Collloquium Dr. Chris Van De Broeck (Nikhef)

19 - 02 - 2016 om 11:00 tot 19 - 02 - 2016 om 12:00

Friday 19 February, 11:00h, at Nikhef/CWI in Z011

Speaker: Dr. Chris Van De Broeck (Nikhef)

Title: “The direct detection of gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger”

“On 14 September 2015, a clear gravitational wave signal was recorded at the Advanced LIGO observatories. This led to several discoveries at once: the first direct detection of gravitational waves, the first observation of a binary black hole merger, the first direct evidence for the existence of black holes, and the first tests of general relativity in the genuinely strong-field regime. I will explain how the detection was made and what information was extracted from the signal, with emphasis on the contributions of the Nikhef Virgo group. These discoveries open up a new field in physics; I will outline what are the future plans of the gravitational wave community, and what further scientific breakthroughs can be expected in the next decades.”

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