ONLINE COLLOQUIUM: “CP-Violation: the next stop on our neutrino journey of discovery?” by Yoshi Uchida (Imperial College London)

2021-02-26 11:00 | 2021-02-26 12:00

Speaker: Yoshi Uchida (Imperial College London)

Title: “CP-Violation: the next stop on our neutrino journey of discovery?”


The field of neutrino oscillations has experienced several breakthrough moments over the past couple of decades, each time with a number of vastly different experiments coming together to point the way forward.

The most recent breakthrough, from the T2K Experiment, shows that we are already able to start probing whether our description of neutrinos should include a significant CP-violating complex phase, something that even the most optimistic of us might not have bet too much on when we set out to build the experiment.

As we enter a new era, with DUNE and Hyper-K—the next generation of very long-baseline experiments—well into construction, I will introduce the field of neutrino oscillations and our most recent results, how we got here and the challenges we face as we pursue the next breakthroughs that neutrinos have in store for us.

This colloquium will be online only (PIN required):

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