10 years Higgs: Interviews with Higgs hunters of then and now

4 July 2022

Exactly ten years ago today, the discovery of the Higgs particle was announced. We celebrate this with interviews with (astro)particle researchers from then and now… What is their memory of the day and everything that preceded it? They also talk about past and future: what they have learned about the Higgs particle in the past 10 years and what their expectations are for research in the years to come.  Finally, they step into the role of interviewer and ask the Higgs particle questions themselves.

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Stan Bentvelsen

Wouter Verkerke

Pamela Ferrari

Frank Linde

Osama Karkout

Tristan du Pree

Jorinde van de Vis

Frank Filthaut

Nicolo de Groot

Ivo van Vulpen

Jos Engelen

Auke Pieter Colijn

Rolf Heuer