PhD Council


If you are looking for a PhD position at Nikhef, please take a look here.

Welcome to the Nikhef PhD Council website!

We are some PhD students who aim to revive the PhD Council as a platform to deal with PhD-specific issues. Even though most of the crucial information exists in one place or another (NWO-I, your affiliated university website, or at Nikhef), we aim to present the most important information in a centralised manner.

Disclaimer: although most of the information on this website is applicable to all Nikhef PhD students, it especially pertains to those employed by NWO-I. Different conditions may apply for students employed by other institutes or universities.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have comments on this website, please contact us! We’re available via email and you can fill in a form here that supports anonymous entries. A short intro document to Nikhef and its structure can be found here: English, Dutch.