Colloquium Prof. Mark Thomson (Cavendish Laboratory)

10 - 11 - 2017 om 11:00 tot 10 - 11 - 2017 om 12:00

Friday 10 November, 11.00h, at Nikhef in H331.

Speaker: Prof. Mark Thomson (Cavendish Laboratory)

Title: “DUNE: The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

Neutrinos are the most numerous type of matter particle in the Universe. In the last 20 years, through the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations, we have learnt a great deal about neutrinos. For example, we now know that neutrinos have a mass, providing clear evidence for physics beyond the our current understanding. The Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE) is the next step in this experimental programme. DUNE will address profound question in neutrino physics and particle astrophysics. DUNE will consist of an intense neutrino beam fired a distance of 1300 km from Fermilab (near Chicago) to the 40,000 ton Liquid Argon detector, located deep underground at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in South Dakota. In this talk I will describe the status of DUNE and its proposed experimental program, focusing on how DUNE will probe CP violation in the neutrino sector.

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