Nikhef researcher Frank Filthaut: Searching for the smallest building blocks of the universe

31 August 2023

Deep underground, near Geneva, scientists at CERN are putting physical theories to the test. Radboud University researchers, such as particle physicist Frank Filthaut, also use these unique facilities. ‘The discovery of the Higgs particle was the highlight of my career.’

‘Find a helmet that fits you,’ says Frank Filthaut, pointing to a rack with five blue, white and red hard hats. Earlier that day, the 56-year-old physicist had already sent an email asking us to wear closed shoes. ‘When visiting the Neutrino Platform, that is preferable.’ He himself has just swapped his grey trainers for black safety boots with steel toe caps.

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Frank Filthaut (in the middle) discusses future experiments with researchers Chris Macias (on the left) and Serhan Tufanli, inside the protoDUNE test set-up. Photo: Erik van ’t Hullenaar