NWO funds the Maastricht hunt for subtle particle differences

22 May 2023

Science foundation NWO is awarding a research grant to Nikhef physicist Keri Vos, affiliated with Maastricht University. This was announced in The Hague.

The standard model of particle physics.

Vos is affiliated with the LHCb experiment at CERN, which searches for subtle differences between matter and antimatter through measurements of processes involving beauty quarks. This requires maximum precision, both in the measurements and in the theoretical predictions of the outcomes.

Vos works on both, also to find answers to the question of why there appear to be three nearly identical particle families in nature, differing only in masses. This requires precision to see subtle additional differences.

NWO honored a total 21 of 72 research applications in the Open Competition M for exact sciences. Vos will receive funding to appoint a new researcher for four years.