General Information


The Research School Subatomic Physics coordinates the Educational programme of graduate students in Particle and Astroparticle Physics

General information

Education and guidance of aio’s and oio’s at the Research School Subatomic Physics. 

Aio’s/oio’s will attend the ‘Joint (Belgian-Dutch-German) Annual Graduate School of Particle Physics‘ two years in a row, if possible during the first two years of their appointment.

Aio’s/oio’s will attend the ‘topical lectures’ that are offered three times a year. The school strives for thematically interconnected blocks of lectures of three days, grouped around the weekend. Therefore, it is possible for doctoral students stationed at CERN to attend these lectures. A block like that, including ‘homework’, is estimated at 1 study point (sp). Aio’s/oio’s follow these blocks during two consecutive years, preferably during the first two years of their contract.

The remainder of the curriculum exists of a choice from the regular lecture programme of the different participating universities and from seminars, colloquiums, CERN School or comparable, conference and/or workshop, etc.

The guidance committee C3
To every aio/oio a committee (‘C3’) is added, consisting of three persons and composed as follows: promotor, second mentor, member of the Education Committee (Onderwijscommissie, OWC) of the Research School (Onderzoekschool, OZS) (not directly involved in the aio/oio’s research). The intention is that the C3 has a meeting with the aio/oio 6, 12, 24 and 36 months after the appointment date. In this meeting the following will be discussed: the followed tuition (concerning content, this way amongst other things feedback is obtained about the ‘topical lectures’), the progress of the research and what is regarded as important (by the aio/oio or C3). The independent member presides and takes notes. The initiative for establishing the C3 is made by the Education Committee of the Research School.

Form C3 meeting

Education Committee 
The Education Committee of the Research School consists of the following persons. They are available for answering questions and solicit the favour of further suggestions and comments regarding the aio/oio schooling and guidance.

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