Nikhef joins institutional measures against Russia and Belarus

9 March 2022

The National Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef is deeply shocked by the Russian military attack on Ukraine and joins the sanctions and measures against Russia and Belarus. 

Nikhef is a partnership between NWO and six Dutch Universities. Nikhef maintains several international collaborations, most notably CERN. Through these collaborations Nikhef has contacts with institutes in the Russian Federation and Belarus.

On Tuesday, the Council of CERN adopted a resolution declaring international sanctions against Russia with immediate effect. CERN suspends Russia as an observer at CERN until further notice. No more scientific events with or in Russia or Belarus will take place.

Also, CERN will not enter into new collaborations with the Russian Federation or institutes there. All 23 member states agreed.

Nikhef explicitly regrets the consequences of the measures for education and research, which actually flourish through international cooperation and open exchange of knowledge and ideas. Nikhef therefore supports Ukrainian researchers, teachers and students as well as organizations.

In line with the call of the Dutch government, Russian and Belarusian researchers and students who are currently in the Netherlands can stay here. They will be supported and assisted to the best of our ability, possibly also with financial problems.


News article from 2 March 2022:

NWO and Nikhef condemn Russian attack on Ukraine, preparing measures

The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (Nikhef is part of the NWOi institute organization) is shocked by the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine. The images and reports of the last few days make it clear that a peace-loving and free country is being ruthlessly taken over by an aggressive foreign power.

NWO and Nikhef sympathize with all Ukrainians and in particular our Ukrainian staff and colleagues with family and friends in Ukraine and expresses solidarity with them.

NWO is considering appropriate measures in response to Russian aggression. In this it is pulling together with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and other departments. NWO is currently making an inventory of all current collaborations with Russian scientific institutions and projects that were in preparation.

NWO will look into the possibilities for those who report as refugees from war zones in the coming period to help them to continue their scientific work in safety. NWO also wants to continue to provide a safe and inclusive work environment for staff from Ukraine and for Russian colleagues who have neither part nor share in the violence of war.

Nikhef and NWO remain committed to a science that thrives through international scientific cooperation and that makes an important contribution to the well-being of us all.

This message originally appeared on the NWO website.