Funding from NWO Physics Projectruimte

16 March 2018

The board of NWO’s Domain Science has granted funding for eight proposals in the NWO Physics Projectruimte. Pamela Ferrari (Nikhef) and Bob van Eijk (Nikhef, UT) receive a grant for their research on the Higgs particle. Wouter Waalewijn (UvA) will develop new methods for precise predictions at the LHC. The NWO Physica Projectruimte is a granting instrument for small-scale projects that propose innovative fundamental physics research that has a scientific, industrial or social urgency.

The two projects:

Determining the Higgs trilinear coupling with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider
Dr P. Ferrari (Nikhef), Prof. B. van Eijk (Nikhef/UT)
In 2012 a Higgs boson was discovered at the LHC. It is of great importance to precisely determine the properties of the Higgs and search for deviations from standard model predictions. The researchers will perform a precision study of the Higgs trilinear coupling, which may reveal deviations from the standard model; a direct signal for ‘new physics’. In the next decade, the High Luminosity LHC provides the best opportunity to perform this study. The project proposes new, innovative analysis techniques to substantially improve the precision of the measurements.

New methods for precise predictions at the Large Hadron Collider
Dr W.J. Waalewijn (UvA) 
The Large Hadron Collider is entering an era where precision measurements are the key to possible discoveries. Indications of new physics may lie hidden as faint signals, that will be revealed as experimental uncertainties decrease, making it crucial to have the precise theoretical predictions to compare with. The researchers propose a new method to perform these calculations, that will make them easier and therefore available for more processes.

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Press release NWO Physics Projectruimte (16 March 2018)