Grants 2021

The table shows from top to bottom: grants awarded in 2021, running grants and completed grants, awarded in earlier years, including their financial envelope, running period and –if not the NWO- institute- the name of the Nikhef partner university via which the grant is administrated (as mentioned on the Funding page, this number is increasing).

In 2021 the Nikhef partnership has obtained a little over 9 M€ of grants, less than in 2020 (15,7 M€), which however included National Roadmap (infrastructure) grants such as FuSE (e-Infrastructure).

Leader Title Source Period Grant (k€) Admin. partner
Bentvelsen NWA Support Route NWO/NWA 2021 50  
Green Smoothing the Optical Bumps in the Road for Future Gravitational-Wave Detectors NWO-VENI 2022-2025 280  
Usachov Search for spectacular signatures of light dark matter at LHCb NWO-VENI 2022-2025 280 VU
De Vries The unbearable lightness of B-decaying NWO-VENI 2022-2025 280 UM
Van de Vis Signs of the asymmetry between matter and antimatter NWO-VENI 2022-2025 280 UU
Van Bakel Photoreceivers for the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna NWO-M 2022-2026 500 SRON
Dias On the trail of new particles NWO-VIDI 2022-2027 800 UvA
De Vries The Little Neutral Particle that Could NWO-VIDI 2022-2027 800 UvA
J. Steinlechner Quiet mirrors to discover our Universe NWO-VIDI 2022-2027 800 UM
Aaij High-throughput GPU computing for New Physics searches with electrons in LHCb NLeSC 2021-2025 252  
Rojo Unravelling Proton Structure with Hyperoptimised Machine Learning NLeSC 2021-2025 252 VU
Hild Speedmeter: Quantum back-action noise-free interferometry for improving the science capabilities of future gravitational wave observatories EU/ERC AdG 2021-2026 2.176 UM
Van Beuzekom AIDAInova EU 2021-2024 75  
Raven SmartHEP EU 2022-2025 266  
Linde et al ET Technologies EU React 2021-2024 2.000 UM
      SUM 9.091  
Van Den Broeck The discovery of gravitational waves with Advanced Virgo and LIGO FOM/Pr 2015-2021 404  
Peitzmann Solving the direct photon puzzle in heavy-ion reactions with  FOM/Pr 2016-2021 400 UU
  direct photon interferometry        
Vreeswijk/Laenen Top spin FOM/Pr 2016-2021 468 UvA
Merk/Fleischer Very rare beauty decays: a magnifying glass for quantum physics FOM/Pr 2017-2021 504  
Rojo Nuclear Parton Distributions from LHC Data FOM/Pr 2017-2021 420 VU
Ferrari/Van Eijk Determining the Higgs Trilinear coupling with the ATLAS detector at the LHC NWO/Pr 2019-2023 435  
Basegmez NWO/f: Dark Matter Detection in the Deep Sea  NWO/f 2019-2022 251  
Caudill WISE: Women in Science Excel NWO-I-WISE 2020-2022 320  
Verkerke et al At the heart of the Higgs NWO-ENW-G 2021-2026 2.964 UvA
Rojo/Verkerke Fingerprinting the Higgs Sector with Effective Theories NWO-ENW-K 2020-2025 700 VU
Colijn/Postma Searching for dark matter in the XENON waste NWO-ENW-K 2021-2025 580 UvA
Linde Dutch contributions to the detector upgrades of the Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN NWO-Roadmap 2014-2023 15.240  
Bentvelsen KM3NeT 2.0: Neutrino Science in the Deep Sea  NWO-Roadmap 2019-2028 12.730  
Bentvelsen Fuse: FUndamental e-infrastructure for SciencE NWO-Roadmap 2021-2025 5.955  
Bentvelsen Route 2 Startimpuls NWO-NWA-ORC 2018-2021 738  
Caudill Cortex: the Center for Optimal, Real-Time Machine Studies of the Explosive Universe NWO-NWA-ORC 2019-2023 399 UU
Colijn et al One second after the Big Bang NWO-NWA-ORC 2021-2026 1.171 UvA
Linde et al The Dutch Black Hole Consortium (DBHC) NWO-NWA-ORC 2021-2026 1.032 UU
Arnold The Higgs boson’s beauty and charm NWO-VENI 2021-2024 250  
Klaver Uncovering the lepton generation gap: what’s the difference in their relationships? NWO-VENI 2021-2024 250 VU
Correia Zanoli A charming witness of a little bang NWO-VENI 2021-2024 250 UU
Petraki Deciphering the dark matter code NWO-VIDI 2016-2022 800  
Du Pree Higgs from Z to A NWO-VIDI 2017-2022 800  
Herzog Decoding Singularities of Feynman Graphs NWO-VIDI 2018-2023 800  
Caudill A New Spin: The Next Generation of Gravitational-wave Searches for Merging Black Holes NWO-VIDI 2020-2025 800 UU
Igonkina * Leptons that have created the world NWO-VICI 2016-2022 1.500  
Hulsbergen Discovering Dark Matter at the LHC NWO-VICI 2017-2022 1.500  
Tuning Antimatter matters: probing the differences to the bottom NWO-VICI 2017-2022 1.500  
Heijboer Cosmic Neutrinos: a new tool for physics and astronomy NWO-VICI 2018-2023 1.500  
Van Den Broeck Black holes and gravitational waves: A new route to cosmology and fundamental physics  NWO-VICI 2019-2023 1.500  
Van Leeuwen Microscopy of the Quark Gluon Plasma using high-energy probes NWO-VICI 2019-2024 1.500  
Linde Gravitational waves: The new cosmic messengers  NWO-G 2018-2023 3.520 UvA
S. de Jong Searching for Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic-Ray Sources using a new Detector Concept in the Pierre Auger Observatory  NWO-G 2018-2023 2.500  
Linde Gravitational waves: a new road to fundamental physics, astrophysics, and cosmology  NWO-ENW-G 2019-2025 2.514  
P. de Jong The Hidden Universe of Weakly Interacting Particles  NWO-ENW-G 2019-2025 1.879 UvA
PDP group Contribution to the national e-infrastructure SURF 2019-2025 4.900  
Kooijman Chromium (PI: Jennifer Thomas, UCL, UK) EU/ERC 2016-2022 1.109  
Mow Lowry Omnisens: Omni-directional interferometric inertial sensor EU/ERC CoG 2020-2025 2.536 VU
Groep GEANT Project GN4-3 EU 2019-2022 244  
Heijboer ESCAPE: European Science Cluster of Astronomy & Particle
physics ESFRI research infrastructures’
EU 2019-2022 319  
Van Leeuwen STRONG2020: The strong interaction at the frontier of knowledge:
fundamental research and applications
EU 2019-2023 99  
Caudill AHEAD2020: Integrated Activities for the High Energy Astrophysics Domain EU 2019-2023 149  
Linde R&D field lab ETpathfinder EU/Interreg 2019-2022 7.650 UM
Linde et al E-TEST: Einstein Telescope EMR Site & Technology EU/Interreg 2020-2022 1.587  
Groep EGI-ACE: Advanced Computing for the EOSC EU 2021-2023 130  
Groep EOSC-Future EU 2021-2023 400  
Van den Brand PROBES: Probes of new physics and technological advancements from particle and gravitational wave physics experiments. A cooperative Europe – United States – Asia effort. EU 2021-2024 46  
      SUM 87.243  
Gauld Precision physics with heavy quarks: from colliders to the cosmos NWO-VENI 2018-2021 250  
Van der Schee Black hole horizons and the quark-gluon plasma NWO-VENI 2018-2021 250 UU
Dubla A charming witness of the strongest magnetic field in the universe NWO-VENI 2020-2021 250 GSI
Klaver TOFU: Testing leptOn Flavour Universality in excited strange mesons  EU 2020-2021 176  
Jansweijer EMPIR/WRITE:  White Rabbit Industrial Timing Enhancement EU 2018-2021 108  
Groep EOSC Hub EU 2018-2021 477  
      SUM 1.511