Photos, videos and illustrations

Nikhef has a collection of photos, videos and illustrations available for public use. This is a selection of images of our research (astroparticle physics, particle physics, other research, future projects), our technical departments, but also of the events that we organize, educational activities and collaborations with our partners in industry.

Images from the digital photoarchive of Nikhef can be downloaded for free. For the use of these digital images no copyright will be charged, but it is obligatory to mention Nikhef as the source of the image. You can find the rules for the use of images of CERN and Interactions on their websites.

Nikhef Imagebank
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Questions? Other pictures? Higher resolutions?
Do you have any questions, are you looking for other specific images, or do you want a picture at a higher resolution? Please contact the Communications Department: 020-592 5075.