Electronics technology

Research into new phenomena and yet unknown subatomic particles requires special measuring instruments. These need to be developed for experimental setups such as of the LHC accelerator at CERN, of the laser interferometer near Pisa (Italy, Virgo), looking for gravitational waves, and of the sea-based detector of KM3NeT, looking for neutrinos from space. The Electronics Technology department at Nikhef designs specific electronics for all these types of research programmes.

The department designs, produces (or has others produce) and maintains the specific electronics, both small and large, and does so with the appropriate reliability and quality.

  • Electronics in various areas are developed for multiple projects
    • The department has a good toolbox at its disposal as well as several specialized facilities.
    • The areas of expertise of the ~25 ET employees (engineers and technicians) provide the department with strength and flexibility.

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The department has a project-based approach, often working in collaboration with other institutes (often within Europe but also worldwide) and, across disciplines, with colleagues in the areas of software and mechanics.

Attention is paid to training and the use of new techniques, tailored to the state of the art in case of collaboration with industry and outsourcing of manufacturing.

Contact: Ruud Kluit (group leader ET)