03-12-2010: Colloquium Lina Sarro

26 - 11 - 2010

Friday 3 December 2010, 11:00h, at Nikhef in H331

Speaker: Lina Sarro (TU Delft)

Title: MEMS Technology Developments for 3D integration

Abstract:MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) technology covers design, technology and fabrication efforts aimed at combining electronic functions with mechanical, optical, thermal and others and that employ miniaturization in order to achieve high complexity in a small space. This technology has experienced more than two decades of evolution, strongly relying on the continuous advances in silicon-based integrated circuit (IC) technology. It is likely to drive the next phase of the information revolution, as microelectronics has driven the first phase.

The three-dimensional micro/nano-structuring of either the silicon wafer and/or of the several layers present in and on the top of the wafer plays a very important role in this pursuit of functionality increase. The technology developments have therefore not only added a physical third dimension to silicon planar technology, but also added a third dimension in terms of functionality and applications.

Advanced 3D structuring of silicon is becoming increasingly relevant to realize well dimensioned and accurate components in microsystems. The developments in dry etching technology, combined with the introduction of other materials in silicon-based technology further expand 3D structuring possibilities. Novel microsensors and microactuators, that would not be available, or would not be as functional, as light, or as small, can thus be realized. A few examples to illustrate these developments will be given. They include an “intelligent” nozzle, a microactuator for microassembly and a microgripper.

Finally, the relevance of MST for through-wafer interconnects will be highlighted through new developments in the through silicon via (TSV) development, required to achieve spatial separation of electronics and sensing interface or to accomplishment 3D integration, like in a System-in-Package configuration.

Pasqualina M.Sarro

Delft University of Technology
Delft institute of Microsystems and Nanoelectronics (DIMES)
Electronic Components, Technology and Materials Laboratory
Delft, The Netherlands

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