Master theses 2022

Date Name Title Supervisor University
2022-12 W. Rijk Unsupervised Anomaly Detection of Quenched Jets with the LSTM and OC-SVM M. Verweij, F. de Almeida Dias UvA/VU
2022-11 N. Runge Studies for KM3NeT-ORCA Performance for Dark Matter Detection S. du Pree, P. de Jong UvA/VU
2022-08 N. Koster Feasibility study of Ω++ detection in proton-proton ccc collisions with ALICE 3 using Strangeness Tracking P. Christakoglou, H. Snoek UvA/VU
2022-08 J. Groot Probing CP-Violating New Physics in Bd0 →φKS andBs0 →φφ R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2022-08 C. Tsolanta Characterisation and Time resolution measurements of the RD50-MPW2 monolithic silicon pixel sensor J. Sonneveld UvA/VU
2022-08 M. Arkin Modelling aperture effects in optical cavities A. Freise UvA/VU
2022-08 M. Janssen Characterizing Trench-Isolated Low Gain Avalanche Diodes (TI-LGADs) M. van Beuzekom, K. Akiba, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2022-07 M.L.E. Heidotting Towards a Muon Tomography System for Spent Nuclear Fuel J.M. Sonneveld, M. Fransen UvA/VU
2022-07 M.N. Stapel Probing Hadronic CP Violation with Paramagnetic Electric Dipole Moment Experiments J. de Vries UvA/VU
2022-07 B. Matthaei Searching for the Chiral Magnetic Effect in Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV using the Signed Balance Function P. Christakoglou, R. Feischer UvA/VU
2022-07 C. van der Stappen Acoustic Neutrino Reconstruction Using Matched Filtering E.J. Buis, I. van Vulpen UvA/VU
2022-07 A.C. Sidley Λ0b → Λ0l+l− at high-q2 N. Tuning, M. Senghi-Soares UvA/VU
2022-07 F.E. Pennartz Measurement of the fine-structure constant with Positronium annihilation A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2022-07 M. Rustenburg From microscopic symmetries to a macroscopic toy Universe J. de Vries UvA/VU
2022-07 F. Haslbeck Simultaneous SMEFT interpretation of the signal and backgrounds in the V H, H →b ̄b analysis and ATLAS DSS during the start of LHC Run 3 T. du Pree, F. de Almeida Dias UvA/VU
2022-07 C. Fuselli Beta decays in XENONnT M.P. Decowski, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2022-01 K. Weerman Non-thermal production of Dark Matter during preheating after multifield inflation via a non- minimally coupled gauge singlet scalar M. Postma, C. Weniger UvA/VU
2022-10 Olaf Massen To the Standard Model and beyond; A theoretical and experimental study of Leptoquark phenomenology and its traces in LFV B → τμ decays in theory and with LHCb R.J.M. Snellings, A. Grelli, J. de Vries, M. Lucio Martinez UU
2022-07 Maurice Jongerhuis Performance study of future Λ0b production with ALICE3 P. Christakoglou, M. Verweij UU
2022-08 Kolja Kuijpers Constructing and bounding the solutions of Quantum Gravity with the Event Horizon Telescope Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2022-08 Finn ten Hove Putting a stop to searches for supersymmetric particles Wim Beenakker, M.C. van Beekveld, Cristina Galea RU Nijmegen
2022-08 Luc Builtjes Optimising Neural Networks for Classification of tttt-Events in the LHC Sascha Caron / Bob Stienen RU Nijmegen
2022-08 Stefan de Wit Decoupling Heavy Fermions in the Scalar Sector:  Choosing an Appropriate Renormalization Scheme Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
2022-06 Brian Mc Gloughlin Gravitational Waves from Newly Born Magnetars Beatrice Bonga RU Nijmegen
2022-06 Inge van Rens Spectral slope as a measure for Xmax Charles Timmermans RU Nijmegen
2022-06 Brian McGloughlin Gravitational Waves from Newly Born Magnetars Badri Krishnan / Béatrice Bonga RU Nijmegen
2022-06 Maikel Magnée Alternative models matched to the data of GW150914 Badri Krishnan / Béatrice Bonga RU Nijmegen
2022-04 Henk Brans Cherenkov-Ring Energy Estimation Charles Timmermans RU Nijmegen