Prof. dr. Stan Bentvelsen (1965) – Director Nikhefstan-klein

Personal profile
Stan Bentvelsen is director of Nikhef since 2014 and is a professor at the University of Amsterdam.

1989-1994: Doctorate in experimental high energy physics at the UvA, ‘Measurement of the proton structure function at HERA using the ZEUS detector’.
1994-2000: Fellow and subsequently staff employee at CERN, Geneva. Analysis of electron-positron collisions at the LEP accelerator.
2000-2005: Senior researcher at Nikhef. Preperation for the ATLAS experiment at the LHC.
2005-now: Professor at the UvA ‘Collider physics at the LHC’
2014-now: Director Nikhef

Stan attaches a lot of value to and is very active in outreach and often gives lectures for various target groups. He is the main character in the film ‘Higgs: into the heart of the imagination’ by film and theater maker Jan van den Berg about the search for the Higgs particle.

Stan graduated in 1989 in theoretical physics at the UvA: ‘cosmologische scalar fields’.

Together with Frank Linde (Stan’s predecessor as director of Nikhef), Stan received the Physica-prize for their contribution to the discovery of the Higgs particle with the ATLAS experiment op CERN.