In-house Nikhef exhibition nearing completion

7 February 2024

Construction is well underway in the renovated building at Science Park in Amsterdam for a new in-house exhibition on Nikhef’s work and research topics.

The exhibition will be a display of components from experiments in astroparticle physics, from detectors at CERN to equipment placed at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. In addition, the exhibition tells in text and images the story of how researchers in subatomic physics work.

There is also a lot of attention for the innovative techniques needed for this, which are partly developed and built at Nikhef.

The exhibition will be placed in the new central atrium of the Nikhef building, called the Vertex. It will be completed gradually this week and over the next few weeks, with new objects still to arrive. On Feb. 29th, the newly renovated building will be officially opened.

The Nikhef Expostrip was developed by Nikhef is collaboration with designer Wiek Rozemond and exhibition builder LetterZ Design in Rijswijk. The exhibit is for visitors to the institute and open days.

A website is being developed to accompany the exhibition, which will gradually provide more background and depth to the topics in the exhibition.