Kosmische krachtpatsers vangen: Volkskrant-artikel met Nikhef-onderzoeker Charles Timmermans over GRAND

15 December 2021

Source: Volkskrant

A giant (partly Dutch) antenna field on a plateau in China is going to trace the origin of extremely energetic particles raining down on Earth from the cosmos.

On an inhospitable plateau in western China, on the edge of the Gobi desert, a bizarre observatory is under construction. Spread over a huge area, in a few years time ten thousand spiky radio antennas of about five meters high should be installed here. Thirteen have already been installed; project manager Charles Timmermans of Radboud University in Nijmegen expects the first measurement results next spring.

In ten to fifteen years Timmermans and his international colleagues (mainly from China and France) hope to have solved the mystery of cosmic ‘tennis ball particles’. Their detector? The Tibetan high mountains.

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Site Survey op de locatie van GP300: met behulp van snel verplaatsbare antennes is gedurende enkele dagen de achtergrondruis bepaald.Beeld Charles Timmermans, Nikhef, Radboud Universiteit