Particle physics expedition at Leiden University with Nikhef researchers

2023-02-15 19:30 | 2023-03-22 22:00

What exactly happens at CERN? How do particle accelerators and particle detectors work? And the particles that are accelerated or detected in there, how do they relate to each other, how do they form our universe? Why is the Higgs boson of such fundamental importance? What are we to make of neutrinos continuously shooting right through us? And what are antimatter and dark matter anyway?

This lecture series will answer these and many more questions in detail. This spring Nikhef researcher Ivo van Vulpen, particle physicist and Extraordinary Professor of Science Communications in Physics at Leiden University, will take us all on an expedition through particle physics. To do so, he has invited several guest speakers as guides. Van Vulpen himself will kick off with an introduction, in which he will take us past all the inhabitants of the so-called “particle zoo”: the collection of elementary particles that make up all matter in the universe.

The lectures by (ex-)Nikhef researchers Ivo van Vulpen, Jorinde van de Vis, Ernst-Jan Buis, Lydia Brenner, Niels Tuning, Dorothea Samtleben and Auke-Pieter Colijn, among others, will be on Wednesday evenings:
February 15, 22, 1, 8, 15 March 19.30-21.00
March 22, 19.30-22.00

More information about the lectures and how to book on the Leiden University website

Please see below the links to the live casts (Dutch language only!):