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We at Nikhef like to maintain relations with our alumni and welcome all Nikhef alumni PhD’s to read the following information to learn how to register and how to use the Nikhef alumni service.

How to register as alumnus.

The first step is to send a mail to alumni[at]nikhef[dot]nl with a request to register to the Nikhef alumni service. The Nikhef secretariat will handle this mail and create an account in the alumni web portal. You will receive a confirmation mail with instructions how to login into this portal.

How to use the Nikhef alumni portal.

Once registered you are able to login into the web portal where you will find your personal profile as stored in our database. Note that no one else has access to your data via the web portal (see also privacy statement below). Use the web form to complete or update your personal profile.

You may also use the web form to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the Nikhef Annual Report and the Nikhef Newsletter. Nikhef has its own LinkedIn account, if you want you can request to connect via the portal. Furthermore let us know if we can contact you for outreach activities and whether you want to share your mail address with other Nikhef alumni.

Login into the alumni portal


Your personal data is only accessible for a limited number of Nikhef staff employees (directorate, personnel department, secretariat). Anonymous data will be used to generate reports such as the number of years between the start and finish of the PhD at Nikhef:

If for some reason you do not want to be registered anymore in the alumni database, you can use the unsubscribe button in the portal. All your personal information will be removed from the system.


Contact us via mail alumni[at]nikhef[dot]nl


“All things considered my relationship with physics and Nikhef spans just over two decades, going back to when my primary school class paid an educational visit to the Institute. I vividly remember my sense of wonder and the thrill of it all, but couldn’t possibly know that I would return one day.” – Lucie de Nooij

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