ETpathfinder – timelapse construction floor and start cleanroom

10 December 2020
This timelapse from July until December captures the progress of the construction of the high-tech floor for ETpathfinder at Maastricht University’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, as well as the start of the build of the cleanroom. The floor has been designed in such a way that the future laser interferometer setup will be affected as little as possible by disturbances in its environment.

ETpathfinder will be a testing ground for new and better technologies for gravitational wave detectors. The name refers to the Einstein Telescope: the future gravitational wave observatory that will apply these new and improved technologies for the first time. Although concerned primarily with technology for the detection of gravitational waves, ETpathfinder will provide new knowledge and technologies that can be applied much more widely.

More information:

Concrete floor poured for ETpathfinder
Werkzaamheden ETpathfinder zijn nu in volle gang (Dutch only)