English version website

We are currently busy building the English version of our website and will be gradually releasing English versions of Dutch pages. Thank you for your patience, this won’t take much longer!

Do you need general information about Nikhef?

Do you need information about working at Nikhef?
General: https://www.nikhef.nl/en/working-at-nikhef/
Vacancies: https://www.nikhef.nl/en/vacancies/
Open applications: https://www.nikhef.nl/en/open-applications/

Are you looking for contact details of Nikhef employees?
Find an employee: https://www.nikhef.nl/nikhef/zoek-een-medewerker/
Find a programme leader: https://www.nikhef.nl/activiteiten/programmaleiders/

Are you looking for news and events?

Alternatively, please refer to https://www.nikhef.nl/en/ for English information (please note: this is the old website, please don’t make any bookmarks)