Nikhef Jamboree theme ‘Connections’ put into practice

13 - 12 - 2017

The Nikhef Annual meeting (Jamboree) took place in the “pakhuis de Zwijger” in Amsterdam on 11 and 12 December.

The enthusiasm from the participants was overwhelming! There were about 200 people present at the event. The different high quality presentations provided a great overview of the Nikhef activities throughout the year. They even provided new insights for such diverse things as the equivalence between modern computing and the Nikhef coffee machine. The theme of the meeting, “connections”, was not only highlighted in the presentations, but also put into practice during the breaks in daytime and the dinner in the evening.

Neither the unpredictable performance of the public transport due to the snow storm nor the fact that dinner conversations went on into the very early hours compromised the attendance on both days and the meeting ended with a full lecture hall and left everyone with rich inspiration and motivation for the next year.

Photos: Marco Kraan/ Nikhef