Theoretical Physics Physics@Veldhoven 2022 (remote) N/A (fully online conference) The Netherlands 25-1-2022
A. Rehult Fingerprinting New Physics with CP Violation in B Meson Decays Theoretical Physics DRSTP Trends in Theory 2022 Wageningen The Netherlands 19-5-2022
R. Russo Performance of Digital Pixel Test Structure for the ALICE Inner Tracking System upgrade Detector R&D 12th LHC students poster session, CERN Geneva Switzerland 29-11-2022
B. Hofman Multivariate sensitivity analysis of jet substructure observables to quenching ALICE Quark Matter 2022 Kraków Poland 6-4-2022
C. Pliatskas Stylianidis Energy flow within jets in JEWEL simulations ALICE Auditorium Maximum UJ Krakow Poland 6-4-2022
R.S. Muller Follow up of IceCube alerts with KM3NeT ARCA/ORCA Neutrino Telescopes Neutrino 2022 online (Seoul) The Netherlands 5-5-2022
R.S. Muller Search for cosmic neutrino point sources and extended sources with 6 lines of KM3NeT/ARCA Neutrino Telescopes Neutrino 2022 online (Seoul) The Netherlands 5-5-2022