Our People: Eleftheria Malami

‘Don’t be afraid’

Name? Eleftheria Malami

Born? 1991

Job? Third year PhD-student in the Theory group

What are you working on? I am researching the Standard Model. Or more accurately, the things that the Standard Model can’t explain properly, such as the differences between matter and antimatter. For instance, I think of theories that explain how B mesons can decay into two muons. According to the Standard Model, the decay should be very rare, but despite that, it was first observed in 2012.

Only in theory? No. I mainly work in theory, but also work together with researchers at LHCb. This way, theory and experiment meet!

What keeps you up at night? I sometimes think about my next career step. Am I going to stay in science? And how do I make sure I keep evolving?

Best advice? ‘Don’t be afraid of difficult things.’ The first person that said this to me was a teacher in secondary school. I was the best student in school and I also wanted to show this in the entrance exam that you have to do in Greece to get into University. The teacher said that I shouldn’t be afraid. That eased the pressure. I still use this advice on a daily basis.

Hobbies? I have finished a degree in piano and opera. I love opera singing (soprano) and modern dance.