Preparations for renovations of Nikhef building in Amsterdam start

2 February 2021

Renovation work on the Nikhef building in Amsterdam is expected to begin in the first half of 2021 and last until 2023. During this period, different parts of the building will be tackled in different phases. At the same time, work must be able to continue as much as possible.

Last week, preparations for the large-scale renovation began: the clearing of the courtyard garden. As part of this, gardeners moved the trees that are there. The sycamore trees and the prunus will get new destinations on the Amsterdam Science Park. They will move to the parking lot near SURF and the side entrance of CWI.

The courtyard garden will eventually be roofed over, creating a central meeting place, including a colloquium room, meeting rooms, space for exhibitions and plenty of open space for meeting.

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Watch the video by Marco Kraan:

Above: The courtyard garden before the renovation. Below: An artist impression of the same place after the renovation.