Master theses 2021

Date Name Title Supervisor University
2021-07 Alessa Brignoli Characterization of the electrostatic Radon Monitor in XAMS S. Bruenner, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2021-08 Marcel Yanez Reyes A study of the Infrared structure of Non-Abelian Gauge theories E. Laenen UvA/VU
2021-07 Max Jaarsma Calculating Parton Distributions from First Principles W. Waalewijn UvA/VU
2021-07 Maricke Flierman The Electroweak Phase Transition: an investigation of a first-order phase transition with an additional real scalar singlet field M. Postma, E. Laenen UvA/VU
2021-07 Tjip Bischoff The Nikhef two photon absorption setup H. Snoek UvA/VU
2021-07 Anastasios Papadopoulos Beauty Λ production in ALICE with the upgraded ITS P. Christakoglou, I. van Vulpen UvA/VU
2021-07 Pepijn Clarijs Optimizing an Artificial Neural Network for the Measurement of H → bb-bar with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider T. du Pree, F. de Almeida Dias UvA/VU
2021-07 Vlad Tanasa Axion Cosmology M. Postma, B. Freivogel UvA/VU
2021-07 Cas van Veen Simulation studies of electron-hadron separation with a preshower detector for ALICE 3 at the LHC M. van Leeuwen, H. Snoek UvA/VU
2021-06 Joey Staa Modelling the chiral magnetic effect in heavy-ion collisions through the AVFD framework P. Christakoglou, R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2021-06 Zhuoran Feng Search for H → cc-bar and exclusive charm tagging T. du Pree, W. Verkerke UvA/VU
2021-06 Pablo Guillem Fernandez Rare Semileptonic Decays of B Mesons Exploiting SU(3) Flavour Symmetry R. Fleischer UvA/VU
2021-06 Barbara Paetsch Signal reconstruction in XENONnT M.P. Decowski UvA/VU
2021-05 Maarten Hammer Performance test of the KM3NeT track reconstruction software on ANTARES Monte Carlo data M. de Jong, P. de Jong UvA/VU
2021-03 Wouter Schreuder Exploring applications of machine learning to jet discrimination W. Waalewijn UvA/VU
2021-02 Leonora Verveld Particle detection throughproportional scintillation in liquid xenon S. Bruenner, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2021-01 Annabel Wolf Optical System Design of the Einstein Telescope Pathfinder F. Linde, A.P. Colijn UvA/VU
2021-01 Amber van Keeken Charge-dependent two-particle correlations for unidentified charged particles in Xe-Xe collisions at √sNN = 5.44 TeV P. Christakoglou UU
2021-07 Loek Meijers Feasibility Study on the reconstruction of heavy neutral D-mesons with data collected by the ALICE detector at CERN LHC A. Grelli, H. Zanoli UU
2021-12 Willem van der Feltz Master coupling to two-dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulations Renate Loll / Joren Brunekreef / Claus Kiefer RU Nijmegen
2021-12 Dirk van Buul Black hole formation in AdS3 Timothy Budd RU Nijmegen
2021-11 Tom de Wilt A Diagrammatic Approach to Amplitude Unitarity in the Electroweak Theory Ronald Kleis RU Nijmegen
2021-10 Camille van Speybroeck Implementation of low-field permanent magnet Halbach array MRI Mengqing WU / A.G. Webb RU Nijmegen
2021-9 Joost Remie Calculating Love numbers using black hole perturbation theory Béatrice Bonga RU Nijmegen
2021-9 Djamel van der Sluis Statistics of spatial geometries in Causal Dynamical Triangulations in 2+1 dimensions Timothy Budd RU Nijmegen
2021-9 Chris van den Oetelaar Localisation and classification of gamma-ray sources using neural networks Sascha Caron RU Nijmegen
2021-8 Bren Schaap Renormalization of Factorially Divergent Series: Quantum Field Theory in Zero Dimensions Ronald Kleis RU Nijmegen
2021-8 Wouter Oosters Asymptotically Safe Fermions On Curved Backgrounds Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2021-8 Guus Reijns The role of renormalization schemes in the context of the SM Hierarchy Problem Wim Beenakker RU Nijmegen
2021-7 Bart Zonneveld A Local Vacuum in De Sitter Space Wim Beenakker / David Venhoek RU Nijmegen
2021-7 Sam Pirlo On the Quantum Effective Action of Gravity Coupled to Scalar and Abelian Gauge Fields Frank Saueressig RU Nijmegen
2021-6 Stefan Krieg Diagrammatic derivation of the BCJ identity Ronald Kleis RU Nijmegen
2021-3 Ludo van Alst Deep learming for segmentation and classification of Wilms’ tumours Nicolo de Groot RU Nijmegen
2021-3 Tom Draper Asymptotically Safe Amplitudes Frank Saueressig / Benjamin Knorr / Chris Ripken RU Nijmegen
2021-2 Daniël Kok Building a quantum kNN classifier with Qiskit: theoretical gains put to practice Sascha Caron / Sydney Otten RU Nijmegen