Colloquium Germano Nardini (University of Bern)

16 - 03 - 2018 om 11:15 tot 16 - 03 - 2018 om 12:15

This colloquium is part of the “Landelijk Seminarium @ Nikhef/CWI, Z011”

Speaker: Germano Nardini (University of Bern)

Title: “Probing the electroweak scale via gravitational wave experiments?”.

A first-order phase transition produces gravitational waves and such a transition only occurs if there is physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM). Because of this, gravitational wave observatories are sensitive to new physics. In this talk we review the status of gravitational wave detectors and their capabilities for probing first-order phase transitions. We demonstrate that gravitational wave detectors are able to discover new physics arising at the electroweak scale or even much above. For some BSM scenarios the complementarity between the LHC and the space-based interferometer LISA is manifest.

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