03-02-2010: First GRAPPA meeting: "the Cosmic Microwave Background"

27 - 01 - 2010

The center for Gravity and AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA), which represents one of the priority areas (onderzoekszwaartepunten) of the science faculty of the Universiteit van Amsterdam, is organizing a series of afternoon meetings centered around one particular subject each.

The first meeting in this series will take place on Wednesday, February 3rd, from 14.00-17.00 hours, in room Z011 at Nikhef. The theme of this first meeting is "the Cosmic Microwave Background", and the program is as follows:

14.00-14.30 coffee
14.30-14.35 opening
14.35-15.20 B. Wandelt ((University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign/APC-Paris)
15.20-15.50 D. Meerburg (API/ITFA, Amsterdam)
15.50-16.00 discussion
16.00-16.15 R. Wijers (API, Amsterdam)
16.15-17.00 drinks

The next meeting is scheduled for March 3rd.

For more information about GRAPPA, including the possibility to sign up for a mailing list, please go to the website http://uvaapp.nl/