In numbers 2019

Talks, Posters and Theses

Nikhef theses, posters at conferences, outreach talks and talks at scientific meetings.


Number of scientific refereed publications in the last eight years, split in: accelerator based physics (LHC), non-accelerator based physics (Neutrino Telescopes, Grav. Waves, Dark Matter, Cosmic Rays, Astr. Phys.) and other (Det. R&D, Theory, Physics Data Processing, eEDM and Miscellaneous).

PhD duration

The fraction of PhD durations in months from start till PhD defence.

Typically, 15–20 theses are produced per year. The PhD duration from start till the PhD defence in 2019 has a median of 60.1 months. Note that there is a 3-4 months’ delay between finishing the thesis and the thesis defence. Some PhD students finished their thesis while already in another job.

Median of PhD duration in months from start till PhD defence. The error bars represent the median absolute deviation (MAD)/√(n-1).