Grants 2022

The table shows from top to bottom grants awarded in 2022, running grants and completed grants, awarded in earlier years, including their financial envelope, running period and –if not the NWO- institute- the name of the Nikhef partner university via which the grant is administrated (as said, this number is increasing).

In 2022 the Nikhef partnership has obtained almost 17 M€ of grants, comparable to the level in 2020 (15,7 M€). This figure does not include the contribution from the Growth Fund for the preparation of a bid for the Einstein Telescope in the EUregio Meuse Rhine, for which 42 M€ has been assigned. It is expected that about 27 M€ of this amount will be managed through Nikhef.

Leader Title Source Period Grant (k€) Admin. partner
Van Den Broeck et al Finding the invisible: Localizing merging black holes through gravitational lensing NWO-ENW-M2 2022-2027 700 UU
Bonga Observing resonating black holes with gravitational waves NWO-ENW-M 350 RU
Borschevsky/Hoekstra Probing Particle Physics with Polyatomic molecules NWO-ENW-M2 700 RUG
Snoek at al Fast sensors and Algorithms for Space-time Tracking and Event Reconstruction (FASTER) NWO-ENW-XL 2023-2027 3.100
Watts et al Probing the phase diagram of quantum chromodynamics. NWO-ENW-XL 2023-2027 3.103 UvA
Hoekstra et al Using cold molecules to find a gap in fundamental symmetries. NWO-ENW-XL 2023-2027 2.700 RUG
Hoekstra Searching for missing antimatter with trapped molecules. NWO-VICI 2023-2028 1.500
Bouwhuis A database-integrated KM3NeT solution for automated processing (DIKSAP) NLeSC 2023-2025 213
J. Steinlechner Revolutionizing Mirror Technology to Discover the Dark Universe EU/ERC StG 2.500 UM
Freise et al Einstein Telescope Preparatory Phase EU 2022-2026 729
Bouwhuis et al KM3NeT-INFRADEV-2 EU 2023-2026 225
Groep et al SURF: GEANT Project GN5-1 EU 2023-2024 79
P. de Jong SENSE: Search for new physics and technological advancements from neutrino experiments at the high intensity frontier. EU 2023-2026 92
J. Visser Versterking ILOnet EZK 2022-2026 870
Bentvelsen et al Einstein Telescope – Nationaal Groeifonds OCW-NGF 2023-2028 PM
Total 16.861
Verkerke et al At the heart of the Higgs NWO-ENW-XL 2021-2026 2.964 UvA
Rojo/Verkerke Fingerprinting the Higgs Sector with Effective Theories NWO-ENW-M 2020-2025 700 VU
Colijn/Postma Searching for dark matter in the XENON waste NWO-ENW-M 2021-2025 580 UvA
J. Steinlechner Breaking the ice: Cold mirrors to discover the dark universe NWO-ENW-K 2021-2025 350 UM
Linde Dutch contributions to the detector upgrades of the Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN NWO-Roadmap 2014-2026 15.240
Bentvelsen KM3NeT 2.0: Neutrino Science in the Deep Sea NWO-Roadmap 2019-2028 12.730
Bentvelsen Fuse: FUndamental e-infrastructure for SciencE NWO-Roadmap 2021-2025 5.955
Caudill Cortex: the Center for Optimal, Real-Time Machine Studies of the Explosive Universe NWO-NWA-ORC 2019-2023 399 UU
Colijn et al One second after the Big Bang NWO-NWA-ORC 2021-2026 1.171 UvA
Linde et al The Dutch Black Hole Consortium (DBHC) NWO-NWA-ORC 2021-2026 1.032 UU
Arnold The Higgs boson’s beauty and charm NWO-VENI 2021-2024 250
Klaver Uncovering the lepton generation gap: what’s the difference in their relationships? NWO-VENI 2021-2024 250 VU
Green Smoothing the Optical Bumps in the Road for Future Gravitational-Wave Detectors NWO-VENI 2022-2025 280
Usachov Search for spectacular signatures of light dark matter at LHCb NWO-VENI 2022-2025 280 VU
De Vries The unbearable lightness of B-decaying NWO-VENI 2022-2025 280 UM
Van de Vis Signs of the asymmetry between matter and antimatter NWO-VENI 2022-2025 280 UU
Herzog Decoding Singularities of Feynman Graphs NWO-VIDI 2018-2023 800
Caudill A New Spin: The Next Generation of Gravitational-wave Searches for Merging Black Holes NWO-VIDI 2020-2025 800 UU
Dias On the trail of new particles NWO-VIDI 2022-2027 800 UvA
De Vries The Little Neutral Particle that Could NWO-VIDI 2022-2027 800 UvA
J. Steinlechner Quiet mirrors to discover our Universe NWO-VIDI 2022-2027 800 UM
Hulsbergen Discovering Dark Matter at the LHC NWO-VICI 2017-2023 1.500
Tuning Antimatter matters: probing the differences to the bottom NWO-VICI 2017-2023 1.500
Heijboer Cosmic Neutrinos: a new tool for physics and astronomy NWO-VICI 2018-2023 1.500
Van Den Broeck Black holes and gravitational waves: A new route to cosmology and fundamental physics NWO-VICI 2019-2023 1.500
Van Leeuwen Microscopy of the Quark Gluon Plasma using high-energy probes NWO-VICI 2019-2024 1.500
Linde Gravitational waves: The new cosmic messengers NWO-G 2018-2023 3.520 UvA
S. de Jong Searching for Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic-Ray Sources using a new Detector Concept in the Pierre Auger Observatory NWO-G 2018-2023 2.500
Van Bakel Photoreceivers for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna NWO-M 2022-2026 500 SRON
Linde Gravitational waves: a new road to fundamental physics, astrophysics, and cosmology NWO-ENW-G 2019-2025 2.514
P. de Jong The Hidden Universe of Weakly Interacting Particles NWO-ENW-G 2019-2025 1.879 UvA
Aaij High-throughput GPU computing for New Physics searches with electrons in LHCb NLeSC 2021-2025 252
Rojo Unravelling Proton Structure with Hyperoptimised Machine Learning NLeSC 2021-2025 252 VU
PDP group Contribution to the national e-infrastructure SURF 2019-2025 4.900
Kooijman Chromium (PI: Jennifer Thomas, UCL, UK) EU/ERC 2016-2023 1.109
Mow Lowry Omnisens: Omni-directional interferometric inertial sensor EU/ERC CoG 2020-2025 2.536 VU
Hild Speedmeter: Quantum back-action noise-free interferometry for improving the science capabilities of future gravitational wave observatories EU/ERC AdG 2021-2026 2.176 UM
Heijboer ESCAPE: European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle
physics ESFRI research infrastructures’
EU 2019-2023 319
Van Leeuwen STRONG2020: The strong interaction at the frontier of knowledge: fundamental research and applications EU 2019-2023 99
Caudill AHEAD2020: Integrated Activities for the High Energy Astrophysics Domain EU 2019-2023 149
Linde R&D field lab ETpathfinder EU/Interreg 2019-2023 7.650 UM
Linde et al E-TEST: Einstein Telescope EMR Site & Technology EU/Interreg 2020-2022 1.587
Groep EGI-ACE: Advanced Computing for the EOSC EU 2021-2023 130
Groep EOSC-Future EU 2021-2023 400
Van den Brand PROBES: Probes of new physics and technological advancements from particle and gravitational wave physics experiments. A cooperative Europe – United States – Asia effort. EU 2021-2024 46
Van Beuzekom AIDAInova EU 2021-2024 75
Raven SmartHEP EU 2022-2025 266
Linde et al ET Technologies EU React 2021-2024 2.000 UM
Total 89.100
Van Den Broeck The discovery of gravitational waves with Advanced Virgo and LIGO FOM/Pr 2015-2022 404
Peitzmann Solving the direct photon puzzle in heavy-ion reactions with direct photon interferometry FOM/Pr 2016-2022 400 UU
Vreeswijk/Laenen Top spin FOM/Pr 2016-2022 468 UvA
Merk/Fleischer Very rare beauty decays: a magnifying glass for quantum physics FOM/Pr 2017-2022 504
Rojo Nuclear Parton Distributions from LHC Data FOM/Pr 2017-2022 420 VU
Bentvelsen Route 2 Startimpuls NWO-NWA-ORC 2018-2022 738
Ferrari/Van Eijk Determining the Higgs Trilinear coupling with the ATLAS detector at the LHC NWO/Pr 2019-2022 435
Petraki Deciphering the dark matter code NWO-VIDI 2016-2022 800
Du Pree Higgs from Z to A NWO-VIDI 2017-2022 800
Basegmez NWO/f: Dark Matter Detection in the Deep Sea NWO/f 2019-2022 251
Caudill WISE: Women in Science Excel NWO-I-WISE 2020-2022 320
Igonkina * Leptons that have created the world NWO-VICI 2016-2022 1.500
Groep SURF: GEANT Project GN4-3 EU 2019-2022 244
Total 7.284