09-04-2010: Colloquium David San Segundo Bello

18 - 02 - 2010

Friday 9 April 2010, 11:00h, at Nikhef in H331

Speaker: David San Segundo Bello (IMEC, Leuven)

Title: Research on Heterogeneous Integrated Microsystems at IMEC


The Heterogeneous Integrated Microsystems group at IMEC is an interdisciplinary research group which combines expertise in circuit design, semiconductor technology and packaging to create advanced sensor systems.
This talk will present an overview of the different achievements and running projects in the fields of photo-detection, advanced packaging technologies, low power CMOS electronics for bio-medical and sensor interfaces, low power high resolution A-to-D Converters, CMOS designs for cryogenic applications and CMOS design for advanced imaging applications.