Newest edition of Nikhef magazine DIMENSIES full of personal stories

21 April 2022

The seventh edition of Nikhef magazine DIMENSIES shows in a personal way how the discovery of the Higgs particle 10 years ago inspired people, and what it was like to be part of one of the most important discoveries in science. From the then director-general of CERN Rolf Heuer to a high school student in Syria who became so fascinated by the news that he now works for the ATLAS experiment and does his own research into the properties of the Higgs particle.

We also take a look into the life of Rende Steerenberg, the Dutchman who, as head of the operations group at CERN, is responsible for the Large Hadron Collider.

In the spring edition of DIMENSIES, four high-tech companies also talk about their experiences of working with Nikhef. For decades, Nikhef has been working closely with industry on components for the next generation of particle detectors, gravitational wave observatories and neutrino telescopes.

More topics in Issue 7:

  • ETpathfinder: Building a testing ground
  • GRAND: Antennas and a mountain to capture neutrinos
  • ATLAS upgrade: Construction of the Inner Tracker started
  • New methods for tuning interferometer mirrors
  • The dream of: Jacco de Vries on a new force of nature

The Dutch-language magazine Nikhef DIMENSIES is published twice a year and is intended for interested parties inside and outside science. The magazine can be downloaded as pdf, or viewed as a browsable pdf (see above). Single print issues can be ordered at

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