Particle physics on the street in the Staatsliedenbuurt Amsterdam

15 November 2023

Four shop windows and five large-format bill-boards make up a temporary photo exhibition about particles and particle physics on the street in Amsterdam’s Staatsliedenbuurt neighborhood.

The temporary exhibition is an initiative of Kunsttraject Amsterdam and can be freely viewed day and night until mid-January around the Van Limburg Stirumplein in Amsterdam-West, near the Westerpark.

The photo selection for the exhibition Colliding Particles is by Nikhef researchers Ivo van Vulpen, also a professor of science communication in Leiden, and Andrea Garcia Alonso. The photos include particle collisions and equipment that physicists use to do their particle research.

The photos are on display day and night in four shop windows: Bentinckstraat 23 and 25 and Cliffordstraat 10 and 16, and five large-format photographs hang in the J.M. Kemperstraat/Van Limburg Stirumstraat underpass.

Andrea Garcia Alonso explaining particle physics in Amsterdam-West.