Diversiteit & Inclusie bij Nikhef

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Nikhef’s working environment is of a great diversity, representing more than 40 nationalities, people of various religions and cultures as well as genders,gender identities and other social groups. Every day, all members of the Nikhef community contribute to the exciting scientific challenges to which we are committed. Nikhef’s success largely depends on being a safe, attractive and inclusive working place for all these talented people, regardless of background, beliefs, (gender) identity, mental and/or physical ability.


The commitment to being a diverse and inclusive institute leads to a broad agenda. Over the past years, Nikhef focussed specifically on improving its gender balance. A Gender Equality Plan has been implemented, which over time resulted in a shift in the male/female balance among scientific staff members from 12% female in 2017 to 27% in 2022. This development can be seen and felt in more and more parts of the organization and is an ongoing process.


The focus of Nikhef’s ambition regarding diversity and inclusion is currently shifting from the gender-balance agenda to a broader approach to inclusion and diversity, to account for a wider, more comprehensive and intersectional view of our community, towards a coexistence/cohabitation of differences. Attracting, retaining and inspiring colleagues of all cultures, backgrounds, (gender) identities and abilities is the driving force. In order to realize this ambition, a Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce has been formed. The Taskforce is asked to contribute to the Nikhef Diversity and Inclusion plan, which is being drafted, to define together how to build and maintain an inclusive community, and which actions to envision towards this goal. This process is of course open to inputs and contributions from the Nikhef community at large (and indeed, your feedback is very encouraged. The Taskforce’s main job is to listen to your voice). The Taskforce can be contacted via inclusion@nikhef.nl


Nikhef actively invests in creating a safe working environment for our community. In the Nikhef ecosystem we jointly agree on the goals of our work, and determine the focus of our activities from there. We keep each other on task, providing constructive and respectful feedback on each other’s behavior. We embrace mistakes as learning opportunities, and encourage the lessons learned to be shared and applied. This modus operandi is supported with training, supervision and coaching based on the needs of employees and teams.


A safe working environment also means that people know what to do if problems arise. At Nikhef, we continually work to provide attentive leadership that participates in creating an inclusive workplace. Management and staff can rely on a well-equipped support staff. In turn, they are backed up by a structure of confidential counselors. In this way, we aim to provide optimal support for our people to raise any issues that need to be addressed.


Nikhef is committed to the NWO-I Code of Conduct and the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. Being a NWO-I institute, Nikhef is also member of Workplace Pride.