Nikhef picks Letter Z Design for new expostrip

3 November 2022

Nikhef has chosen design firm Letter Z Design in Rijswijk to develop an in-house exhibition about the research institute in its renovated building in Amsterdam. The contract to do so was signed this week.

The exhibition about Nikhef’s research will be part of the new atrium that will be built in the renovated building. According to initial ideas, it will be a strip of thematic furniture about particles and particle research, from theory to the construction of instruments and equipment.

LetterZ Design specializes in exhibition design and construction for public spaces. Among other things, the firm previously realized an exhibition in the hall of the Lower House in The Hague. For the Nikhef expostrip, the agency is working with designer Wiek Rozemond. The expostrip will be developed based on ideas from the Nikhef Communications Department.

The expostrip will show the knowledge and expertise of Nikhef and its employees by means of equipment and components of large experiments in the subatomic field, for example at CERN. The exhibition is aimed at visitors and relations of the institute and will include texts in both English and Dutch.

The Nikhef expostrip will be placed in the atrium around the summer of 2023 after the renovated building at the Amsterdam Science Park is completed.