For (future) PhD students

Each year, about 15 students gain their PhDs for research carried out at Nikhef. They are employed at a Dutch university as a trainee research assistant. The PhD students are part of the Research School for Subatomic Physics.
The Research School’s programme consists of a selection of the standard lecture programmes at the various participating universities and a range of other seminars, lectures, et cetera. In addition to this, the PhD student attends the Topical Lectures and during the first two years he or she attends the Summer School as well.

Topical Lectures
During the first two years of their appointment, PhD students attend a series of Topical Lectures three times per year as a compulsory part of the Research School for Subatomic Physics. The Topical Lectures provide a detailed treatment of subject matter and developments relevant to the discipline.

You can find more info on the Topical Lectures here. The subjects and speakers are announced a few months beforehand.

Graduate School
Every summer, Belgian, German and Dutch PhD students or master’s students in particle physics come together during the BND Graduate School, organised in Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands. Second-year graduates give a short presentation of their work there.

You can find more info on the BND Graduate school here.

PhD position
If you are looking for a suitable PhD position, please check out the vacancies. You can also contact the group leaders to examine the possibilities and, for example, to submit a grant application for a research project.