17 October APP: Plans for a center of excellence at the UvA

10 oktober 2008

Astroparticle Physics:

Plans for a center of excellence at the UvA. Admission is free, but please register

On Friday October 17, 2008 in "De Rode Hoed’ downtown Amsterdam, we organise a symposium on Astroparticle Physics at the UvA.

The aim of the symposium is to introduce the new field of Astroparticle Physics (APP for short) to the Science faculty of the University of Amsterdam.

Distinct representatives from the three fields from which astroparticle physics is emerging will present their view on the current status and the future of astrophysics.



Max Tegmark (MIT)
Cosmology Models
John Carr (CPPM)
Messengers from the Universe
Gia Dvali (Cern)
New physics beyond the Standard Model

In a panel discussion, together with representatives from the supporting institutes of the UvA, the speakers will share their views with the public on the importance of APP, in particular the opportunities for UvA therein.

Practical information (& registration):