– Funding

The 2017 funding level of the Nikhef collaboration is higher than ever: 36.4 M€ (versus 34.5 M€ in 2016). The increase is caused both by a higher contribution from the university partners and by continuing success in obtaining grants in the various funding channels.

The expenses for accelerator-based particle physics (ATLAS, LHCb and ALICE, together 36% of direct expenses) have further increased, due to the ramp up of instrumentation activities for the detector upgrades. The astroparticle physics activities, for which construction activities are still considerable (especially in KM3NeT), have consumed about 23% of direct expenses. The new eEDM line (Groningen) is currently 3% of direct expenses.

The enabling activities (computing, detector R&D and particularly theory) comprise 25% of expenses, whilst industrial activities, outreach and lease activities make out the remainder (13%) of the direct costs.

The grant for the LHC detector upgrades (in 2017 budgeted for 2.1 M€) is not included in the graph totals.

funding and expenses 2018
funding and expenses 2008-2017