* Funding

The 2018 funding level of the Nikhef collaboration is higher than ever: 38,7 M€ (versus 36,4 M€ in 2016). The increase is caused both by a higher contribution from the university partners and by continuing success in obtaining grants in the various funding channels.

The expenses for accelerator-based particle physics (ATLAS, LHCb and ALICE, together 34% of direct expenses) have slightly decreased, whilst the astroparticle physics activities, for which construction activities are still considerable (especially in KM3NeT), have increased to about 25% of direct expenses. The eEDM line (Groningen) is still 3% of direct expenses.

The enabling activities (computing, detector R&D and particularly theory) comprise 24% of expenses, whilst industrial activities, outreach and lease activities make out the remainder (14%) of the direct costs.

The grant for the LHC detector upgrades (in 2018 budgeted for 1,1 M€) is not included in the graph totals.