PhD theses 2022

  1. Alice Alfonsi
    A tale of a new generation – Searching for dimuon decays of the higgs boson with the atlas detector
    Universiteit van Amsterdam, 1 March 2022
    Promotor: W. Verkerke, Copromotor: L. Brenner
  2. Brian Moser
    The Beauty and the Boost: a Higgs Boson Tale
    Universiteit van Amsterdam, 4 March 2022
    Promotor: W. Verkerke, Copromotor: T.A. Du Pree
  3. Marko Stamenkovic
    Charming Higgs bosons: Constraint on the Higgs-charm coupling from a search for Higgs boson decays to charm quarks with the ATLAS detector
    Universiteit van Amsterdam, 11 March 2022
    Promotor: W. Verkerke, Copromotor: T.A. Du Pree
  4. de Beurs, Marcus Pieter Raymond
    A top portal to new physics
    Universiteit van Amsterdam, 31 March 2022
    Promotores: M. Vreeswijk, E.L.M.P. Laenen
  5. Lodewijk Jurriaan Nauta
    Quantum Effects on a Planetary Scale: The First Neutrino Oscillation Measurement with KM3NeT/ORCA
    Universiteit van Amsterdam, 8 June 2022
    Promotores: P.J. de Jong, D.F.E. Sambtleben, Copromotor: D.J. van Eijk
  6. Lucas Anne Vermunt
    Hadronisation of Heavy Quarks – production measurements of heavy-flavour hadrons from small to large collision systems
    Universiteit Utrecht, 16 May 2022
    Promotor: R.J.M. Snellings, Copromotores: A. Mischke, A.(cop.) Grelli
  7. Solange Schrijnder van Velzen
    Precise Predictions for Jets and Tracks
    Universiteit van Amsterdam, 22 September 2022
    Promotores: W.J. Waalewijn, E.L.M.P Laenen
  8. Guanghui Zhou
    Sterile neutrinos and effective field theory
    Universiteit van Amsterdam, 25 October 2022
    Promotores: E.L.M.P. Laenen, Vries J. de
  9. Robbert Cornell Walet
    Advanced instrumentation for gravitational-wave research
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 14 November 2022
    Promotor: J.F.J. van den Brand, Copromotores: A. Bertolini, B.(cop.) Swinkels
  10. Cristina Sanchez Gras
    Exceptionally empty charm – Central exclusive production of charmonia at LHCb
    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 12 December 2022
    Promotor: H.G. Raven, Copromotores: P. Koppenburg, M. Schubiger
  11. Silvia Ferreres Sole
    The beauty of the rare
    Universiteit Maastricht, 19 December 2022
    Promotor: M.H.M. Merk, Copromotor: J.A. de Vries
  12. Tsun Ho Pang
    From Spacetime to Nucleus – Probing nuclear physics and testing general relativity
    Universiteit Utrecht, 14 December 2022
    Promotores: C.F.F. Van Den Broeck, R.J.M. Snellings