Internships and thesis projects

University (WO), higher professional education (HBO) and intermediate vocational education (MBO) students have the opportunity to do an internship or a thesis project at Nikhef.

Master’s degree students in physics are advised to explore the options offered by Nikhef via their course supervisors.

For Master’s degree students at universities of technology there are opportunities within the scientific programmes of Nikhef and at the department of Detector R&D.

At the Nikhef’s departments of Mechanical and Electronics Technology, internship positions are often available for TU, HBO and MBO students. For more information about the specialisms and technical challenges, please refer to the pages of these departments:

If you want to apply for an internship position, please send your CV and motivation letter to the personnel department, via email.

Nikhef does not offer shorter traineeships, job shadowing or work experience placements for high-school (secondary education/VO) students. We do offer activities for high-school students who are interested in particle physics. You can read more about the options on our pages for high schools.

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