• Een nieuwe website…

    29 - 6 - 2016 |

    Welkom op de nieuwe website van Nikhef!

    We hopen dat deze nieuwe website een informatieve portal vormt voor iedereen: of je nu wetenschapper bent, leerling, leraar of iemand die gefascineerd is door de deeltjesfysica. We willen iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in ons vakgebied bereiken. Daarom is veel aandacht besteed om een aantrekkelijke, open en moderne website te maken om bezoekers van informatie te voorzien. De wetenschappelijke en technische activiteiten, nieuws en andere actualiteiten zijn afgewisseld met achtergrondinformatie en veel foto’s.

  • I feel it mine

    22 - 10 - 2014 |

    This is a reblog from Quantum Diaries

    By Andrea Signori, Nikhef researcher (Theory)

    On Saturday, 4 October, Nikhef – the Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics where I spend long days and efforts – opened its doors, labs and facilities to the public. In addition to Nikhef, all the other institutes located in the so-called “Science Park” – the scientific district located in the east part of Amsterdam – welcomed people all day long.

    It’s the second “Open Day” that I’ve attended, both as a guest and as guide. Together with my fellow theoreticians we provided answers and explanations to people’s questions and curiosities, standing in the “Big Bang Theory Corner” of the main hall. Each department in Nikhef arranged its own stand and activities, and there were plenty of things to be amazed at to cover the entire day.

  • Why pure research?

    22 - 10 - 2014 |

    This is a reblog from Quantum Diaries! By Andrea Signori, Nikhef researcher (Theory) With my first post on Quantum Diaries I will not address a technical topic; instead, I would like to talk about the act (or art) of “studying” itself. In particular, why do we care about fundamental research, pure knowledge without any practical…

  • HCP in Kyoto over Higgs en Susy

    26 - 10 - 2012 |

    Door Nicolo de Groot Het Hadron Collider Physics Symposium wordt van 12 tot 16 November in Kyoto gehouden. Het wordt gevolgd door de Higgs coupling workshop. Nu worden er wel meer conferenties in ons vakgebied gehouden, maar deze is interessant omdat ATLAS en CMS updates zullen presenteren van hun Higgs resultaten in juli. De LHC…

  • Het Tevatron ziet ook een glimp van de Higgs

    3 - 7 - 2012 |

    Door: Nicolo de Groot. Vandaag heeft het Tevatron, de versneller van het Fermilab in Chicago de laatste resultaten over de zoektocht naar het Higgs deeltje gepresenteerd. Aanvankelijk was het de bedoeling dat de resultaten gewoon op de ICHEP conferentie gepresenteerd zouden worden, maar nu CERN de presentatie van de LHC Higgs resultaten naar 4 Juli…

  • Higgs Forecast

    29 - 6 - 2012 |

    By Frank Linde, Nikhef-director 89-94 kg is what I, much to my chagrin, read every Sunday morning when I step on my scale. And if you think about it: all this is the fault of the Higgs particle (denoted H), the generator of mass[1]. At least if the symmetry breaking mechanism (the Higgs mechanism, as…

  • Een stapje dichter bij de Higgs?

    19 - 6 - 2012 |

    Blogpost  (van zijn persoonlijke blog) door Nicolo De Groot, Nikhef-onderzoeker en hoogleraar natuurkunde aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. Binnenkort gaat de belangrijkste zomerconferentie in de deeltjesfysica van start. De International Conference of High Energy Physics of ICHEP is van 4-11 Juli in Melbourne. In December 2011 lieten zowel mijn eigen ATLAS experiment als de concurrent CMS de…

  • Inflation @ Stanford II: Eternal Physics Summer Camp

    29 - 5 - 2012 |

    By Sander Mooij It has been almost two months now that I’m visiting Stanford University, time for a new update. I like the life in the theory group a lot. Many discussions, many talks, a continuous flow. At the moment there’s some reconstruction going on, and one of the goals seems to be to fit…

  • Cruising the Rhine

    1 - 5 - 2012 |

    By Frank Linde Having often spent days, weeks and even months on board of huge ocean liners as a sailor’s son, I never imagined myself signing up for a cruise on the Rhine. To make matters worse: I already get seasick on the 30 minutes ferry ride from Den Helder to Texel. Nevertheless, Thursday April…

  • Inflation @ Stanford

    23 - 4 - 2012 |

    By Sander Mooij Now that I am in my fourth year as a PhD student, I thought it would be interesting to work in another institute for some time. And see: after collecting some money at Nikhef and sending a couple of emails back and forth (and surviving a lengthy conversation with US customs), here…

  • The most frequently asked question

    15 - 12 - 2011 |

    By: Frank Linde, director Nikhef A guaranteed question after all (ok, almost all) of my public lectures is: “What is the societal impact of …?” In Tuesday night’s Dutch talkshow “Pauw & Witteman” Jolande Sap (member of Dutch parliament) asked Robbert Dijkgraaf (chairman of the KNAW, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) exactly…

  • Flawed Logic

    16 - 11 - 2011 |

    [ A translation into English of a blog I posted summer 2011 on a dutch site ] A friend of mine sent me this link a while back.  You might remember the discussion this summer about the coming of a “Little Ice Age”; the link above concerns sunspots, how there is less sunspot activity now…

  • Numbers

    15 - 11 - 2011 |

    [ This is an English translation of a blog post I made on a dutch site a few years ago ] The April 27, 2008 issue of the newspaper Kennemerland op Zondag contains an article about the May Festival in the town Wijk Aan Zee.  One of the sentences is “De zestiende editie van het…

  • Hard Social Data

    10 - 11 - 2011 |

    For my first Nikhef blog post, I’d like to talk about something I read a couple of weeks ago, something I really liked. It had to do with what I will call “hard data on a social phenomenon”.  Let me explain what I mean. When studying any effects, scientists need to do experiments and gather…

  • Outreach: Two lectures for the price of one!

    31 - 10 - 2011 |

    By: Frank Linde, director Nikhef Every week at least one Nikhef scientist gives a public lecture somewhere in the Netherlands. With 5-10 public lectures annually, I take my fair share. Last week I had my best public lecture experience ever. It all started last July with (apologies for the Dutch): “… ik ben lid van…

  • Nikhef heet je welkom!

    25 - 10 - 2011 |

    Wat fijn dat je er bent! Binnenkort beginnen wij officieel met ons nieuwe blog. Wat willen we ermee bereiken? * Dat iedereen een kijkje kan nemen in het leven / de belevingswereld van wetenschappers… * Dat iedereen vriendelijke en levendige discussies aan kan gaan over natuurkunde, en astrodeeltjes- en deeltjesfysica… * Dat iedereen meer te…